Half-Ton American Style

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Half-Ton American Style

General Description EPA Values
Year: 2001
Make: GMC
Model: 1500 H.D.
Trim: SLT
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 4800
EPA City: 10
EPA Highway: 13
EPA Combined: 11
4 door, 6.5' box, 8600lb GVW, 12,000lb towing capacity, 300 H.P., 360 ft. lbs. Torque. 6.0 litre V8, 4-speed Automatic, Automatic 4-wheel drive, Four-wheel disc brakes, 373 gear ratio. This is the first year of the 1500H.D. it is basicly a 2500H.D. with higher gears and no body lift. I call it ahalf ton american style because you can put a japaneese Toyota Tundra "1/2 ton" in the bed and two on a trailer and haul them all day long. :P This truck has 130,000 on it. Besides the regular mantanance that has been done on it (fluids, filters and tune up) all it has needed in 11 years an 130K is a battery, windshield, wiper blades and fog-lights!
K&N air filter, Infinity Kappa component speakers, matching topper, Reese 5th wheel hitch,brake control, Nerf bars and grille insert.
Planned Modifications
The big one would be exhaust. I would like to open up the exhaust, but I dont want it too loud. Ive been looking at dual Flowmasters and dual pipes exiting the right. I have Infinity Kappa 2-way speakers for the rear doors but I dont have them installed yet. I would also like to amplify all of them.

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