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Gaslog data for 99 saturn SC1
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
10/01/2008 327.2 7.759 3.329pretty similar driving as last few tanks. weather temps startin to droop a bit, pump might of shut off early as sg indicated about 2mpg less than fillup shows. new grill block done about 90mi into tank, as compared to the first grill block, this one is much more durable, but as its more stealthy, probly considerably less aero than the original.42.17
09/25/2008 345.6 8.573 3.459attempted to make this tank similar to previous tank, to see effect of tune up, but failed. it was quite similar except for 1 trip driving way faster than usual and passing cars after forgetting to set alarm. but the plugs dont look bad, this tank should have be down from the last tank for how it was driven, but instead is up marginally. aside from mileage tune up seem to help power slightly, and for whatever reason has reduced engine noise noticeably. 40.31
09/20/2008 305 7.612 3.499a few short trips, but mostly commutes, been driving about 60-65 mornings and around 55 eves. at the very end of this tank plugs and wires replaced. dont know about mileage yet, but seems to run a little quieter, most noticeable difference under heavy load.40.06
09/15/2008 343.9 9.653 3.759several short trips, rain, and a/c used for defogging35.62
09/11/2008 361 9.471 3.499no a/c but more short trips and driving faster more often38.11
09/05/2008 261.1 6.411 3.549some a/c, a few short trips, nothing too unusual40.72
09/01/2008 370.6 9.785 3.699more short trips, some a/c but not alot. one day of very heavy rain37.87
08/24/2008 383 10.019 3.599some a/c, more short trips than usual, could have driven somewhat slower.38.22
08/15/2008 302.8 7.466 3.549back to the old commute for better than half of the tank, some a/c. traded cars with mom for a day to work on her car 40.55
08/11/2008 336.4 8.65 3.599ac most of the time, but not all. old commute reopened, only 1 trip one way on it during this tank38.89
08/06/2008 343.7 9.788 3.649runnin a/c all the time still35.11
08/01/2008 349.9 9.192 3.749ac all the time....38.06
07/27/2008 300.5 8.694 3.849unusual tank, lots of short trips around town, runnin the a/c almost all the time. took off the hai about 50miles into tank, good heating on the interstate meant real hot in town driving/idling, hotter than i'd care to see. still not positive if sg readings accurate due to hai, summer temps, summer fuel? 34.56
07/22/2008 370.1 8.944 3.999well, it appears the gains made by the hai were more just throwing off the scangauge as mpg expected by sg were off again by a few percent, so i think i'll be returning my intake to stock soon. the grill block came down around 300miles into the tank, the cardboard and tape were beginning to deteriorate, and wanted to plan what to do in terms of fog or other auxiliary lights that would be going into the grill opening at some time. otherwise this tank had a few more short trips, anda decent bit more a/c.41.37
07/17/2008 311.6 7.142 3.989usual interstate commute, expected near 45 from what sg was showing, but expected worse last fill up, but at least its up some... hopefully its just a matter of how inconsistent pumps are, and how full they get the tank, and not wacky sg readings43.62
07/11/2008 314.6 7.373 3.899interstate commute still, ran a/c for around 100miles+. at around 250mi into tank installed HAI, looks like its helping some, dont think i'll have a good idea how much for a tank or 2, but from the first few drives, its looking like about a 5% boost in FE42.66
07/07/2008 403.8 9.442 3.899i-80 commute42.76
07/01/2008 333.4 7.663 3.799stuck with interstate commute......43.50
06/26/2008 381.5 8.84 3.799time gap due to vacation using other vehicle and flooding. flooding also has normal commute route washed out, this tank and many to follow will be using i-80 to commute, faster speeds but more drafting. otherwise tank started with many short trips.43.15
06/11/2008 394.4 8.637 3.899fairly average tank, little a/c. first full tank w/ grill block. this fill back to 89octane/e10 due to pricing change45.66
06/05/2008 426.9 9.422 3.899good temps, almost all highway trips, no a/c, better than average number of times able to drive slower w/o holding traffic. full grill block added 360miles into tank. 45.30
05/30/2008 349.6 8.293 3.899driving a bit faster than i'd like to see, no a/c42.15
05/24/2008 430.7 10.45 3.849driving faster, some a/c, some city driving41.21
05/21/2008 412 10.153 3.789drove a lil faster, a lil a/c, couple short trips40.57
05/16/2008 427.4 9.884 3.759some short trips, temps about perfect, much warmer and the a/c will start to get turned on43.24
05/10/2008 354.6 7.935 3.699think the pump shut off a bit early again44.68
05/05/2008 315.3 8.077 3.559lil bit of everything bad, drove a lil faster, some interstate, some a/c, some short trips, last tank didnt think was quite full, some wind....39.03
05/02/2008 290.4 6.592 3.559switched to 87octane(no ethanol) this fill pump may have turned off justa bit earlier than usual, was expecting 42-43mpg tank acording to SG. otherwise, temps running a bit cool but have been driving a little slower this tank44.05
04/28/2008 306.1 7.669 3.459over 44mpg 150miles into tank, killed it with dropping temps and a couple trips into headwinds39.91
04/23/2008 363.8 8.97 3.459first tank measured w/ new tstat, and 50psi... weather also considerably warmer than last measured tank40.55
04/04/2008 291.3 7.67 3.199similar to last tank, maybe a lil warmer temps37.97
04/01/2008 362.2 9.732 3.129drivin a lil faster yet, a few short trips and still need to put in the tstat37.21
03/28/2008 291.9 7.799 3.129mostly highway, maybe driving a little faster than usual, need tstat37.42

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