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Gaslog data for Johns Blue Civic
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
03/07/2009 165.85 5.445 1.999Clutch pedal was broke for a while, but finally got it fixed. Slightly overfilled tank so mileage isn't very accurate. 5.445 Gallons of Shell 87 Nitrogen enhanced.30.45
02/01/2009 239.01 7.383 0 32.37
01/01/2009 239.5 7.339 0 32.63
11/05/2008 220.45 5.707 2.039 38.62
10/29/2008 288.55 7.393 2.059 39.03
10/15/2008 254.35 6.785 2.949Alternator always on. Drove around 62MPH average instead of 55MPH average on highway because I was in a hurry. I used gas from Marathon this time instead of Shell which I usually use. Next tank will try to drive at 60MPH constantly (which is 3000RPMs which is peak torque).37.48
10/10/2008 235.1 6.612 3.199Alternator was never turned off on this one. Likes to misfire more at highway RPMs when alternator is off. I'll need to find a way to up the voltage to ignition to at least 14volts.35.55
10/03/2008 270.51 7.432 3.499Switched back to all stock tires. Used alternator cut-off switch on this tank. Alternator was off during acceleration, up-hill driving, and it was on around 50% of the time when cruising. Alternator was on during deceleration, down-hill driving, and was on around 50% of the time when cruising. Around 180 highway miles. 36.39
09/26/2008 296.3 8.382 3.699Around 140 highway miles. Put on trailer tires 2" larger than stock and on back put on wheels about 2" smaller than stock and weighed 10lbs less for the last 110 miles. Moving back to stock tires next tank. Update: Previous mileage entry was 282.2 but I changed it to 296.3 because I forgot to correct odometer for larger tires.35.34
09/15/2008 198.55 6.403 3.999I had B-12 Chemtool in this tank and I advanced the timing as much as possible.31.00
09/04/2008 185.5 5.972 3.519Closed spark plug gaps down to 0.9mm. Discovered culprit of bad mileage, WAI tube had partially melted shut, so engine must have been choking out and running rich. (I suppose this could have also have been part of the misfiring problem.) Around 40 highway miles.31.06
08/28/2008 122.6 4.399 3.639Ignition system started acting up again, despite the fact that I closed to the gap to 1.35mm (instead of 1.47mm). So a lot of misfires on this tank. I'll close the gap to 1.0mm or 0.9mm on the next tank, which is the factory rating. I know I'm doing low mileage fill-ups, so it may not be perfectly accurate, but its still disappointing seeing these numbers.27.86
08/24/2008 134.9 4.517 3.659Ignition Coil troubles. Tried starting many times without success. Replaced with 60,000volt coil, regapped plugs to 1.47mm and tested at full throttle several times to get timing set appropriately (still doesn't idle below 1500rpm, and engine stumbles and won't go above 5,500rpm). Next tank should be much better.29.86
08/01/2008 234.95 6.812 3.689First actual test after head gasket repair. Did a lot of playing around with idle and fuel level in the float. Idling high around 1800rpms. Around 70 highway miles. Shell Gas.34.49
05/02/2008 175 5.751 0Blown head gasket, almost overheated a few times, but no permeate damage. Burning coolant.30.42

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