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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 78.91 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 83.93 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2004
Make: BMW
Model: F650CS
Vehicle Type : Motorcycle
Curb Weight: 412
EPA City: 52
EPA Highway: 78
EPA Combined: 65
Somehow I couldn't digest the idea of having a car so I picked a motorcycle for my daily commuting (120km/day). It was a necessity though having such a vehicle gave me a new pastime enjoyment too.
When I chose her fuel economy was one of the most important aspects - she HAD TO BE better than most other things on 2 or 4 wheels out there, yet strong and durable enough for the daily freeway rides (though I usually just don't ride at 'freeway speeds', especially because I aim at good fuel mileage). I'm quite a lightweight guy and a beginner at once so my choice had to be pretty light too. And I needed something to catch my eyes... the F650CS could do all of it, plus it has a small 'stuffbay' where other bikes have their tanks while the real tank is under the seat. And I'm a sucker for oddities

All in all, she's a piece of functional art. Very practical yet very fun... And to get good fuel mileage I named her after a Claymore warrior; they can go and fight on a diet of 2 apples a week...

The given "EPA values" are for constant 90/120kph, I couldn't find anything on the linked EPA site, nor through Google... so I have to beat the 'constant 90' value in real life conditions. Sometimes I even succeed ;D I'm better in this respect than any other F650 riders I know, but we have different points of view...

(a note - Teresa's German and I'm Hungarian, so your mpg system makes me convert every single number I see: we count everything in litres and kilometers... I hope I won't make any mistakes because of it...)
GIVI topcase (by the first owner), used for touring and shopping
LED parking/brake, instrument panel and number plate lights (got tired when she ate the 2nd 21/5W bulb )
~41/43PSI tire pressure
Radiator cover for the winter (piece of a plastic can, covers ~60%).
Kawasaki ZR250 front rim / brake disc
Windshield mod cancelled for now.
Planned Modifications


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