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Gaslog data for 00 Civic LX
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
10/19/2008 398 10 3.09again, no neutral coasting (I will not go back to it, I believe it's bad for my tranny). tried driving with higher speed - 65 to 70. mileage suffered a bit.39.8
10/05/2008 416 9.6 3.77strictly no neutral coasting. stuck in traffic a few times as well.43.33
09/22/2008 390 9.6 4.3I've replaced the O2 sensors after getting a check engine light after raplacing the catalytic converter (due to an exhaust manifold crack). test drove it and the check engine light is gone. let's see if the FE will improve on this new tank of gas. I'm not using the acetone/Xylene/Synth oil fuel additive for now to allow the computer to adjust to the new O2 sensor and catalytic converter. I am continuing the use of the O2 sensor spacers on both the pre-catalytic and post catalytic O2 sensors. I have not been doing any nuetral coasting as well. I've noticed that the tranny oil level has been going down faster when doing a lot of nuetral coasting and I want to avoid overheating the tranny. I did perform another tranny oil change with Royal Purple and noticed that the old oil had a little burnt smell. I'd rather not risk the tranny with nuetral coasting.40.62
09/09/2008 421.8 10.5 3.85lot's of in city driving, now that school has started. I've installed O2 sensor spacers and had to replace the catalytic converter due to a crack on the exhaust manifold. As some civic owners know, the catalytic converter and exhaust manifold on a 2000 civic (and other civics, not sure about other newer models) are in one piece. the exhaust manifold has developed a crack, due to the age of the car maybe. we'll see on the next tank how efficiency is affected by the O2 sensor spacer (on the O2 sensor before the catalytic converter) and the new catalytic converter. the catalytic converter I replaced the old one with is a two piece assembly, Dorman manufactured. easier than a stock exhaust manifold/cat to install. hopefully, I can gain an extra 10% in efficiency with the O2 sensor spacer.40.17
08/25/2008 441.5 10.11 3.91No acetone/xylene/synth oil additive.43.66
08/10/2008 380 9.3 3.9used AC a lot more this past couple of weeks. a lot less nuetral coasting due to heavy chicago traffic as well.40.86
07/25/2008 387.1 8.31 4.119My best tank yet! Lubrilon Engine Protectant and Gas Treatment. Changed oil to Amsoil 0W30 and EA filter. changed the K&N filter with a Wick paper filter but just on the latter part of the tank. any improvements on this should show in this next tank of gas.46.58
07/12/2008 382 9.6 4.179used the AC quite a bit.39.79
06/28/2008 388.5 9.523 4.13used fuel additive again. Airtabs added to top of roof, front and rear wheel wells. This is my best tank yet.40.79
06/15/2008 374.6 10.299 4.149no fuel additive (acetone/xylene/oil). treating engine with Lubrilon fuel system cleaner and engine restorer. rear strut bar finally arrived - installed that as well. car rides pretty good with a stiffer chassis, should promote better contact of the tires even if they are inflated higher than the recommended psi.36.37
06/05/2008 385 9.5 4.15Halo Spark plugs. converted coolant to Evans NPG+. replaced OE stock ignition coil with Accel Supercoil. replaced spark plug wires with MPG+ sparkplug wires. tranny oil change with Royal Purple. added upper front strut bar. almost forgot to add, doing a lot more coasting on the freeways, and coasting in neutral in city driving (too scared to try neutral coasting on the freeways, LOL!).40.52
05/22/2008 355 10 3.9wife used the civic with A/C blasting! LOL!35.5
05/15/2008 247 6.5 3.89Acetone/Xylene/synthetic oil fuel additive (3 Oz per 10 gallons). fuel heater (brass fittings).38
12/31/1969 441.5 10.11 3.91no Acetone/Xylene/synth oil additive.43.66

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