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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 18.37 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2001
Make: Jeep
Model: Wrangler
Trim: Sport
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 3800
EPA City: 14
EPA Highway: 17
EPA Combined: 15

Above is my Jeep. It has a drinking habit. It enjoys its gasoline. Hardcore. I seek to correct that vice. My goals are simple. Increase fuel economy, while retaining its off road performance. Through the use of aero and engine mods I seek to reach the Holy Grail of Jeepdom, 30 mpg


Engine: 4.0L I-6 "Power Tech"
Fuel: Gasoline, Computer controlled SMPI
Transmission: 2004 NV3550 5 speed manual transmission
Transfer Case: NV231J
Axles: Dana 30/44

Differential Ratio: 3.73
Tires: 30" BF Goodrich All Terrain

Factory Cod = 0.55
Performance Modifcations
Engine-Transmission Skid Plate = +40lbs
Bumper Tire Carrier + Heavy Duty Rear Bumper = +60lbs
RockCrusher D30 Differential Cover = +3lbs
RockCrusher D44 Differential Cover = +6lbs
CB Radio + Antenna = +5lbs
Electric Fan = -10lbs (Power increase 0-1500rpm)
Dynomax Cat-Back w/ 2.5" Piping = -15lbs (Full range increase)
Vanco Big Brake Kit - Improved stopping power and better coasting

Current Additional Payload =89lbs

Lazy modifications
Power Windows
MX-6 Shocks

Aero Mods
AirTabs - increased stability

15w-40 Shell Rotella T
-Hard Starting
-Maybe a loss of 1-2MPG

5w-30 Castrol GTX
-Gets to oil pressure spec quickly
-No hard starting
-Quieter running
-No major FE change detected

Redline MTL
-Shifts like butter

Valvoline ATF +4

Redline 75w-140

Failed Mods and dumb ideas:
Bug Deflector = -(1.5-2) MPG
Planned Modifications
Belly Pan = ?
Front Air Dam = ?


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