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Gaslog data for Metro XFi
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
12/06/2007 421 7.2 3.079Winter still sucks.58.47
11/14/2007 412 6.6 3.159winter gas sucks :( Car is still running good and I might try putting the hot air intake back on now that I can measure the IAT and see if I can get my mileage back up a bit.62.42
10/26/2007 371 6.1 2.899Boo :( Oh well I figured the last tank was a bit high because I filled up around a half a tank. I guess they still average out over 60mpg so I'm happy :) Also it rained a lot and was cold so dropping a bit of mileage is no biggie. A lifter is complaining about life so there is now a ticking noise in the engine but it really doesn't affect anything so I will probably not change it till I get annoyed enough with the noise.60.81
10/22/2007 288 4.1 2.899Sweet :) I cheated though and didn't wait till the tank was empty, filled up at half a tank. Checked the car over last weekend and everything was perfect, one tire was at 45psi instead of 48 was the only thing even halfway wrong with the car. I also let the engine die and coast down the hills in N without bothering to restart the engine till the bottom of the hills. Makes it kind of tempting to actually try driving techniques :) :)70.24
09/12/2007 365 5.5 2.999Took a long time to run this tank out since I'm riding the bike mostly :) Lot of low speed driving on this tank cause I didn't use it for my normal commute just summertime cruising. Megasquirt is running good, Most of the car's problems are fixed, just a few minor things to fix that might get me a real 70mpg tank eventually.66.36
06/07/2007 59 1 2.219I really need to work on this car sometime and fix some of it's problems. I know I could be easily in the mid 60's if I would fix it but I am lazy :) I did try not speeding as bad on this tank though.59
05/11/2007 55.2 1 2.999 55.20
04/25/2007 54.3 1 2.92Tank is about right for the extra drag from the brakes and stuff but I still am not sure about the last tank. Since this one is about normal for the car's problems maybe the pump was under reading somehow?54.29
04/12/2007 71 1 2.89This tank has to be a mistake of some sort. I haven't fixed any of the car's problems so something isn't right.71
03/27/2007 51.3 1 2.579Front brake is dragging making the wheel pretty hot. Also a back wheel bearing starting to make noise so this tank is a lot lower than expected due to excess drag. Also experimented with a megasquirt computer and think that it will give me a pretty good gain once I get it actually installed and driving on it.51.29
02/25/2007 60.1 1 2.4quit playing with cam timing finally :) Factory computer still hates me so hopefully this is the last tank on it and will soon be running a megasquirt computer.60.09
01/20/2007 51.5 1 2.29Trans broke on this tank so I had to drive 50 miles in 4th gear only to get it home, Also Christmas shopping, stop and go traffic, and general crappy conditions on this tank so I am surprised it actually stayed over 50.51.5
12/15/2006 55.6 1 2.32Cam advanced 11 degrees, 5 degrees ignition timing.55.59
12/08/2006 52.3 1 2.39Battery died and drove home on it dead(50 miles) killing this tank's average.52.29
12/01/2006 57.3 1 2.35Shaved .040 off head. Fixed 2 burned valves. Car was 3 degrees toe in on this tank and ignition timing was set wrong for half of the tank. Also a few of my aero mods were off the car so it could be aligned and worked on.57.29
11/16/2006 50.3 1 2.24 50.29
11/10/2006 49.5 1 2.35the long downward slope was from an exhaust valve that was bad and getting worse, and a second exhaust valve that was just starting to go bad. 49.5
10/24/2006 51.97 1 2.28 51.97
10/16/2006 52.4 1 2.18 52.40
09/30/2006 53.92 1 2.27 53.91
09/16/2006 54 1 2.38 54
09/12/2006 54.38 1 2.38Advanced cam timing to 5 degrees54.38
09/05/2006 49.3 1 0 49.29
08/27/2006 55.4 1 2.94New O2 sensor55.40
08/01/2006 49 1 3.09 49

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