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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 44.28 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 43.86 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1994
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Trim: VX
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2089
EPA City: 39
EPA Highway: 50
EPA Combined: 43
179.5k, purchased by me on 4/13/08. Has a nice little "nipple" in the hood from me being a dumbass and trying to put the hood down with the support in place (before my first test drive, no less.) I buffed it out a little with dry ice and convinced myself it's not as noticeable.

Freaking bushings squeaking in the rear. Getting annoying.
Car has aftermarket wheels, (had) cd player, and speakers. Otherwise stock.

4/14 - Seafoamed... DANG, that's a lot of smoke. Still Idling high (1k or so after it warms up) and surging. I'm try some more cleaning and a tuneup.

4/15 - It had the wrong plugs (ZFR5J?-11) so I replaced with ZFR4F-11. Also added new wires and air filter while I was at it. The old filter was cleaner than I was expecting, but I guess it can't hurt. Started to change the oil (adding 0w30), but the dang oil filter is STUCK, and I only have a crappy endcap wrench that slips. I'll finish that up tonight. (edit: Finished the bastard. The ol' screwdriver through the filter trick worked.)

4/16 - Weighed myself this morning, and I've lost a total of almost 30 lbs. Should be good for part of an mpg.

4/18-4/19 - Removed and cleaned IACV. It was filthy. The idle dropped to about 700-750 when warm, and NO MORE SURGING!!! Really easy to do, and I'm no mechanical boy wonder.

6/17 - Got some stock wheels on craigslist (painted white, but otherwise not too hideous) and slapped 'em on. Old wheels w/tires weighed in at 28lbs each, stock is closer to 21. 28lbs total saved... yeah, probably not much for FE, but every bit helps.

8/3 - 183k. Replaced PCV valve with homemade gutted version. We'll see. MPG has been declining a bit lately. I have hunch my O2 is going out. I've lost 40lbs so far.

10/12 - 185.3k, changed engine oil (0w30) and transmission fluid (redline mtl.) Idle's acting up again.... 900-1k at idle, surging when rolling in neutral.

1/21/09 - sold the fancy white wheels and put the others back on... there are better areas to focus on for FE for me (like you know... driving and such.) I've lost 50lbs.

Add'l note, can't remember the date - Add to list of modifications: big gaping hole where someone swiped the cd player. Bastard. Although... it should theoretically reduce the workload on the alternator, and I could probably take the speakers out to save weight... hmmm. The morning commute is still fine; I have my wonderful wife to keep me company. Just no NPR.
Planned Modifications
I'd like to get a good baseline and improve my driving before making any major changes, but I'll try some of the basics like possibly a (partial) grill block... maybe that hella sweet carbon fiber steering wheel cover w/LED display. And some really fast decals. Like SUPER fast ones. Preferably in Japanese.

Oh, and lose 15 more lbs.


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