Honda n600

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Honda n600

General Description EPA Values
Year: 1971
Make: Honda
Model: AN600
Trim: sedan
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 1300
EPA City: 0
EPA Highway: 0
EPA Combined: 0
First car Honda imported into the US. This car has been in my family since 1982. I'm in the process of restoring this car and it is currently not on the road.
Yokohama A008 tires
jvc head unit - cut dash to support a 1 din HU.
remove spare wheel, tire, and holding bin
Planned Modifications
oil temp guages
oil cooler - I have the oil cooler kit, but I am going to wait until after it runs to install the cooler
.25mm (.010") oversized pistons downgrading from 2mm over


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