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Gold Digger Repellent

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 40.95 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2008
Make: Hyundai
Model: Accent
Trim: GS
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2496
EPA City: 27
EPA Highway: 32
EPA Combined: 29
This is an ice blue 2008 Hyundai accent 2 door hatchback with a manual transmission. It's the bare bones model: no A/C, didn't even come with a radio! The color is what they had in stock when my old car died unexpectedly. I wanted a Toyota Yaris but at the time they couldn't be had for blood or money. Consumer Reports rated the Accent higher than the Yaris anyway and it has a slightly lower total cost of ownership (mpg isn't everything). I paid a little extra to get the 6 year / 60,000 mile warranty extended to 10 year / 100,000 (normally it just covers the powertrain after the 6/60 is up).

I've noticed this car coasts much worse than any I have ever owned, though you couldn't call it "broken". It improved after about 8,000 miles or so, but is still worse than my previous vehicles.

This car was so cheap I just carry the legally required liability insurance as I could afford to buy another one in the unlikely event it got totalled (not that I'd be happy about it). Should save me a bundle over the years and I drive very little and defensively, live in an extremely low traffic area with no crime, and have a garage. If the premiums weren't worth more than the risk, the insurance company wouldn't make any money, after all! I kept insurance cost in the TCO calculations, since I'm assuming the risk, which has value.

Terrain / Environment:

Not a lot of city driving or real highway driving here (just dinky 2 lane state highways). Very low traffic except near town. An analysis of my driving patterns suggests 60% highway, 40% city so my combined baseline mpg really ought to be more like 30. Big hills here, but not many stop signs. Difference between winter and summer is 4.3 mpg. Besides weather differences, I run snow tires and add some weight added to the trunk to prevent the rear sliding in snow. Roads in winter are frequently sloppy as we get a great deal of snow.

Driving Habits:

1) Pulse and glide when traffic allows, with maximum speed of 60 and minimum as low as I can get away with (40 is common with other cars around, but I'll get down to 25 if by myself and on a level).
2) Pulse between high and lower throttle (not DFCO, still producing useful work). Useful for hills and in traffic where I wouldn't have time to go into neutral.
3) Coast in neutral down steep hills as much as possible.
4) Accelerate as slowly as possible
5) Drive in highest gear possible (big thing I learned when starting out)
6) DFCO to reduce speed when possible.
7) Plan driving to avoid braking - I use the same few roads over and over and there's very little traffic, so this is practical
8) EOC on really long hills (I live on a 3.4 mile one).

Physical Mods:

1) Removed rear seats (I never carry more than one passenger), carpeted blank spot, and installed cargo net to keep the groceries in place.
2) Turned glove box into a waste basket (just put a liner in). Papers / manuals are in the doors and center console.
3) Attached a light duty trailer hitch.
4) Installed an mp3 radio that reads SD cards (podcasts enable me to drive slow).
5) Mounted an ipod shuffle mounting bracket right next to the ignition and ran a cable to the radio behind the dash. This allows the shuffle to easily be manipulated (by touch) while driving. (see picture)
6) Installed tire pressure indicator caps for the tires and increased the tires to 45 psi in summer, 34 in winter (I have a set of caps for each level).
7) Installed tie down attachment hook on hatchback door to make traveling with loads sticking out the back easier (see picture).
8) Blocked foot level heat vent on passenger side (almost never have a passenger).
9) Bought a spare set of hubs to allow me to put on winter tires myself. Not TPMS equipped.
10) TomTom One v3 GPS velcro removable L bracket mount over tachometer & hidden power adapter (behind dash to added on cigarette lighter socket)
11) Added a Scangauge II
12) Added WAI. Insulated, but still only getting max temps in the 140s. Warranty limits improvement.
Planned Modifications
1) Look into interior side mirrors. May need some provision for quick remove exteriors when I'm carrying stuff with my hatchback blocking the rear view. UPDATE - need really cheap exteriors, so this is on hold until I stumble across some
2) Try lower weight gear oil to improve coasting.


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