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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 61.42 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2005
Make: smart
Model: fortwo cdi coupe
Trim: pulse
Vehicle Type : Diesel
Curb Weight: 1730
EPA City: 51
EPA Highway: 62
EPA Combined: 57

2005 pulse coupe, silver tridion, jack black panels, 15" corelines (175/195), twister blue interior, a/c, softouch, sound upgrade, luggage cover, cup holder, both seasons worth of floor mats, driver's side underseat storage, brabus front spoiler in silver, oem foglights, OEM bike rack, Magellan 330 GPS and MDC cruise (wired remote version) - both mounted on MDC handybase, clear lens LED side markers, OEM fender extenders, badging: cdi on side - smart on front - biodiesel on rear, Brabus heat shield in the back, and a STILL uninstalled Brabus hatch handle... Best mileage to date: 2.23 L/100km - 105 mpg (US) - 126 mpg (imp)

MDC cruise control, from
Brabus front spoiler, which may or may not be helping
I have been running 47.5 PSI in November
Yes, I use Scanguage

Planned Modifications
Confessions of a fuel economy junkie...

Confession # 1...

It was getting a little bit boring. The numbers had been hit, the car did what it was expected, but the great fuel economy eventually became dull, like a shiny medal tarnishing over time... So you put the big wheels back on, along with your parachute bike rack, and still get better numbers than most Prius drivers. Yawn.

Confession # 2...

Was it that important to drive the car stock, other than cruise and higher PSI?

Perhaps I should have pulled the passenger seat out, put on a strip of brightly coloured Vortex generators, reorganized the fuel molecules with some patented gizmo that costs $749, covered the rear wheels (like an Insight), ordered up a set of 135 on 3.5" steelies for the front, and a set of 145 on 4" for the rear and run with stupid high 60 PSI, used all kinds of lubricity and cetane additives, acquired an economy remap from RCTS, removed the wipers and antennae, installed a turbo boost, scan guage, and MDC computer, and otherwise hired a 100 lb driver to pulse and glide the thing for 750 miles straight while drafting a borrowed cube-van in a tailwind driven by the cars owner...

Confession # 3...

I might just do most of the above!


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