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Lifetime Fuel Economy: 38.27 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 2002
Make: Saturn
Model: SL 1.9L SOHC 5-Speed
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2400
EPA City: 25
EPA Highway: 36
EPA Combined: 29
It's a great car! Gaslog entry dates, gallons, price, etc. are based upon replacing the gas used to generate the miles traveled on the previous tank. I.e. the date of the entry is the end of the "trip".
- 100% Synthetic motor oil (Royal Purple), Purolator PureOne filter
- 100% Synthetic ATF in Manual Transmission
- Custom supplemental HAI (tube from under exhaust manifold to hole in airbox)
- K&N Airbox Filter, cleaned every oil change
- Shortened Shifter Lever by 1-1/2"
- Blue LED Gauge Cluster
- Roto Tech drilled & slotted rotors
- 14x6 K?nig Incident tires w/ Yohohama AVID Touring 185/65 Tires
- Intake Liquid Injector (allows MMO intake rinse, engine steam clean, etc. while driving) - DISABLED
- Stock air dam and splash guard removed (damaged)
- Spare tire, jack, and carpet removed from trunk
- 6x 3/8" Holes drilled in stock muffler - PATCHED 10.6.07
- 3.5 oz. Acetone per fill-up as of 5.25.07 - DISCONTINUED
- 4 to 5 oz. n-Butanol per fill-up (replaces Acetone temporarily) as of 6.8.07 - DISCONTINUED
- 89 octane as of 7.19.07 - DISCONTINUED
- 3oz. acetone, 3oz. xylene, and 1/4 - 1/2 oz. outboard motor oil at fill-up as of 8.1.07
- 87 octane as of 9.11.07
- Custom replacement air dam off back edge of front bumper
- Grill block (approx. 66%)
- Grill block removable center panel for winter (approx. 95-100%)
- ScanGauge II
- Manual Radiator Fan force-on switch
- Idle Air Control Enable switch
- PCV catch can
- Passenger seat delete
- LED tail lights, side markers, license plate lights
- Exhaust manifold heat shield (for HAI)
Planned Modifications
- Stiffen custom air dam
- Insulate HAI
- Partial belly pan


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