Peugeot 405

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Peugeot 405

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 35.52 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1989
Make: Peugeot
Model: 405
Trim: DL
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2400
EPA City: 18
EPA Highway: 24
EPA Combined: 20
Generic French "large" family car - auto cross wonder in the states (last street tire class win on 6/17/07).
Relatively Light - Aerodynamic - Handles well - visually pleasing - Large interior for size
Lots of great engineering details
Durable, now has 261+K miles

"Simplified" Bosch Motronic:
No knock sensor - 8.3:1 compression ratio
"paired" fuel injector control in lieu individual injector control
mechanical flap air meter

Cd = 0.32 (low drag mode estimate ~ 0.29)
A = 2.033 m2
CdA = 0.65
Sealed hood with foam tape
Most of grill block removed [Grill block with foam strips (Variable with removable foam blocks)]
Removed front license plate (illegal of course)
Winter mode: LRR (realtively) tires 45/35 psi (snow tires Michelin X-Ice)[summer treads: Falken Azenis 615 with open aluminum rims, refer to photo]
Small/light battery (15 lbs - Odyssey PC680A - "affordable" 5W solar panel in car to charge)
Synthetic fluids all around
K&N filter
Low profile windshield wipers (mod completed 3/7/07 Valeo from TireRack)
Removed Antenna (3/28/07)
Added trunk lip spoiler - foam and tape - build time 45 seconds :> (3/29/07)

Driver Mods:
Wide Open Throttle Driving with use of the built in injector cut out.
Engine Off Coasting - EOC
Planned Modifications
Mass Airflow Meter
Belly Pans
Injector cut off switch in cabin
195 degree thermostat
Air/Fuel ratio gauge
Fix a bunch of age/mileage related problems (cracked exhaust manafold - broken ext manafold stud - torn CV boot - wearing original clutch - various original bearings and rollers)

Pie in sky
Higher compression
Updated engine controls
Flush Side window panels
16V Mi-16 engine if we are dreaming :> bruuuuuuuummmm (getting closer - had a near seized engine episode)


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