Milano Red Leopard VX

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Milano Red Leopard VX

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 45.77 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 42.11 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1992
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Trim: VX
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2094
EPA City: 39
EPA Highway: 49
EPA Combined: 43
? Stock Federal Milano Red 1992 Honda Civic ///VX with new oxygen sensor and converted R134 A/C system as daily commuter.

? VTEC-E engine.

? Original EPA 48 city 55 Hwy MPGs i find to be more accurate then current EPA ratings.

? Midwest has the most expensive gas in nation and imminent war with Iran will spike OIL (gas) sky high.

? ///VX is my cost hedge and so are my opened commodities positions. I'm double hedged now! Inflation a factor as well

? I travel occasionally to rock concerts up to 200 miles away. With //VX gas cost is non-issue now

? More inspiration:

? DYI Honda Tech Mega Tech Thread on Repairs

? DYI Guide on Gas Savers

? Mods to improving MPGs

? 1992-1995 (5th Gen) Honda Civic Complete Service Manual. 1285 pages.
Car in stock setup & will remain in stock setup, however amenities upgraded to keep up/reflect current year amenities/technology. No one i hope wants OEM Honda Stereo unit from 1992 ???

? Delete Exhaust manifold heat shield

? Sony Xplode 45x4 head unit w/180W build in amp. MP3/CD/Radio/Aux. No external amps.

? Upgraded front & rear speakers to 6.5" Pio 3 way 300W (140 RMS 4 spkrs) speakers.
(Yes i know Watts effect negatively MPGs but i didn't find upgrade effect mpgs at all)

? Added Intermittent Wipers option

? Low Rolling Resistance Sumitomo HTR 200 tires all around @44psi. (51PSI cold max)
Size 175/70/13 (+1 size. Stock 165 not sold anymore in my area).
Tot Miles adj due to tire size difference. Total miles traveled+ x2.5% miles adj for tire size.

Planned Modifications
Soon Mods:
? Bumping PSI to 48psi and hoping to surpass 50 mpgs consistently on every tank. Goal 50c/60hwy MPGs
? Fix (not mod) - Climate control burned out bulbs replace
? MPGuino install to track real time MPGs. Affects positively the way one drives therefore MPGs.
? Add aftermarket speaker harness + OEM Stock Grills or Gathers if i can find them cheap. They look GREAT!

To be done at future date:
? Suspension overhaul although its still good
? Complete body work and repaint stock milano red+ add door rubbers for shopping cart dings protection.
? Upgrade seats to Si model for more comfort or any other that fit that are more comfortable.
? Possibly Rear Disk brakes upgrade. Add lightweight rotors. Anyone has picture tutorial how to?
? Add lightweight race car battery to reduce weight when battery dies
? Add tinted windows (Keeps 80% of heat out of car. Easy on A/C and therefore on MPGs)
? Add lightweight noise insulation material under trunk cover to reduce rear wheel noise. Not an issue to me as i listen to music but curious how quite she would get


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