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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1984
Make: Honda / Camon
Model: GXV-120 OHC
Trim: 118cc
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 40
EPA City: 0
EPA Highway: 0
EPA Combined: 1
This is my Honda lawnmower with a Camon chassis. It can cut through anything (e.g tree roots, and it has often smashed fist-sized stones into little pieces!. It was an ex-hire lawnmower and has lasted for years, we have had it for over a decade!

When I used to put leaded petrol in it, and it ran low on petrol, loads of cool glowing sparks used to come out of the exhaust!

P.S. Mods can delete this if they want! I'm not trolling the forum with this, just removing my Micra as I don't have it on my gas log any more ... but I can't delete it.

This was : A Nissan Micra K11.

1.0 16V Twin cam Multipoint Sequential Fuel Injection engine!

I will post tanks and distance when I drive it, I believe this car can get very
good MPG, particularly if it had MPG feedback. It is already quite rounded, reducing
the Cd.
Planned Modifications
3kw engine block heater (already have this waiting to go on)

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