1994 Legacy Mi

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1994 Legacy Mi

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 27.82 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1994
Make: Subaru
Model: Legacy Wagon
Trim: Mi
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 3100
EPA City: 18
EPA Highway: 24
EPA Combined: 21
AWD, 5-speed manual, 2.2L 4-cylinder, heated seats, mirrors, rear-defrost, block heater
Planned Modifications
Fuel injector cutoff switch, Bridgestone B381 tires, new OEM block heater (getting weak), Pulstar Spark Plugs, Aero-turbine muffler, electrostatic air filter, SuperMID once it's available with english units, full underbody pan, hood insulation.

Long Term:
Custom cams with staggered intake timing and possibly atkinson cycle timing, STS remote mount turbo with NACA duct intake on rear quarter, EFIE, smartplugs.

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