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Emery 1

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 19.1 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 19.1 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1995
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Cutlass Ciera
Trim: SL
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2931
EPA City: 17
EPA Highway: 26
EPA Combined: 20
Bought new by my maternal grandparents at North City Motors in New Castle, PA (now closed). Driven to Florida a couple times and then was an in-town car for a long time. My cousin drove it for the past year and a half. Now it's mine. 3100 V6 and 4T60E automatic. EPA values entered are the 2007+ style, original sticker figures are 19 and 29 city and highway.
Just got it here, I haven't even washed the trailer dirt off yet.
Planned Modifications
Smoother hubcaps, window tint, smoother 87-88 style grille with block, good wash and wax

When the 3100 fails (this is a when, not an if) I'm replacing it with a 2.2L four cylinder. If I can figure out how to make a standalone controller for the engine and transmission, I will do so with an Ecotec 2.2L engine (L61) and a 4T40E automatic overdrive. Final drive will be switched for the 3.05 from a 97-03 Malibu V6. Torque converter will be selected for maximum mileage, probably 2095rpm, maybe 1895 or 1865, but I'm fairly certain I don't want the 2375rpm unit from a typical L61 installation.

Mileage goal with the existing 3100/4T60E is 22-27-32 (city-mixed-highway)

Mileage goal after the Ecotec swap will be 25-31-37.

Ultimate mileage goal after all possible weight removal, inconspicuous aero mods, driving habit adjustment, and tuning...will be 26-33-40.

At this point I'll want to start building harnesses and flashing ECU's for swap kits. I can start buying up L61's and 4T40E's and beater impound cars and perform the swaps for testing purposes, add the ability to go with a manual shift, or different transmission, or a different Ecotec engine, or even the 1.8L/1.4L Turbo Cruze and Sonic Ecotec engines.

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