Honda Fit

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Honda Fit

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 36.24 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 34.23 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2008
Make: Honda
Model: Fit
Trim: Sport
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2471
EPA City: 28
EPA Highway: 34
EPA Combined: 31
Purchased on 09/16/2010 with 20,994 miles (~81,000 miles currently).

Replace air filter (and cabin filter):
10/27/2011: 47,362 miles
03/03/2013: 71,553 miles

Tranny fluid:
04/24/2011: 35,700 miles
07/02/2012: 59,620 miles
03/03/2013: 71,553 miles

Tire info (rotated at every oil change):
06/22/2011: 4 new tires (OEM size/Yokohama - 41,363 miles
11/14/2012: Flipped tires from side to side - 67,488 miles
10/08/2013: 4 new tires (OEM size/Kumho Ecsta 4X) - 80,490 miles
OEM/JDM Honda parts: Cargo tray, carpet floor mats, chrome exhaust finisher, arm rest, coin holder, LED rear lights (all 3), and window vent visors

Window tint
Skunkworks shift knob (power coated black)
22mm Progress rear sway bar
Skunk2 short shift kit
Magnetic drain plugs (oil/tranny)
Zero toe on the front
40psi/Yokohama S.Drive tires (OEM size)
Planned Modifications

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