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Rufus car

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 47.48 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 42.48 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2007
Make: Toyota
Model: Prius
Vehicle Type : Hybrid
Curb Weight: 2932
EPA City: 48
EPA Highway: 45
EPA Combined: 46
After the death of my 11 year old Grandma car ( due to a dead transmission, I purchased the Rufus car, who lives on in memory of Rufus the guinea pig (with a hatchback shape, the car kind of looks like a guinea pig). It is everything I ever dreamed a Prius would be.
Increased tire pressure to 44 psi
Upper grille block added with foam pipe insulation (to keep engine warmer in the cold)
Experimenting with partial lower grille block
Replaced 12v battery
7/2011 - experimenting with 5W-20 oil as opposed to 5w-30
7/27/2011 - installed my old Scangauge 2 and am trying to go by IGN 13-15 on the highways for best fuel efficiency - hard, though.
7/26/2011 - performed the headlight flasher mod to be able to run the car on EV mode when in low speeds; still trying to get the hang of when to use it.
1/15/2012 - had to replace a deformed rear tire that was wearing unevenly, likely secondary to high tire pressures, am going to lower pressures back to standard 33 psi and evaluate whether it makes a different in mileage. Hard to tell with the winter. Maybe 35 psi?
5/22/12 - given the 86,000 miles on the current remaining three stock tires, had them replaced with ones like the one done in January (Michelin X-radial).
1/20/13 - settled on 38/36 psi front/back.
Planned Modifications
Roof rack (will probably decrease mpg, lol)
Adding a tape deck to be old school
Hacking the screen to watch movies



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