Gaslog data for Mountaineer AWD Gas-sucker

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Gaslog data for Mountaineer AWD Gas-sucker
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
03/25/2011 316 17.37 3.5170 % city / 30% highway18.19
03/11/2011 310 13.9 3.49More highway22.30
04/24/2008 153 6.15 3.629Highway only...mixed around town, I get about 18.4...24.87
01/06/2008 62 2.37 3.05purely highway driving with a couple traffic lights, double checked with onboard FE display. Finally got the tires aired up to 1st increment test (this is the wife's car, so it still has to be somewhat comfy) @ 39psi. Prior tanks were with tires down to 30psi...quite a bit of difference considering the tires are VERY noisy on the highway.26.16
12/01/2007 100 5.52 3.01first fillup...not too bad, but not that great.18.11

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