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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 21.91 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2006
Make: Jeep
Model: Liberty CRD
Trim: Sport
Vehicle Type : Diesel
Curb Weight: 4550
EPA City: 19
EPA Highway: 23
EPA Combined: 21
Jeep Liberty CRD 4x4 Automatic
VM Motori 2.8L Intercooled Turbo (160hp/295#Torque)-STOCK
Stock CD=420
Automatic with two overdrives .75:1 and .67:1

90% or greater CITY DRIVING...

New Tuned ECU from GDE Hot Tune...364# torque @ 2000rpm
GreenDieselEngineering HOT Tune...more power and better mileage
2.25" Old Man Emu lift w/ 235/75/16 Toyo Open Country HTs
ASFIR Aluminum Engine/Tranny/Transfercase/Fuel Skids w/ Step Sliders (might actually help mpg-smoothing out undeneath in some areas)
Amsoil Air Filter/Oil Filter w/ 10W-40 Marine/Diesel Oil
3" Catback...no muffler...custom made
SEGR...Stealth EGR Mod...defeats EGR...cools Intake Air Temps and helps keep oil cleaner longer
Air Box Mod to get more clean and colder air into the intake...
Two (2) grill slots for intake air
11 AirTabs...5 Roof and 3 each Rear Sides
Removed Rear Bench...don't use it anyway...saves about 50-60#
Planned Modifications
Build a Flat Floor...no rear seat


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