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Gaslog data for Firefly #2 Blackfly
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
07/19/2007 267.5 2.57 0Just to see if I could do it: all P&G; avg speed 20 mph; all were real, legitimate trips (didn't displace any bicycle use either, which is obvious by the number of driven miles since my last fill); a faster avg speed than I would have been able to comfortably maintain over that distance on a bike; mix of sub/urban & rural routes. My next fill will be significantly lower than this (highway trip coming up). :)104.0
05/31/2007 383.5 4.76 0Lost SG tank data because I used it in my sister's Camry hybrid this week. I'm guessing my avg. speed was in the low/mid 30's mph though.80.56
04/29/2007 396.3 4.7 0SG showed: 392 mi.; 27 mph avg.; 4.4 gal (US); 88.2 mpg (US) - So this tank it's optimistic by a whopping 4.6% (I never did adjust it from the previous tank. But I will for the current tank.)84.31
03/21/2007 534.6 9.05 0My "winter" tank! SG was way off. It reported 8.2 gal used, instead of the 9.05 actual. 22 mph avg speed - almost all sub/urban driving.59.07
11/28/2006 557 7.95 0Includes a 200+ km freeway trip.70.06
10/30/2006 203.3 2.62 0- unbelted alternator for the whole distance - mostly city & rural P&G (avg speed: ) - I don't commute, so I never experience peak traffic (I live in a small city, so peak traffic is no big deal anyway) - I never have to start the car first thing in the cold, cold morning. Brr. - the roads I usually drive on are lightly travelled, and there's ample room for other cars to go by, or me to get out of the way, so I rarely if ever need to speed up to avoid being an obstruction. - 25 mph avg (last fill-up was 29)77.59
09/15/2006 358.9 4.44 0A fair amount of P&G in this tank in the rural driving. Also a portion with the de-belted alternator (1/5 if I had to guess). 29 mph avg for the tank. SG is dialled in: it claimed 80.1 mpg.80.83
08/18/2006 292.7 3.81 0What I thought was a fantastic record tank was in fact barely a record fill-up. I had mis-adjusted my slightly optimistic SG1 on the last tank (to report correct fuel usage - it was under reporting fuel volume consumed). Unfortunately, I adjusted in the wrong direction, so it was giving doubly optimistic readings until this fill-up. It's now correct. Alternator was on for the majority of this tank. Only other new mod was removal of passenger mirror at the tail end (so, no significant effect).76.82
07/28/2006 504.8 7.42 0Troublesome tank: wasted a bunch of gas during & troubleshooting a vacuum leak, testing the partial boattail, as well as testing the "new" transmission. Also, did a 200 km freeway trip which tends to drag my average down now (where it used to pull it up).68.03
06/08/2006 275.1 3.64 0Piles of C.O.D.F.I.S.H, plus de-belted alternator for most of this tank. Mostly city driving (the fishing's better in town).75.57
05/03/2006 304.4 4.62 0Same mods/technique as prev. tank: lots of CODFISH; also streamlined wheel covers in addition to existing aero (rear wheel skirts, grille block). Occasional block heater use.65.88
04/12/2006 399 6.58 0first tank using engine-off coasting technique (began part way thru tank) mixed driving60.63
03/02/2006 334.9 6.31 0first tank with tires @ 48; mixed driving 50/50 hwy/city53.07
01/27/2006 298.3 5.63 0 52.98
01/26/2006 468.5 9.5 0 49.31
01/13/2006 351.7 7.1 0 49.53
01/07/2006 275.9 5.7 0 48.40
12/19/2005 132.4 3 0 44.13
12/19/2005 254.8 6.2 0 41.09
11/29/2005 455.5 9.9 0 46.01

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