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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 37.04 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2000
Make: Honda
Model: Civic Coupe
Trim: EX
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2262
EPA City: 24
EPA Highway: 32
EPA Combined: 27
Good little car. This is my first subcompact vehicle having moved down from a 1995 GMC Sierra Pickup to a 2002 Chevy Impala and then on to my little Honda. Sole reason for buying the Honda was to get better gas mileage. Would have bought a manual trans. but wanted the wife to be able to drive it too. It does have better pep (aka acceleration) than I expected but have had to learn how to avoid major acceleration to avoid sacrificing FE. Here are the basic specs:

- 127-hp 1.6-liter engine with VTEC
- 4-Speed Automatic transmission.
- Power locks, windows, tilt, cruise, and AM/FM w/ CD
- 11.9 gallon fuel tank
- Mileage as of 3/1/08 is 67,000 miles. UPDATED: Mileage as of 3/23/2009 is 85,500.
- Added brand new 70,000 mile warranty touring tires at 65,000 miles.
- Bumped up tire pressure to 45 in the front and 40 in the rear which helped gas mileage but then decided to lower it to 40 in the front and 38 in the back for a smoother ride.
- Running Mobile-1 oil with slight improvement in mpg and longer span between needed oil changes.
- Tested acetone additive - 3 oz to 10 gallons with first tank yielded 39.34 mpg. Additional tests yielded an avg of 37 mpg. Very rarely remember to add acetone to tank.
- Added partial grill block on 4/12/08 for lower grill. Made the grill block out of a 24" wide plastic "For Sale" sign for $1.68. Slightly sanded the plastic and then painted with flat black bumper paint. Partial grill block does help the engine reach temp faster but doesn't need to be taken off in heat of summer.

Non-Fuel Efficiency Mods completed:
- Replaced old clouded headlights with new crystal headlights for better night time driving and overall visual appeal of the vehicle.
- Replaced old factory tail lights with new projector tail lights to freshen look and compliment other improvements (i.e. new headlights.
- Low profile Spyder wing spoiler added to help air slip off the back of the car and improve overall sporty look.
- Added vinyl graphics to improve sporty racing look of the vehicle. New graphics include silver and red "Electrified" small graphic on back quarter panels, complimentary pinstriping that ties into Electrified graphic, and added VTEC DOHC decal to lower door panel.
Planned Modifications
Performance Mods planned:
- Mobile-1 oil w/ next oil change (done but more expensive than I expected)
- Better air filter w/ next oil change (checked the air filter and it is fine - no change needed)
- Possibly clean and repack rear wheel bearings for less resistance/ better coasting. (not possible with my Honda as it has sealed wheel bearings. Would require complete change which isn't needed).
- Would eventually like to replace factory wheels and wheel covers with lower weight performance wheels. This will help lower car weight, reduce resistance on wheels and help improve FE.

Non-FE Mods planned:
- Looking at adding a front lower lip below the bumper to help reduce the air going underneath the car.

Possible Aero-mods planned:
- Might look at adding some material behind the front lower lip to streamline the air flow underneath the car. Won't go full length of vehicle - maybe just first 3 feet or so.



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