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Red Rocket

General Description EPA Values
Year: 2001
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Cavalier
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 0
EPA City: 21
EPA Highway: 29
EPA Combined: 25
Base 3 speed automatic Rocket that was recently bought off a used car lot. I was told to go with a Cavalier cause theres plenty of parts on the shelf, theyre cheap and easy to work on. I would love to have a newer car that gets 35-40 MPG'S but I can buy alot of gas for money saved on a car payment
New Dome Light, New Shifter Light, Air Filter, AC Delco spark plugs, and just Replaced the injector O-rings (all were bad)

Initially changed to some low brand spark plugs and my MPG's tanked! I just recently swithched to AC Delco's and it went right back up! Also replaced my T-stat, some backyard mechanic cut out the middle of it rendering it completely useless for some reason. Also just replaced the O-rings, super excited to see what it does as in performance.
Planned Modifications

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