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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 47.76 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 45.83 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2000
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Golf
Trim: GL
Vehicle Type : Diesel
Curb Weight: 2725
EPA City: 35
EPA Highway: 44
EPA Combined: 39
2000 Two door Golf GL TDI.
Bought from a friend, given to my wife because she didn't like to drive the Cabrio. The prior owner had named the car, and we've kept the name.
She loves it and won't let me drive it, except to fill it up with fuel.
Hoo boy!...
17 inch wheels (main image shows it on the 16 inch steel winters), Brembo calipers, Akebono bads, slotted and drilled brake rotors, Shine Real Street springs and rear anti roll bar, Bilstein HD struts and shocks, 11 mm injection pump, Sprint 520 injection nozzles, RocketChip stage 3 chiptune, VR6 clutch, boost gauge,
There's more that that, I'm sure. I'll edit and add as I get details.
Planned Modifications
Not much left to do. The P.O. did it up well.


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