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The Gay-O

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 34.83 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1993
Make: Geo
Model: Prizm
Trim: LSI
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2300
EPA City: 0
EPA Highway: 0
EPA Combined: 0
1.8L auto, let's see...dark green which is being slowly camoflaged with rust, no wheel covers, chunk busted out of front clip, tires from different car too big, this ride's freaking awesome!
1) Ripped the headliner off in a fit of rage because it kept drooping and I got tired of sitting at a sideways tilt. 2) Put one of those "ebay special" electric superchargers on it, mainly for kicks and giggles, which is kinda fun. 3)Tires @ 45psi serves 2 purposes: better FE, and the sooner I blow these things the sooner my expense for good tires is justified! I suppose the tires help FE by increasing my final drive ratio and by minimizing the gap between tire and wheel well, but they're also added weight, wider footprint and allow more air under the vehicle.
Planned Modifications
1st: driving habits. Coasting wherever possible, currently about 2 miles of my 36 mile commute. 2nd: 5 more psi at next tank if tires hold up. 3rd: Moon wheel covers. 4th: Belly pan (could you theoretically just unfold a big box and make your pan out of cardboard?)

We'll see where that takes me.

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