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Gaslog data for The Geo!
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
12/30/2009 6 0.1 1DV59.99
04/01/2009 0.4 0.01 1DV40.00
04/01/2009 0.06 0.001 0DV59.99
04/01/2009 0.06 0.001 0DV59.99
04/01/2009 0.04 0.001 0Dummy value (so I can see latest fill on chart)39.99
02/26/2008 311.2 9.535 4.195All highway driving from Wolsley to Winnipeg Canada. Back to speeds of 125km/h.32.63
02/21/2008 295.7 7.459 0Highway driving from Brandon to Regina and then to Wolsley. Drove at around 107km/h because of violent shaking of the car.39.64
02/19/2008 259.8 8.621 0All city driving in Winnipeg MB in freezing temperatures again.30.13
02/11/2008 279.6 9.645 0All city driving in Winnipeg MB in freezing temperatures like mad. Worst FE ever and clearly its a sign of the car wearing out.28.98
02/11/2008 279.6 9.645 0All city driving in Winnipeg MB in freezing temperatures like mad. Worst FE ever and clearly its a sign of the car wearing out.28.98
02/11/2008 279.6 9.645 0All city driving in Winnipeg MB in freezing temperatures like mad. Worst FE ever and clearly its a sign of the car wearing out.28.98
01/29/2008 308.1 8.865 0Driving from Moosomin to Winnipeg to Morris34.75
01/28/2008 283.3 8.699 0Driving from Moosomin SK to Regina and then back to Moosomin SK again.32.56
01/24/2008 197.8 6.678 0All city driving in Winnipeg in extreme cold. Worst FE tank ever.29.61
01/11/2008 332.3 8.904 4.043Topped off Geo after trip from Moosomin SK to Winnipeg MB37.32
01/07/2008 303.8 9.021 4.214Mostly highway driving at 125 km/h from Regina to Winnipeg33.67
12/28/2007 182.8 5.002 3.982All high speed highway driving from Lloydminster AB to Saskatoon SK, drafting whenever possible.36.54
12/28/2007 288.3 7.674 3.91Highway driving from Vegreville AB to Edmonton AB to Lloydminter AB. Drafting whenever possible. High speed.37.56
12/26/2007 243.7 7.683 3.644All highway driving from Saskatoon SK to Vegreville AB while drafting high-speed traffic (some vehicles nearly kissed 150km/h).31.71
12/26/2007 306.3 8.704 3.906Some city driving in Regina. Highway driving from Regina to Saskatoon occasionally touching speeds of 85-mph while following/drafting trucks.35.19
12/17/2007 224.4 6.989 3.72All city driving in Regina SK.32.10
12/08/2007 329.2 10.286 3.986All highway driving from Winnipeg to Regina in REALLY cold weather. The car was floored most of the way and hovered around the 70-mph cruising mark. With 276K on the odometer, the engine is getting weak.32.00
12/08/2007 264.1 8.458 3.903All city driving in Winnipeg. Really cold starts and all stop and go traffic in nasty weather. The car won't even warm up until 15 minutes of driving.31.22
11/30/2007 339.8 9.557 3.77All city driving in Winnipeg. Extremely cold out with fair amount of snow. Car takes 15 minutes to fully warm up (no grille block).35.55
11/20/2007 238.1 6.253 3.929All city driving in Winnipeg. Starting to freeze over and light flurries are coming in.38.07
11/13/2007 336 9.582 3.758Highway driving from Wolsley SK to Winnipeg MB. $36 fill for 542 kilometres (or about 75kms for $5. I remember when my 1980 Chrysler Cordoba in highschool went 50kms for $5).35.06
11/12/2007 268.5 7.804 4.1Highway driving from Brandon MB to Regina SK and then to Wolsley SK.34.40
11/09/2007 252.3 6.74 4.062Highway driving from Winnipeg MB to Brandon MB.37.43
11/08/2007 274 6.548 3.758All city driving in Winnipeg.41.84
10/26/2007 334.8 7.809 3.625Driving from Moosomin SK to Winnipeg MB doing 100km/h, then city traffic in Winnipeg.42.87
10/21/2007 170.5 3.782 3.948Highway driving from Regina SK to Moosomin SK doing 110km/h with crosswind.45.08
10/20/2007 392.5 9.439 3.576All highway driving from Winnipeg to Regina doing 115km/h.41.58
10/18/2007 364.6 8.733 3.758100% city driving in Winnipeg. Stuck in slow moving (~1mph average) traffic for half hour this tank.41.74
10/09/2007 354.6 9.518 3.758All highway driving from Regina SK (filled just 5km outside of town) nonstop to Winnipeg MB (filled just by the University of Mantitoba) @ 115km/h. Cold wet weather in the middle of the night.37.25
10/08/2007 386.9 9.706 3.606100% highway travel from Winnipeg MB to Regina SK @ 115km/h. Colder weather.39.86
10/05/2007 316.8 7.83 3.625All city driving in Winnipeg.40.45
09/28/2007 370.1 9.026 3.758100% city driving in Winnipeg. What kind of major city has no useable freeways within the urban area? Winnipeg of course *sighs and rolls eyes*.41.00
09/17/2007 372 9.031 3.986100% Highway driving from Regina SK to Winnipeg MB @ 115km/h. $36 trip.41.19
09/17/2007 270.9 6.691 3.796Highway driving from Souris MB to Regina SK @ 115km/h, then some running around the city of Regina.40.48
09/14/2007 283.3 7.321 4.2141/2 city driving in Winnipeg MB, 1/2 highway driving from Winnipeg to Souris MB @ 115km/h.38.69
09/09/2007 384.4 9.473 3.948Mostly city driving in Winnipeg Manitoba. EOC to some red lights.40.57
09/02/2007 282.7 7.974 4.138Driving to Winnipeg doing 115km/h from Regina. Significant head wind.35.45
08/30/2007 155.6 3.813 4.199Virtually all city driving in Winnipeg. Usual hypermiling techniques were used. Gas station was obviously a rip off at $1.105 a litre.40.80
08/30/2007 346 8.946 4.024100% highway driving. I did 125-130km/h the first while and got dinged with a nasty speeding ticket :(. From there I did 110 in the 100 zone and 120 in the 110 zone. I learned today that the #2 highway is actually faster than the #1 (and I have yet to see a cop on the #2, yet)38.67
08/29/2007 323.6 9.97 3.652Almost ran out of gas! I did 135km/h From Regina to Winnipeg and got there in just 4.75 hours! REAL bad FE though :S32.45
08/29/2007 226.9 6.905 3.91Long stretch of no driving over the summer. Not really sure what kind of driving. Real bad FE though :(32.86
08/01/2007 321.2 7.161 3.91Some P&G, EOC, high speed driving. Pretty much a little bit of everything. Extremely hot outside. AI was reading 120*F+.44.85
07/12/2007 280.9 7.15 4.138Long stretch of working between driving the Geo. Not inspiring FE and it seems to happen when I don't fill for a long time. On the plus side, it only cost me $30 in fuel this month.39.28
06/18/2007 191 4.805 4.024Doing my ballooning summer job, so little car use for the past 2.5 weeks. Can't remember what kinds of driving conditions, but still using usual EOC/P&G techniques. $19.34 fill.39.75
06/02/2007 365.8 7.088 4.214Donut tires still on. A little bit of everything. Did 140km/h on the freeway one trip (floored @ 4600rpm), some P&G, EOC, & GPH monitoring. Finally washed the car.51.60
05/27/2007 468.7 8.484 4.442No P&G for this tank. 90% highway driving from Regina to Wynyard and back. Donut tires on for the trip. Did 80km/h the whole way. Some cruising around with friends.55.24
05/24/2007 248.6 5.06 4.503No P&G with this tank. Some high speed highway runs, but did 50km/h in 5th gear and EOC'd to stoplights. Some cold rainy weather.49.13
05/19/2007 231.3 4.616 0P&G everywhere again. Not really sure why I'm getting lower FE than when I first started P&G. I may as well start driving normally again if I'm getting this low MPG.50.10
05/13/2007 233.1 4.542 4.214P&G in city travel. Some high-speed freeway travel (high speed meaning over 100km/h). It's getting hot out. Got a much needed oil change with this tank. Switched back to CAI.51.32
05/06/2007 263.5 4.311 4.062Gas is over $4 a gallon at the cheapest place in town. Still 95% P&G (except for donut tire experiment), but accelerated a lot more aggressively. Often hit 6000+ RPMs. Nice stress reliever though...61.12
05/02/2007 209.4 3.228 3.996Another 100% P&G tank. It was really windy this last day. The cool thing about P&G is that it's a big workout, so it forces me drive less frivolously and keeps me off the highways (prevents me from racking up lots of miles).64.86
04/28/2007 217.2 3.243 3.792100% P&G in the city with no help from the Scangauge (it read ~28 mpg). Very windy day, but 23*C outside. I guess P&G does work (although a lot of effort)! 2nd best fillup in the history of owning the Geo.66.97
04/27/2007 391.2 6.887 3.792Some acetone left in tank from experiment. Steering repair with this tank too. Did LOADS of P&G for the last several miles using the same technique as the Intrepid. Still no kill switch, so the SG is almost useless to me while driving (no current tank readings because it shows ~27mpg). The Geo is now in 9th place!56.80
04/16/2007 378.2 6.726 3.91Real warm temperatures. Majority highway travel. Did acetone test and reached a speed of 84 mph one time with this tank. Whoo hoo, top 10 list!56.22
04/13/2007 499.1 9.111 3.91Price jump again. Over $1 per litre now. Used extreme EOC's at the last 1/2 of tank for the FE Challenge. So close to being in the top-10-list *shakes fist* SG was only off by a mere 400 millilitres (2 juice boxes)54.77
04/04/2007 454.5 8.563 3.644Chilly outside all week. Mostly highway, but not all ultra-efficient driving. Finally removed the driver side mirror for this tank. This fill launched me to the 48mpg 90 day average point; the highest I've ever seen with my car to date.53.07
04/01/2007 605.7 10.946 3.948Tried pushing for that 1000km tank and ran out of gas! Managed to coast into a 7-eleven gas station, but paid the high-end fuel price of nearly $4 a gallon. So this is what my tank literally holds from complete empty right to the brim. $43.22 to fill the tank!55.33
03/26/2007 231.3 4.02 3.595Filled early because the Scangauge reset on me! I was pushing buttons too soon after it went to sleep mode. I really need to get a engine kill switch so the SG stays on during coasts. Not bad numbers though (new record for 2007).57.53
03/23/2007 491.7 9.931 3.644Hypermiled like crazy the last 1/5 of the tank to compensate the crappy 4/5 of it. Geo went to the shop this tank too. Temperatures are getting real nice now (+20*C tomorrow!)49.51
03/15/2007 534.4 10.031 3.796Nearly $40 to fill my tank. Gas prices climbing. All mild weather except for the last day of driving (which was horrible for FE).53.27
03/10/2007 567.9 10.132 3.53913km tank! Wanted to break the 1000km barrier but I was cutting it close. Temperatures very mild, snow melting, and at one point the AI hit 90*F. Want to see more tanks like these.56.05
03/05/2007 371.4 7.637 3.606Gas prices are increasing. The SG showed ~45mpg for the tank (shuts off during EOCs) but the amount of fuel used was bang-right-on. I accelerated much more briskly than usual at higher RPMs. Terrible driving conditions with huge amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. I even did less EOC than usual and paid less attention to the SG.48.63
02/24/2007 360.2 7.924 3.302Mostly highway driving from Regina SK to Wynard SK with cruise set at 55mph. 5 people total in the Geo at the time. Another blizzard hit. Around 14*F Lately.45.45
02/21/2007 360.2 6.493 3.302Avoided stop-go driving as much as possible (maybe 10% city driving). Maintained 0.7-0.8 GPH on the highway. Mild temperatures.55.47
02/17/2007 401.1 8.989 3.226Flew to Dominican Republic for a week, so that's why there's a long period between fills. Completely forgot how much of this tank was highway/city.44.62
02/02/2007 290.6 7.484 3.07470% highway. Mileage adjusted for the donut tire use (45.8 miles of the tank). Too cold for FAS = crappy mileage.38.82
01/29/2007 158.5 3.845 3.032odometer showed 174.2 miles this trip (times 0.91 for actual distance). All local driving with 2 donut tires on front drive wheels. Fuel economy isn't looking good. Perhaps placing in the rear would be better. Without adjustment, my mpg would've been 45.3 mpg, which is nothing special either.41.22
01/26/2007 344.4 7.055 2.873This tank was mostly city driving and the car underwent a shop repair. Usual hypermiling techniques were used. The odometer showed a trip of 352.4 miles, but the actual amount is 344.4 miles (adjusted for donut tire installation). Without odometer adjustment, my mileage would have been 49.95 mpg.48.81
01/19/2007 233.7 5.552 2.873Had to wait in line for 1/2 hour to get gas this cheap. Mostly all short local trips in cold weather (although not utterly umbearable anymore). Mirrors back on.42.09
01/14/2007 75 1.463 3.302Extremely conservative 95% highway driving. Kept a steady 0.8gph which translated to around 40-45mph. Small fill but I always fill the tank to the brim for most accurate readings. -15*F outside with little wind.51.26
01/13/2007 211.4 4.791 3.302All local driving in frigid -15*F temperatures. Formal mirror removal experiment with this tank. No external mirrors for now on.44.12
01/11/2007 171.7 4.016 3.34Mirrors were taken off early this tank. All local driving no faster than 50mph. Parked in heated garage, but it's -42*F outside with the windchill! Heater and defroster can barely keep up. No SG this time: it's in the Chrysler.42.75
01/07/2007 300.7 6.243 3.245All hypermile driving in the city of Edmonton with at least one passanger in the Geo for each trip.48.16
01/07/2007 329.8 9.026 3.568All 70-80mph highway driving with some drafting from Edmonton AB to Saskatoon SK with fridgid temperatures and headwind. I thought the Scangauge was lying when I saw 27-40mpg, but unfortunately it was telling the truth.36.53
01/07/2007 240.6 6.106 3.416All 70-80mph driving from Saskatoon SK to Wynyard SK and finally from Wynyard to Regina SK with fridgid temperatures & headwind. My friend was driving the Geo during the Saskatoon to Wynyard trip.39.40
01/03/2007 376.3 9.087 3.245Driving from North Battleford SK to Edmonton AB. 80mph drafting behind a Budget rental truck, but the truck kept going faster and eventually lost me. Hypermiling techniques in the city of Edmonton.41.41
01/02/2007 397.4 8.538 3.188Mostly 65-70mph highway driving from Regina SK, to Wynyard SK, and filled in North Battleford SK. Drafted everything from a Hummer to semis.46.54
12/30/2006 372.6 9.284 3.378Helped Mom move into her new condo with the Geo, so lots of idling. Also a fair amount of max speed rural driving (80-90mph) in cold weather.40.13
12/26/2006 194.7 3.559 3.416Mostly low speed highway driving with little room for EOC. Only 2.86mpg to go before the top 10 list.54.70
12/23/2006 254.2 5.439 3.416Mostly highway driving drafting semis @ 70mph. Used premium for this tank (no effect). Only 3.23mpg more in order to make the top 10 list!46.73
12/21/2006 404.3 7.74 4.062Gas price jump today. $31.44 to fill my tank (with premium, to see if it makes a difference in FE). Includes trip to Wynyard SK with piles of wind. Drafted behind semi-trucks whenever I had the chance (although they were going 70mph).52.23
12/19/2006 222 4.703 3.226Same driving style as previous tank only without EOC. My dad also revealed that he drove my car to work and my sister to school during this tank. Who knows what kind of FE he was getting :O47.20
12/15/2006 227.5 4.371 3.226Heavy gift-shopping traffic. Roads are a sloppy/slippery mess (I can't go higher than 2nd gear without getting stuck on residential streets). Acetone almost gone. Refining my driving technique.52.04
12/14/2006 193.5 3.171 3.226Diluted acetone with previous fillup. 0.4GPH seems best for city driving in 5th gear (around 80mpg @ 33mph) while 0.7-0.8GPH works ok for the highway (around 65mpg @ 45mph). Darn snow ruts everywhere!61.02
12/13/2006 197 3.986 3.226More testing of the Scanguage. I love how I can visually see the GPH being dependent on MPH to give MPG! Acetone in this tank. Filling tank right to brim now.49.42
12/11/2006 196 3.038 3.226First tank with Scangauge. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Majority city driving. No acetone. 196 miles for only $9.80 Canadian.64.51
12/10/2006 194.6 4.276 3.226Mixed driving with EOC. No acetone. 19*F. 7171.8 miles & 153.376 gallons = 46.76mpg after joining website, and before discovering the wonderfullness of the almighty SGII.45.50
12/09/2006 315.58 7.703 3.22650% High speed driving on highway. Lots of cold starts and no hypermiling techniques. Gas guage showed needle right on "E". Acetone almost gone. Switched to WAI.40.96
12/05/2006 208.3 4.203 3.226Dilluted acetone from previous fill. 99% Highway driving on clear road doing 50mph. EOC whenever possible. 2 Large hills to overcome. 16* F with little wind.49.55
12/04/2006 209.6 4.431 3.17360% highway driving at 50mph. Got stuck in the snow and needed pushing out once this tank. Blizzard is gone, but still lots of snow and temperature 12*F. Added acetone to this tank.47.30
12/01/2006 237.5 5.108 3.226Car was a workhorse this tank. Helped moved friends into new apartment. A painful amount of idling. Temperature -4*F with piles of wind (felt like -30*F). Got stuck in the snow and had friends push the car out. No Acetone. Felt bad about idling and drove 45mph on the highway for 2 hours to raise FE.46.49
11/30/2006 151.3 3.308 3.173Blizzard is still here (It's not leaving until this weekend)! 3 extremely cold starts. 80km/h on highway (lots of people in the ditch). Slow traffic on city streets. Temperature -8*F. No Acetone.45.73
11/27/2006 136.4 2.536 3.15Blizzard in Regina today! 1/4 mile visibility and snow galore. 80% highway doing 50 mph. Diluted acetone with previous fillup. Temperature 12*F53.78
11/26/2006 267.2 6.413 3.18870% highway with a lot of 75mph driving. Still using acetone. Now allowed to park in garage (less cold starts). Snow on ground which is killing coasting distance. Temperature 3*F41.66
11/22/2006 232.5 5.684 3.11850% highway doing 60mph. 9*F outside now (the car isn't even warmed up after completing my 3 mile trip to university). Still using acetone.40.90
11/19/2006 154.4 3.313 3.18895% highway driving, 20mph winds. 2 very steep hills that slowed me to 40mph. Acetone almost gone in tank. Temperature 35*F. My last fill on November 18 contained 10% ethanol.46.60
11/18/2006 230 3.814 3.3495% highway driving @ 55mph. Have no idea if the the higher-than-usual mpg is the cause of the grill block & wheel covers, the acetone in the tank, or just sheer luck. Outdoor temperature 18*F.60.30
11/17/2006 118.4 3.281 3.11280% highway driving doing 75-80mph and raced engine around town (shifted at 18, 34, 53, and 68mph). Still using Acetone.36.08
11/16/2006 212.7 4.447 3.18860% highway, started P+G later in this tank, lots of EOC. About half a dozen cold starts in 20*F weather. Still using Acetone47.82
11/13/2006 107.3 2.147 3.112Filled tank to filler neck. 3 ounces of acetone added to 10 gallon tank. 50% highway, 30mph in 4th gear instead of 5th. Temperature 36*F with rain.49.97
11/13/2006 95.5 1.819 3.18875% non-stop 55mph driving, 13% non-stop 50mph driving, 8% stop/go 45mph driving, 4% stop/go 30mph driving in 4th gear. EOC at all red lights. Only one cold start. Outdoor temperature 25*F52.50
11/12/2006 278.4 5.665 3.18860% highway driving @ 55 mph, the other 40% using hypermiling techniques, virtually no idling during this tank. Temperature below the freezing mark.49.14
11/10/2006 241.2 6.37 3.11295% gravel road/highway doing 110km/h. Cold, snowy weather.37.86
11/08/2006 352.8 6.72 3.18880% highway, hypermiling techniques in city. Slippery and cold conditions. Looks like winter has come here to stay now.52.49
11/04/2006 119.04 3.35 2.98390% highway driving to Vibank SK with 6 people in my Geo Metro. The car couldn't go faster than 89km/h! 2nd worst tank so far.35.53
11/02/2006 444.5 9.9 3.03680% highway driving, snow on the ground now, sucked the gas tank dry (fuel guage was reading -1/8 of a tank).44.89
10/28/2006 388.1 7.945 3.11270% highway, engine off at long red lights. 1/10 of tank driving at 70 mph. Removed wheel covers part way though tank.48.84
10/22/2006 385 8.425 2.99860% highway, normal driving.45.69
10/19/2006 339.14 6.75 3.11280% highway. Conservative drivng. Not hypermiling, and not fast driving.50.24
10/16/2006 202.74 5.571 3.051No hypermiling techniques. 60% highway going 75mph. Raced the engine around town. Winter tires now at 44psi.36.39
10/14/2006 106.7 1.88 3.188Almost all city driving using hypermiler techniques. Winter tires with 35 psi.56.75
10/12/2006 99.8 2.279 3.511Same hypermiling techniques, only my battery died and I revved the engine a lot to charge it back up. Obiously the previous fill was wonky.43.79
10/09/2006 81.2 1.037 3.03690% city driving using lots of EOC and 50km/h in 5th gear. Small fill so take this figure as a grain of salt.78.30
10/08/2006 306.9 6.02 3.0480% highway, weather is getting ugly, more EOC50.98
10/05/2006 270 5.7 3.168.5 oz of fuel injector cleaner, oil changed to synthetic, blocked front grille, mixed driving conditions47.36
10/04/2006 350 6.64 3.3490% highway, inflated tires from 31psi to 44psi, some EOC52.71
10/01/2006 335 6.64 3.16Ultra-conservative driving. 80% highway @ 80-90km/h. 50.45
09/26/2006 216 5.49 3.1Last fill before discovering this site. 4158.84 miles & 93.48 gallons = 44.49 mpg at this point.39.34
09/23/2006 146 3.63 3.3 40.22
09/20/2006 210 4.19 3.34 50.11
09/17/2006 151 4.04 3.38 37.37
09/13/2006 256 4.98 3.42 51.40
09/11/2006 182 3.92 3.42 46.42
09/09/2006 198 3.785 3.42 52.31
09/07/2006 251.1 5.67 3.53 44.28
09/06/2006 223 4.57 3.42 48.79
09/05/2006 211.4 6.25 3.68Missing gas cap. 130km/h from Winnipeg MB to Regina SK33.82
09/04/2006 187 4.88 4.1Missing gas cap38.31
09/03/2006 189 4.85 4.33Missing gas cap38.96
09/01/2006 102 2.32 3.87Trip to Gimli MB with 3 passangers doing 90km/h.43.96
08/30/2006 250.5 4.65 3.87100% city driving with congested Winnipeg roads53.87
08/29/2006 147 3.67 4.37 40.05
08/27/2006 207 3.95 3.890km/h driving from Regina SK to Winnipeg MB52.40
08/25/2006 206 5.27 3.8 39.08
08/23/2006 298.22 6.3 4.1 47.33
08/21/2006 290.78 6.3 3.99 46.15
08/19/2006 236.84 4.765 4.02First tank from purchase. No hypermiling techniques at all and mostly city driving in optimum weather.49.70

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