Porthos, the Cavalier

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Porthos, the Cavalier

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 32.07 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1996
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Cavalier
Trim: FoDo
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2627
EPA City: 22
EPA Highway: 31
EPA Combined: 25
2.2L LN2
3 speed 3T40 AT, lock up TC
.32-.38 Cd
1.8 m2 frontal area (minus passenger mirror ;-)

4-door, automatic POS. But it was sitting in the yard when my truck blew up, so I'm driving it. We'll see what I can do with its mileage.

BTW, when you say "Porthos, the Cavalier", you should put your fists on your hips, turn your head, and raise your chin.
K&N air filter - Came with car
Amsoil Series 2000 0w-30 oil - $45, normal maint.
ScanGuage II - $169, but a birthday present
O2 sensor - $20, normal maint.
Shaved passenger mirror - $0
XcelPlus Lubrilon engine treatment - $30
Lower oil level in engine - $0
General (Continental) G4S 185/75-14 LRR tires, 44 psi, 0.0078 RRC - $236 normal maint.
14" rims, 'cause I wanted narrower tires than 195/65-15's- $80
Sagging exhaust was raised. hope it helps aerodynamics - $100 normal maint.
Grill block & shaved hood emblem - $0
DRL disable - $0
Taped/sealed seams around headlights - $2
Tune up. Plugs - $12, wires - $27, coils - $88 normal maint.
WAI - $7
A/C delete - $40 for new belt. 26.5lbs of dead weight gone
Flat wiper blades - $24, normal maint
Racing discs - $71
Indexed spark plugs - $1
195* thermostat - $8, normal maint.
Planned Modifications
heated fuel
Water injection of some sort
belly pan, tire deflectors, & maybe side skirts
lip around back end of car to separate air flow, or vortex generator's?
shave antenna
power steering delete
alternator disable


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