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Gaslog data for Celica ST
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
11/17/2008 285 10.685 2.019First tank with new wheels and tires (OK, old wheels, but not the same old wheels). 14" Alloys off an old VW Scirroco, with ever-so-slightly smaller outer diameter on the new tires. I've adjusted for the change in my reported milage. I had to toss out one fillup, because when I got the new tires put on, they reset my trip meter, and I didn't write down what it was first. Oh well. The new tires are rated to 44psi, I've got them at 41 F/39 R for now. We'll see how it goes. I'll try 44 sometime soon. Note: This fillup was at a recently reopened gas station that I've never used before, but it seems to me that it fills like the one at Giant--all the way to the top.26.67
11/03/2008 212.8 7.243 2.379This was at Giant, where it tends to fill to the tippy-top. Also, there was a bit of gas in the hose or nozzle. I don't know how much got into my tank, but it can't have been much. I was really surprised to have gas splash into the filler area when I tipped the nozzle... it has been ages since that happened. A sign of the lower gas prices, perhaps? Also, I feel lucky I didn't spill on my shoes or something...29.38
10/30/2008 240.7 9.437 2.519Back at Giant, where the pumps either need their weights & measures cert. checked, or something about them makes them fill right up to the tippy-top.25.50
10/26/2008 263.5 8.32 2.599Topped off once after first shutoff.31.67
10/20/2008 222.5 8.636 2.759Wow, either this was a bad tank for FE, or this pump is very different than the others I've used...25.76
10/15/2008 225.8 7.65 2.949Pump was shutting off every gallon or so at the start. I kept going until it shut off twice within .3 gallons, and, based on the gauge reading afterward, it appears that that was truly full. Faulty pumps really annoy me.29.51
10/06/2008 238.6 7.13 3.329Pump initially stopped at 6.8. I knew that wasn't right, ran it again, stopped at 7.1. I left it there. After the guage (in the car) settled, it was just below "F". This (along with my last fillup, at a different station), leads me to believe that my current favorite station doesn't fill as full as others. Maybe I'll try to find a new favorite station, which might help avoid the see-saw in my gaslog.33.46
09/29/2008 257.2 9.51 3.419Not my usual station. I begin to think that the pumps at my usual station auto-shut-off sooner than other stations. They should probably look into that, since they are selling less gas because of it (at least to people who don't always use the same station).27.04
09/22/2008 307.2 10.3 3.459Fairly normal driving on this one. I wasn't paying attention when the pump shut off (I was cleaning the tree sap off my windows), so I'm not 100% certain it was a "proper" fill, but it is at least in the right ballpark, and the next fill will tell the tale.29.82
09/16/2008 286.7 10.4 3.599Found yesterday that my tires were quite low (by our standards). Not sure if that is responsible for the pitiful milage this week or not.27.56
09/09/2008 284.8 9.21 3.419Lost a gas receipt, which resulted in skipping TWO tanks here, because the receipt I lost was for a bad fill (pump kept shutting off every 3/4 gallon or so, very annoying, resulted in a less than full-fill. Because of that, I needed the next fill-up combined with it to get an accurate reading. Since the receipt got lost, I had to toss both tanks (for the sake of accuracy). This tank had more than the usual percentage of highway miles, maybe 5% more than usual.30.92
08/25/2008 256.1 8.37 3.459I think the pump clicked off early, but I'm following a strict no top-off policy. Next tank will tell.30.59
08/18/2008 263.2 9.94 3.539Hopefully now that the car is fixed, I can start getting back to good numbers (30+ MPG) with this next tank of gas. I'm pretty sure that driving around with heater on full blast with a bad thermostat is not great for MPG (nor for my engine--which is why the car sat for a week waiting to get into the shop). If I had been sure it was a thermostat, I probably could have saved myself about $100... Oh well.26.47
08/04/2008 284.2 9.54 3.75Not sure why my MPG is a little lower lately. I still suspect some sort of problem with the engine, as the MPG doesn't seem to be affected by my driving style.29.79
07/22/2008 279 10 3.99This tank is estimated as I lost the receipt, but I remember it calculating out to just below 28 MPG and being about 10 gallons.27.9
07/15/2008 269 8.5 3.99Lots of different stuff going on this tank... it began with a dragging e-brake, I did plugs, wires and cap about half way through the tank, and I think there are still a few issues going on... Not sure how much of that is good for FE and how much is bad. Also didn't get to use my regular pump (but it was the same station and facing the same direction).31.64
07/08/2008 301.2 10.908 3.99I have no idea why my economy dropped for this tank. The car is about due for its first oil change since I got it (assuming that you believe the sticker in the window). Also, I added a 5oz bottle of Lucas fuel injection cleaner to this tank (any effect should show up in the next entry or two, not in this one). Since it was the only mod I made, I'm wondering if the increased tire pressure could somehow be hurting the milage... I'll let it go another tank or two, and then, if necessary A-B-A it.27.61
06/24/2008 322.8 10.09 3.979A little bit of use of N to coast to stops at stop signs or stop lights, but not a whole lot. No major traffic jams, a sort of regular commuting tank for me. A little bit of extra highway driving.31.99
06/16/2008 314.9 10.62 3.999Slightly longer than my normal between fillups, also had two mild "traffic jam" situations. This is my first tank trying neutral at stop-lights. Unfortunately, because of those traffic jams, I can't really tell if it helped or not.29.65

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