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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 33.34 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 30.48 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1997
Make: chevrolet
Model: cavalier
Trim: RS
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2615
EPA City: 22
EPA Highway: 31
EPA Combined: 25
I bought this car from a man that owned a body shop. it has been totaled once already. he fixed it with parts from a '96 and '98 so it is a 96-97-98 mostly 97. I have replaced

fuel injectors
oxy sensor
driver window motor
fuel filter

all of this with no real reason for better mileage. just basic maintenance.

also it is an automatic trans (4-spd)
so far just scan gauge II and driving style change

*edited 4/19/08*

replaced plugs and wires
very crude grill block out of plexi glass (generic clear plastic)
warm air intake is on, hoping to do some things to increase the temp more about a 20-30 deg diff right now.

experimenting with the neutral coast. may 19, 08
added weather stripping to front of car for better sealing and more engine block may 23, 08
revised the grill block (painted and molded into the body for a smoother look) July 20, 08
removed mud flaps (factory ones) august 18, 08
extended air dam to 6" august 23, 08
added MPG board august 23, 08
disabled the DRLs (cut one wire) october 11, 08
replaced the white board and replaced with vinyl numbers october 28, 08
trimmed air dam to prevent scraping march 15, 09
added sticker on side window late july 2009
molded front bumper to completely cover grill November 28, 2009

*****hit a deer January 15, 2010 (I plan to fix it)******
January 19, 2010 new windshield ($200)
January 20, 2010 new side mirror ($33 self installed)
February 7, 2010 replaced fender ($58 self installed)

replaced EGR valve 2-4-2010 @ ~195,500 miles
replaced serpentine belt 5-7-2010 (cracked up pretty bad)
update::: 6-14-2010 my car hit 200,000 miles
replaced front rotors, 4 tires, and rear strut 2-??-2011
replaced blower motor (A/C) 5-9-2011
replaced upper radiator hose 7-27-2011
update::: 10-11-2011 my car hit 221,000 miles
replaced plugs, wires 1-??-2012
replaced radiator (it was leaking) 1-21-2012
update::: 2-1-2012 my car hit 227,000 miles
update::: 12-8-12 my car hit 244,000 miles
replaced water pump 1-31-2013 at 247,000 miles
replaced ignition coils 8-8-13 at 256,000 miles
Update::: 10-3-13 my car hit 260,000 miles
Planned Modifications
plan to block lower grill and play with WAI (completed)

maybe in the far future, fender skirts (probably not)

vortekz generators (still waiting for positive feedback of results from somone else)

thinking of playing with belly pan panels (not an entire belly pan but just smoothing parts of the undercarraige) pending supplies to work with (decided to go with extended air dam for now)

not sure where else to go for now. possibly just buy a yaris (purchased yaris 3-18-2011)

*****fix deer damage from january 15th******
currently have fixed the windshield and mirror. I have the fender but still need to paint and install (1-21-10)
painted the fender (1-28-2010) waiting for a good weather day to install.

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