Former Barbershop Sign (1991 Geo Metro w/3speed automatic)

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Former Barbershop Sign (1991 Geo Metro w/3speed automatic)

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 36.76 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1991
Make: Geo
Model: Metro
Trim: RedWhtBlu
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 1700
EPA City: 31
EPA Highway: 35
EPA Combined: 33
This car was found in Palmdale, CA, where it was formerly a barbershop sign. The picture was taken the day I brought the car home. It has mostly been repainted since then, using a lot of 99 cent cans of Wal-Mart spray paint. Amazingly, it really did run good, just like the sign said. However, I did need to replace tires and rims, replace drive axles and one wheel bearing. I drive it daily between Lancaster and Tehachapi, CA, about 90-100 miles round trip, depending on which route I take.

The low MPG compared to the typical Metro is due to this car having the automatic transmission. Had I my druthers, I'd have gotten one with a manual, but for what I paid for the car, I couldn't turn it down even with the automatic!

I've just added a couple newer pictures (the hood has been replaced, the "Barbershop" has been painted over, new tires and bumper.)

3/23/08: Just had the head re-done. Can't prove it, but I think a new spark plug failed, the debris got caught under the edge of the valve, eventually breaking it off. Fortunately, the piston and cylinder wall were clean, so just needed head work. Put it back together, actually seems to have a little more get-up-and-go. Maybe just my imagination...

7/22/08: Did a little research and found that the 155/80R12 tires I am running on the car are about 1/2 inch larger diameter than the 145/80R12 tires specified for the car. This means I am going about 3% farther than shown. Guess I am getting about 1 and some change more mpg than I thought...I'll wait until I have a day when I really have nothing better to do than re-enter all my mileages...might be a long time coming...

9/27/2009: Total money saved driving this car compared to its predecessor, a 1984 Lincoln Town Car, average mileage about 18 mpg, $3965.82.
Paint. Just couldn't handle being seen in public with "Barbershop" painted down the side of the car (see picture).

Tires and wheels: Went from 13" tires back to the original 12" tires while trying to eliminate noise and vibration (worn tires, bad CV joints, and bad wheel bearing.

Removed the AC condenser (compressor was removed before I got the car). Replaced with AC delete panel.

7/1/08: Foam weatherstrip between front lip of hood and front bumper...

Adjusted the nut that holds the steering wheel...

8/15/10: Finally fixed that A/C. Just in time for some more hot weather. Makes it a lot nicer in the car, but acceleration is now slow enough that a drag race between my car and a 1905 Winton might actually be an interesting race. Also replaced the seats with some from a 2000 model. Nicer upholstery, but I think the older seats were made better. Probably were heavier, but I'd trade a pound or two for more comfort and sturdiness.
Planned Modifications
Considering fabricating some aero-type headlight covers. Also toying with repainting the car a sort of satin black...

With our 112 degree days, maybe getting the A/C working again?!? Done!



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