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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 36.75 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1987
Make: opel
Model: kadett
Trim: club
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 1863
EPA City: 27
EPA Highway: 35
EPA Combined: 30
final ride under my command at 22 april 2008.

the car is a 3door hatchback and has a 1.3s engine yielding 75hp. it has a 4 speed manual transmission
apart from it being a simple affordable car that gets me to work every day, i like the overall shape of the car. despite it's age it's quite aerodynamic especially the rear, where the roofline smoothly flows into the rear hatch.

i mainly use the car for home-work trips of 50km (biderectional) in semi urban conditions (not to much stops, but no gentle crusing conditions either)... the poor car sleeps outside.
-carburator changed (repair) to a model intended for a 1.6L engin (slightly bigger fuel jets)
-increased tire pressure
-flatblade wipers
-mudflaps removed
-radio with interior window antenna
-engine stop/start switch.(start button ready)
-rear wiper removed
-internal grillblock
-front wheel air deflectors (02-13-08)
-semi solid wheel hubs
Planned Modifications
-permanent metal or plastic cover for large depression behind licence plate (under developement)
-side mirror airflow improvement.
-air tabs in front of the rear wheels ( attachement problem solved... buiding fairing)
-small air vent near top of rear window to promote airflow attachment (speculative effect but therefore worth the experiment)
-paint bumpers in body color (to make for a smoother surface with less friction.... yea right)
-install tachometer
-make a HUD
-small rear roofline spoiler
-VG & turbulator experiments
-underbody engine fairing


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