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Gaslog data for Lil Silver
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
08/06/2010 449 11 2.719I've stopped eoc'in cause not good for my automatic tranny. no trouble yet but not gonna push it being as it has over 100K on it. 40.81
06/09/2010 512.2 11.4012 2.67new record distance and almost made 45 mpg tank also. past week has gotten humid and been working on extending my coasting longer. 44.92
04/28/2010 451 10.85 2.88was a test to see if a 500 mile tank would be possible. sg was under reporting by about .3-.4 41.56
03/17/2010 400.5 9.62 2.869half this tank was highway trip to the drag races. had lower grill blocked and rad blocked and temps started getting close to where fans truned on so i cycled the heater to keep them in check. 41.63
02/28/2010 401 9.82 0not bad for cold florida wether and short trips. 40.83
01/26/2010 415 10.41 0One bad week of cold kept me under 40 mpg. 39.86
12/24/2009 344 8.71 0 39.49
11/29/2009 358 8.72 0trip home was in florida and temp was much better than when started41.05
11/28/2009 390 9.66 0Found a station in tenn with some E-0 gas. non ethanol. it shows here. 40.37
11/27/2009 362 9.6 0driving around Tenn in the rolling hills. 37.70
11/19/2009 289 7.85 0vacation trip second leg. It didn't take me 2 days. I changed dates to keep in proper order. brother drove this one throuhg Georgia and downtown atlanta36.81
11/18/2009 364 9.72 0next 5 logs are vacation trips. all highway runs. started in Florida and through georgia and end in tenn.37.44
11/06/2009 290 7.56 0High trip the the drag strip. winds from the east and the highway runs north/south so no help either way. 38.35
10/31/2009 432 9.781 2.759tempes been holding on down here along with some small mods and a new route pulled me up there. 44.16
09/29/2009 415 9.84 2.319brother had used my car due to his being in shop getting a sound system installed. he put 60 miles on @ 37.6 mpg. 42.17
08/29/2009 295 7.24 0sg was reporting 42.2 mpg. 40.74
08/06/2009 392.8 9.33 0had pulled off my grill block and h.a.i in the middle of this tank middle cause wasn't feeling too mileage minded. 42.10
07/07/2009 42 1 0just a test to watch avg line better42
06/28/2009 412 9.42 0Finaly showing something for my efforts! was beginning to think i'd be stuck in the 38-39 range forever! been coasting alot and changed my route to work. also temps here been hot so that helped also. Filled at circle-K and i had driven about 15 miles with low fuel light on. gonna see how this tank does. maybe was the 7-11 gas?? hmmmm! 43.73
05/31/2009 325 9.61 0filled at diff station so not realy sure how there pumps are. previous tank was 39 and this one drops to 33.8! low fuel light had just came on. next time i have to refuel will wait till light is on again and see what diff is betweem the 7-11 pump and the circle-k one i use mostly. right now sg showing 40.5 mpg just shy of half tank and 209 miles. 33.81
05/07/2009 315 8 0last refill i was on highway and 90 mile from home and that started this tank and then rest was my drive to work and 1-2 time to town. seems like the weather and the grill block are working to help out! 39.37
04/13/2009 315 8.24 0made a crude grill block from some cardboard and vinyl material i had. I have it installed behind the grill and zip tied on. started with 131 miles on this tank and rest was highway riding at 50-60 mph. temp was 66-69 in morning and 87 on ride home. i have enough data from my work run to see if it is realy effective. I refueled with 1/4 showing on gas gauge and it took only 8 gallons. Could have gone a bit more but was in new area and not sure when i'd find another gas stop. 38.22
03/27/2009 329 9.04 0 36.39
02/20/2009 325 9.32 0cold now. short trips don't help. only 5 miles to work and i go in at 5-6 am. 34.87
01/19/2009 319 8.93 0 35.72
12/31/2008 327 9.1 0don't rememebr where this one belong so gonna just put in average numbers 35.93
12/23/2008 300 8.26 0could have gone few more days but didn't want to fill on christmas day36.31
11/29/2008 350 9.44 0back in florida. 37.07
11/29/2008 337 9.29 0first leg back home36.27
11/29/2008 150 4.32 0small fill for trip back home. mainly driving to walmart and up into the mountains. 34.72
11/21/2008 351 9.38 0second leg of trip37.42
11/21/2008 200 5.62 0start of thanksgiving trip to tenn35.58
11/01/2008 320 9.07 0no notes. I'm going on what i have in my notebook i keep 35.28
10/04/2008 315 8.66 0brother was driving car a few time dropping off and picking up a mustang i had in the shop. found out he was sitting there idling while i was talking to the guy. finaly got the scanguage close enough now. was showing lil over 37 and this tank was less than 1 mpg under than so thats close enough for me. from now on i'm just gonna accept what it says i used. 36.37
09/12/2008 328 8.69 0I found that my tires had lost some pressure and thats what could have cause my last tank or 2 to be a bit lower. found it part way through this tank and it shows. I had originaly thought maybe was the ethanol in the gas. 37.74
08/07/2008 336 9.19 0 36.56
07/11/2008 338 9.22 0 36.65
06/19/2008 359 9.11 0so close to a 40 mpg tank! summer just getting started and will get hotter so i sill have alot of time to pull one off. with the gas prices i get alot more people following me and not running around me to the lights. so i can work on coasting a lil sooner now. noy bad for an automatic! 39.40
05/27/2008 321 8.44 0seems like 38 is my cars fav number! same as last time. lil hotter and same drive to work. trying to start my coasting a lil earlier since people seem to be slowing down some due to gas peices. paid $3.89 this tank. $34 to fill up38.03
04/25/2008 335 8.8 0summertime weather sstarting slowly. just my short ride to work and once to town and the races. 38.06
03/21/2008 341 8.78 0had to reset my scanguage so gonna have to be content with what i find at end of tank. 38.83
02/25/2008 310 8.15 0real nice weather here. mornings lil cool but day time temps 80-85. 38.03
02/06/2008 245 6.45 0same ole, same ole. weatehr here been nice for being winter. days 80 to nearly 85 in afternon and morn's around 60-63 at 6am. short trips are my downfall,. i onl have 5 mile ride to work. 37.98
12/06/2007 343 9.11 0nothing new here. morning temps been in mid 60's and 1-2 50's also. kinda surprized cause i figured the drop in temps would have affected my mileage more since i mainly drive short trips to work. 37.65
11/04/2007 349 9.41 0mornign temps just started to drop below 70. this mornign was 56. this tank had about 220 highway miles on my way to the old time drag races. 37.08
10/21/2007 351 9.13 0summer still holding on down here! 38.44
09/27/2007 351 9.08 0no changes to report. summer is slowly ending and morning temps are starting to drop a lil bit. 38.65
08/24/2007 400 10.32 0had put in new battery and had changed what i was seeing. thought maybe ecu reset had somehow adjusted to my driving habits but i guess not. pushed it some for a 400 mile tank. 38.75
07/29/2007 318 7.7 041.2 mpg! Sg was showing mid 37's so i guess i have it set a lil conservative and i'm gonna keep it like that. That way i can't get bummed when i get a lower tank than it shows. no changes except for tire pressure at 50 psi now. weather has been hot here and thats the main reason for the gains. 41.29
06/21/2007 363 9.68 0Been working on when to start my coasts and also upped tire pressure from 45 to 50 psi now. that along with hotter weather helped. sg was reporting 37.2 and final tally was 37.5 so i got the fuel adjustment close enough for me now. 37.49
05/18/2007 324 8.48 0now i'm getting somewhere. been trying to be more consistant with my refuleing cause i think thats been throwing my avrg off. one tank i'll top off and then next i'll stop pumping after first click off. daytime temps are near 90 and in morning right around 68-70 range. also trying to work on when to start my glides to the lights and signs. 38.20
04/16/2007 316 9.07 0short trips realy suck! been doing alot of e.o.c and weather here hasn't been bad but still basicly the same mileage. Scanguage hasn't been right yet. every time i refuel it shows i pumped a diff ammount. I might go 3-4 mile after the low fuel light comes on. 34.84
03/17/2007 316 7.77 075% highway or at a steady pace with no stops. rest was in town with alot of E.O.C. Gotta work on when to start coasting. 40.66
03/11/2007 262 7.67 0 still using E.O.C but with my short trips doesn't seem to work as great. i catch any red lights and it kills any daily trips cause there less than 6 miles. I guess I shouldn't complain about it with the short trips. my buddy at work was telling me about one of the cars they use there and said it gets 25 mpg. I told him my lil car gets 35 mpg and he had a blank look on his face! 34.15
02/11/2007 302 9.47 0Been doing alot of engine off coasting and thought this would be a good tank cause of results from last tank when i had started coasting. guess the weather and my short trips combined to do this tank in. 31.89
01/14/2007 320 8.83 0been doing alot more engine off coasting also the weather here has been realy mild for winter. only one cold snap in the 40's for a day or two. rest of time near 80 during daytime and night mid 60's. 36.24
12/15/2006 280 8.2 0this tank was what was left from last fillup coming from vacation. about 50 mile on highway and rest trips to work. started to do engine off coasting.34.14
11/28/2006 339 9.44 0second legg of return trip. was from lunchtime to about 6 pm. some stop and go traffic for rubberneckers.35.91
11/27/2006 341 9.26 0first leg of return trip. started out at 32 degree's and was nearly 70 by lunchtime in Fla. 36.82
11/26/2006 214 5.67 0this was 50 miles of highway and then rest was driving family around usualy carrying 3-4 people. reason for early fill was to start return trip with full tank37.74
11/23/2006 371 9.08 0second leg of trip. got into some stop and go traffic but also was in the mountains so could do some coasting and that helped. 40.85
11/22/2006 353 9.58 0first leg on thanksgiving trip to tenn. 100% highway miles had grill block in and kept engine about 10 degree's higher than what it usualy runs. this and other tenn trip logg was with 2 people and 2 boxes in trunk. probly about 250 extra lbs of weight. 36.84
11/21/2006 129.8 3.8 0topped off for trip to tenn. it didn't take me 3 days to get there or back home. i purposely did that so correct order would show for trips. 34.15
11/11/2006 291.8 8.65 065% highway and 35% in town driving. was working on a w.a.i and had engine idleing in driveway and a short trip or 2 up and down the street. 33.73
11/04/2006 129.4 3.78 2.19was a short trip/refill to check accuracy of scanguage. was showing i used a lil under what i pumped. next refill will be around 300 mile mark. 34.23
10/23/2006 258 7.87 2.539 the 7.87 gallon was when the low fuel light came on and i put $20 and used the miles untill the low fuel light caqme on again. from now on i'm gonna start with a full tank. 32.78

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