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Gaslog data for vectra a
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
01/11/2010 352.94 11.27 0slightly better weather installed new undertray halfway trought this tank31.31
12/23/2009 250.41 8.63 0loads of snow29.01
12/08/2009 366.61 11.07 1.301experiment with dams33.11
11/25/2009 115.58 3.48 1.298installed new strakes dat deflect air outwards, full top grillblock, lower grill lip recent oil change colder weather mostely wet33.21
11/18/2009 410.1 11.98 1.298almost full upper block lower block lip34.23
10/30/2009 177.09 4.96 1.1299installed new grillblock, oil change after this tank35.70
10/21/2009 193.87 5.71 1.266 33.95
10/14/2009 177.09 5.51 1.247first days of freezing, slight overfill (should show up on next tank) otherwise, huge problem32.13
10/06/2009 193.87 5.32 1.232running lower grill deflectors and full width undertray with small wheeldams36.44
09/28/2009 413.21 11.54 1.305new grillblock flap on lower grill35.80
09/10/2009 392.72 11.08 1.282dam experiments hopefully results with the next tank35.44
08/20/2009 318.76 8.46 1.308took of the wheel dams. drove a bit un hypermyler like very hot weather37.67
08/04/2009 160.31 4.46 1.297short shuttle's to the show (two weeks off)35.94
07/27/2009 434.96 11.88 1.268 36.61
06/30/2009 315.66 8.49 1.305summer eoc 37.18
06/17/2009 234.26 6.25 1.327driving without side fairings37.48
06/08/2009 109.98 2.84 1.307still running without sidefairings but wich extended wheel dams working on now frontal dams38.72
06/04/2009 349.21 9.97 1.302some highway35.02
05/20/2009 187.03 5.12 0building new dams yet again :)36.52
05/12/2009 162.18 4.67 1.246 34.72
05/05/2009 328.71 9.6 1.204smooth dams in place 50% topgrillblock. perhaps a bit of a heavy foot this tank34.24
04/20/2009 286.5 7.93 1.212return trip from holliday in the ardenes, two days of highway and hill driving36.12
04/17/2009 119.3 3.3 1.169 36.15
04/15/2009 487.78 13.85 1.185weather improvements, experi?mented with new dams 35.21
03/25/2009 315.03 9.37 1.169 33.62
03/12/2009 359.153 10.699 1.169temps are getting a little warmer. fixed broken weel dams, added frontal dams, and taped hood seems with wind stripeing33.56
02/25/2009 436.203 13.663 1.14temperature is getting a bit warmer... housemoving so lots of short trips etc... also slightly longer work commute still i'm trying to keep up some eco driving31.92
02/06/2009 392.21 12.7093 1.138first "reliable" result of this year... temps are getting slightly better but not the milage... i'm running a grillblock for the topgrill wich doesn't seem to help much, and recently i noticed on of my wheeldams has been broken off... i think i'll revise these once more30.86
01/21/2009 492.126 16.2281 1.102estimate based on what i remember 7.7 l/100km and the data about the previous and next tank
recovered the data while moveing (forces you to go trough all your stuff) still my guess was acurate and the milage is bad
combination of partial fillup on 01/17/09 and full fillup on 21/17/09... virtual average of these two filups
somethings needs to be adressed... the car has been returning a crap milage these last months... might be the cold, but i'm not happy with my results
12/31/2008 353.56 11.2088 1.03744big wheeldams that curve around the wheelwells on the inside in place, side undertray removes freezing cold, day and night temps don't go above freezing, it's been about -1 to -9 celcius all the time, so FE and aero are on the backburner... i'm glad the car will start in the morning. it's disapointing this last fillup of 2008 is the worsed ever, but on the other hand fuel prices have gone down... that's no excuse for bad FE but it does make it less of a real problem. anyway.. lets hope FE will go up again in '0931.54
12/09/2008 513.253 15.7341 1.088very cold winter weather, had to idle for 15 minutes a couple of times just to be able to defrost the windows. did some wheeldam experiments wich i think didn't went well, new configuration on from this tank on so we'll see if that's an improvement 32.62
11/13/2008 466.65 13.4596 1.185not to happy with the result quite some experimenting and bad weather over this tank. i've taken off the rear strakes and revised the wheeldams although i'm not sure if they're ideal yet. after this fillup i've put the rear wiper back on, as the weather calls for it34.67
10/14/2008 420.668 11.8402 1.32colder weather experimented with sideways extended undertray and various wheeldam and grillblock versions not to happy with the results so far but cold weather and a lot of short trips might have a part in this.35.52
09/23/2008 216.859 6.02841 1.374wheeldams grillblock and tailstrakes near the end of this tank35.97
09/15/2008 319.385 8.11272 1.448some grillblock setup experiments; installed lower wheeldams along with the original's to form a big dam near the end of this tank, also ran a few lites of diesel contaminated fuel , but since i don't know how much, and it seemed to have canceled itself out it's not included here... i don't recomend it however39.36
08/28/2008 318.142 8.62258 1.474normal driveing36.89
08/10/2008 133.595 3.13308 1.474fillup upon return42.64
08/10/2008 105.633 3.09345 1.26driveing around the hills in luxembourg34.14
08/07/2008 533.758 14.297 1.292got 20L on belgian soil to make it to luxemburg. full fillup there, mostely highway37.33
07/14/2008 501.447 12.9682 1.504undertray, rear wiper delete, new front tire, some highway trips hauling furniture on roofracks38.66
06/30/2008 203.188 5.26231 1.565undertray38.61
06/25/2008 466.65 12.1783 1.565aluminum undertray in place for more than half this tank about 15L in stock config + 30L with full undertray minus wheeldams. i hope my next tank will bring me around 40mpg
planning to redo the wheeldams, but a little lower bit brake cooling ducts above them, like i've seen on some VW's next on the todo list is an active grillblock for the top grill
06/09/2008 435.581 11.6368 1.498first tank with the partial undertray, not the great improvement i'd hoped for, but not the worst tank either, and considdering the previous thank might have had a fill error this seems ok. still some revisions in the design might be needed37.43
05/22/2008 341.133 8.51691 1.46fast acceleration in 2nd, and than straight to 5th small wheeldams still in place40.05
05/13/2008 239.849 6.36126 1.44filled up with 98
installed wheel dams just before refil
some eoc
05/05/2008 274.025 7.41267 1.431st 1/2 tank... filled op with about 60L of 95ron the 1st time and now refilled with 28L of 98 so that should give me something like 96... see if that makes any difference... car needs 95 so maybe not... but we'll see.36.96

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