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Rotten Egg

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 40.61 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 39.44 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2008
Make: toyota
Model: yaris (manual 3 door)
Trim: base (but
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2290
EPA City: 29
EPA Highway: 36
EPA Combined: 32
got a new(ish) car. this is to replace my cavalier once it actually dies. hopefully I won't be driving it much until then. I don't plan to keep a gas log because of that. I may fill it up once a month at best for now.

purchased 3-18-2011 with just under 18,000 miles

it will be a very slow growing gas log. I think it will be difficult to get good results given that I drive it one day a week or so.
arm rest (3-31-2011)
ultragauge (3-31-2011)
rear bumper protector (4-3-2011) had to wait for a warm day
shift knob extender (4-21-2011)
tachometer (4-30-2011)
aired up the tires to 42psi (5-1-2011)
short shifter kit installed (7-28-2011)
painted wheels and added beauty bands (5-4-2012)
H+R lowering springs (stiffer springs) (6-6-2012)
rear sway bar (6-7-2012)
AFE intake (6-20-2012)
Heat wrapped tri-Y header (9-12-2012)
Mandrel bent 2" resonator back exhaust (12-7-12)
Planned Modifications
arm rest (oem) -done-
rear bumper protector (oem) -done-
ultragauge -done-

intake -done-
exhaust -done-
ceramic coated header -done, but heat wrapped-
black wheels -done, kind of-
rear sway bar -done-
short shifter -done-
(not in that order)


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