LibertyRides! - 2010 Toyota Yaris 3-Door Liftback 5-Speed Manual

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LibertyRides! - 2010 Toyota Yaris 3-Door Liftback 5-Speed Manual

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 48.15 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 43.69 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2010
Make: Toyota
Model: Yaris
Trim: 3-Door LB
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2311
EPA City: 29
EPA Highway: 36
EPA Combined: 32
2010 Toyota Yaris 3-Door Liftback, 5-Speed Manual, 15" Steel Wheels, Bayou Blue Pearl

Aubrey Alexander Toyota, 1324 North Susquehanna Trail, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania 17870
Purchased: 12/30/09
Price Paid: $12,637
Miles New: 4

Packages: 50 State Emissions, Convenience, and All-Weather Guard
Options: Tachometer
Accessories: Carpet Floor and Rear Cargo Mats

My car's name is "Liberty"... LibertyRides! She is used mainly for work. I do take her on day trips and longer vacation trips! When it comes to vehicles, I'm a minimalist.... that is why I chose the Yaris model. It's inexpensive giving just as much fuel mileage as a hybrid... more bang for the buck!

The car's FE is incredible... so far I'm averaging 47-49 MPG. The initial dealer fill (12/30/2009 to 01/08/2010) I only got 27.896 MPG. On 05/25/2010 (the car nearly 5 months old) was my highest tank to date at 538 miles/10.148 = 53.015 MPG. On 06/19/2012, I just made my highest MPG's at 520 miles/9.643 = 53.925 MPG using Ethanol gas. I hypermiled very hard! After the dealer fill and my first fill, I switched over to RBOB Gas - Non-Ethanol or Ethanol Free gasoline. Switching over to pure gas has made a difference in my vehicle's performance and FE. Starting in late 2010 non-ethanol gas was not offered in PA due to State Law following EPA enforcement.

I would not consider myself a hypermiler yet! But, I do use the DFCO technique, long glides, slow starts and approaches. In the near future I will be purchasing Scanguage II or Ecometer to help and assist in my FE driving skills. "I CAN drive 55!" LOL! Pretty much common sense driving:-) I have also physically set my tire pressure to 43-44 psi and willing to try different settings...

*Please click on the link, "View this vehicle's gaslog and gas mileage chart" located under and to the right of the car photo*
Exterior Modifications:
-Muffler-Rustoleum Flat Black High Heat Paint
-Pilot PM-554 HUMMER Rectangular Slant Resonated SS Exhaust Tip
Planned Modifications
Scanguage II or Ecometer
Rear Sway Bar
Type Aluminum Rims


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