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John David's Truck

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 31.7 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1998
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier
Trim: SE
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 3685
EPA City: 20
EPA Highway: 24
EPA Combined: 22
A basic, no frills truck. With my current mods I get 25 to (occasionally) 35 mpg in the city, according to my Scanguage. I need to do more accurate calculations when I fill up. We have lots of hills here in Maine which kills my highway mileage, only 30 to 35 mpg but will hopefully change drastically with the aero mods.
-removed the clutch driven fan and installed an electric fan.
-plexiglass grill cover.
-inflated tires to 50 psi.
-Scanguage to monitor FE.
-synthetic oil in engine, tranny, and rear diff.
-Goodyear Viva 2 LRR tires.
Planned Modifications
-will soon start building a belly pan and a sloped bed cover.
-will install solar panels to keep battery topped off to reduce load on alternator (don't know if this will really do anything but it's worth a try. It will at least keep my battery in good shape)
-just bought insulating tape for the manifold.


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