Spaz (Sport Topaz)

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Spaz (Sport Topaz)

Lifetime Fuel Economy: 34.99 MPG(US)
90 Day Running Average: 0 MPG(US)
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General Description EPA Values
Year: 1992
Make: Mercury
Model: Topaz
Trim: GX
Vehicle Type : Gasoline
Curb Weight: 2600
EPA City: 21
EPA Highway: 30
EPA Combined: 24
Same thing as the Tempo, with a few added options, 50,000 fewer miles, and less rust. Twas a gangsta car bought at a Sheriff's sale, and so had to put some work into it- judging from the miles of monster cable I removed, it seems the previous owner's goal was to create a four-wheeled mobile speaker. Had to throw out bags of debris, change oil and filter, change sparkplugs (wish you could see how worn out they were!), re-hang front bumper, work dents out, align panel gaps throughout, pull out all the "pimp" window tint, polish the "yellow" off the headlights and "lightbar", rivet a luggage rack "spar" down, install exhaust donut, replace muffler, repair filler door, replace some lights, have keys made, replace both mirrors, put a radio in... Still needs wheel refinishing, new or better tires, possibly new struts. Even so, it was a good deal.
Welded in a stainless straight pipe. Passenger wiper arm removed. Have dinky 13" wheels with undersized tires on it tempo rarily. Haven't been driving it.
Planned Modifications
Want to cut the springs same as the Tempo or possibly 1/4 coil less front and rear- maybe not as much due to sagginess of existing rear springs. Maybe a fat swaybar would be more to my liking here with weak struts than it was on Tempo with stiff new gas-charged struts.

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