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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 36.22 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1987
Make: Nissan
Model: Bluebird
Trim: 1.8 Exec T
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2860
EPA City: 20
EPA Highway: 25
EPA Combined: 22
A Nissan Bluebird (Stanza) 1.8 Turbo, with full leather interior, air con.
Has a low compression 8 valve engine, designed for performance (at the time),
and an open-loop multipoint fuel injection system.
SuperMID installation completed June 2007 (thanks to Yoshi with this)
Currently has 170000 Miles on the clock.

Fuel injection technology: No EGR. No ECU Lambda. four individually wired injectors - paired injector control ability in hardware BUT ECU fires all injectors simultaneously, twice each cycle (like single point injection but spread across all the four injectors)

Old EPA figures Are :

EPA City: 22 New 20
EPA Highway: 28 New 25
EPA Combined: 24.7 New 22
New Thermostat (old one was overcooling badly) - Nov 2006
3kw Engine block heater (Kenlowe Hotstart) - Dec 15, 2006
Mixture leaner at 15.0 (was overfuelling before) - Dec 25, 2006
Ignition timing advanced 0.5 degrees - Dec 25, 2006
Wideband Lambda Sensor fitted (VEMS). Mixture corrected from Dec 31 2006 (was rich)
All seats except driver's seat (!) removed [to facilitate LPG install] - Feb 2nd 2007
Large electric aerial set to not automatically come up - Feb 9th 2007

Modifications which have helped fuel economy so much that it can be seen without 'proper' testing.

Kenlowe Hotstart - improved my commuting-only tanks (noting it was fitted just when winter started
so the summer improvements will be impressive too) *** This has been broken since May 2007 ***
Wideband lambda sensor - lets me see the fuelling, so as to drive without enrichment. Can clearly
be seen as the point on the graph where the mileages jumped considerably (above the blue line all the
time now).

Planned Modifications
Repairs : Fix Idle air valve so it doesnt idle at 1200rpm when warm (should be ~700rpm)

LPG - currently on hold

- Underbody pan in aluminum sheet
- Partial rear wheel skirts (wheels are too wide for full skirts)
- Electric aerial switch (rather than going up whenever the CD player is on (which is all the time)
- Partial kammback wing to reduce turbulence + wake

- Wideband lambda sensor - done
- Exhaust gas temperature gauge
- Tuner to let mixture approach stoichometric ratio (it runs a bit rich at present) while monitoring the
above two sensors
- LPG conversion
- 2.0i manifold (gives torque lower down = more performance + more economy, hopefully)
- [Not economy] - T25 turbo, Intercooler, Tubular exhaust manifold

- 40-50W solar panel to assist the alternator
- alternator cut-off
- low power fuel pump
- HID headlights (brighter and only 35W each!)
- LED taillights + sidelights

- 1-2kw motor to assist the engine (means much less weight in batteries as it is lower
power, and can cause some very good increases in MPG)

Weight reduction
- Do not remove aircon (because it makes no real difference in terms of weight, and only drains power
when it is switched on)


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