99 saturn SC1

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99 saturn SC1

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 40.39 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1999
Make: saturn
Model: sc1
Trim: sc1
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2401
EPA City: 23
EPA Highway: 33
EPA Combined: 27
23/33/27 new epa, old epa 27/37/30

1.9 sohc, auto trans

virtually stock at this point
scangauge installed, xm installed 3/22/08
tire pressure increased from 35psi to 50psi 4/15/08
*fm antenna removed 4/15/08
thermostat replaced, was running 150-154, now running 182-186 4/19/08
*full grill block v1.0 (cardboard under black duct tape) 6/4/08
*fm antenna reinstalled for local radio during flooding, planing to leave on 6/13/08
*HAI 7/10/08
*grill block removed due to condition of materials, and planing fog/other lights 7/21/08
*hai removed, hotter than i'd like in town 7/23/08
grill block related - installed foglights removed part of air deflector behind grill opening 8/9/08
reinstalled lic plate and bracket to cover center of grill opening 8/27/08
denso iridium plugs .040" gap, belden max wires installed. replacing original plugs w/158k, gaps on old worn to .070-.095" 9/20/08
grill block v2.0 installed. sheet of plastic curved behind fog lights in grill opening, also sealed simulated brake louvers w/silicone 9/26/08
Planned Modifications
extend airdam to sides
more aero mods.... undecided as to what all at this point
wai(not hai) maybe a ram air... i'd like to try to keep the resonator though
LRR tires eventually. sumitomo htr 200? michelin harmony? hoping for fresh lrr tire info / ratings

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