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Gaslog data for White Bread
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
05/07/2007 407.4 11.506 3.65damn water pump had be driving ~100+ miles at 55mph/4k rpm. Now I really feel sorry for the guys with short transmissions.35.40
04/21/2007 238.6 8.125 3.09back home from vegas, cc set at 65mph, coasting 80mph-60mph, up ~1000ft over ~240 miles. Going back down ~1500ft over ~100 miles should result in a nice little spike. ;)29.36
04/18/2007 490.7 14.348 3.35uphill ~500 ft over 400 miles, usual trip to family at 50mph average speed, trip to vegas at 60mph average speed, and ~20-40 miles of city in vegas.34.19
04/16/2007 380.4 10.933 3.3550/50 city/highway is killing me. I'd love to see a ~40mpg/50mph highway round trip tank, but I'm just doing too much city.34.79
04/07/2007 293.6 8.076 3.359Same ol' CC set at 53mph instead of 55mph.36.35
04/05/2007 504.9 15.218 3.329Boo! More city than normal, ~150-200miles out of 500. And a 30 minute attempt at battery charging. Next tank should be better, even with ~30-40 minutes spent moving 3 miles, damn cal-trans. 33.17
03/24/2007 641.1 17.533 3.25Weather change, AFM mod, or slower driving?36.56
03/11/2007 492.4 14.739 3.19ouch, oh so expensive for next tank, $20 worth at $3.25/gal33.40
02/18/2007 274.2 8.08 2.75more cardboard for grille block=way faster warm up times, and possibly faster coasting, but the warm up was a noticeable difference.33.93
02/12/2007 334.2 9.742 2.49same ol same ol but with some cardboard behind the grille, not exactly a block, more of an obstruction. mostly highway 55-65mph, coasting from 80-50mph, etc...34.30
02/02/2007 346.8 10.56 2.55Had a cold snap here and on startup coulda swore I heard the top end smacking against itself with no lube for a good 10 seconds, so I changed it with wally world's synth, and no more clanking on cold startups, plus I think it may help out a lot with cold mileage.32.84
01/05/2007 263.2 8.217 2.79commute to family with cruise at 55, and coast from ~75-55 where applicable. average speed door to door with stops, etc... 50mph.32.03
01/01/2007 340.1 10.618 2.77holiday freeway traffic=good, holiday city traffic=bad. too much idling.32.03
12/25/2006 350.5 10.796 2.77A highway trip at 65, 55, and a few around town.32.46
12/11/2006 837.2 27.938 2.6Two tanks, but the first didn't fill so I just added 'em. Includes some more Vegas city, the 80-85mph return trip to CA, and three trips to visit relatives at 55mph.29.96
11/24/2006 502.2 17.489 2.51Uphill [email protected] ~70mph to Vegas, and ~100 miles of city. i swear i burnt almost a gallon idling on the strip. :o28.71
11/22/2006 121.7 2.844 2.51downhill ~2,500ft. don't think uphill will be as favorable.42.79
11/17/2006 327.3 10.772 2.49same old30.38
11/13/2006 725.4 24.046 2.56couple hundred miles city30.16
11/05/2006 577.3 18.805 2.48Going back from vegas 75+mph cruise, and normal (55mph) family visit.30.69
10/30/2006 359.1 13.969 2.35trip to LV, ~250 miles cruising at 70mph and ~100 miles in LV traffic with 1,200lbs of people...25.70
10/26/2006 412.7 12.81 2.45~75-100 miles city, increase in elevation of ~2500ft.32.21
09/05/2005 270.08 7.826 3.1~50mph average speed including ~30 miles of street at less than 40mph. Tire pressure sure helped, good for ~2-3mpg compared to sidewall specs. 34.51

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