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Gaslog data for The Lambo
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
01/11/2012 176.4 5.165 3.0908314.1m. gr. forks. nw 30mph wind34.15
01/09/2012 346.4 12.356 2.4207957.7m. e8528.03
01/09/2012 180 7.715 3.1108137.7m.23.33
12/21/2011 80.4 11.009 2.5907611.3m e857.303
12/27/2010 700 14 2.45home>farm>home(nice tailwind back home). 6.0gal E85 @ 2.45/g + 8.0 gal E10 @ 2.99/g50
12/17/2009 565.6 16 2.414g at 5096.1m- carlos; 12g at 5215.0- hutch; farm>trf>farm. 35.34
12/15/2009 327 10.821 2.414649.4m30.21
11/16/2009 180.7 4.239 1.8804322.4m. E85 top-off. AWESOME fe!!! Nice conditions but not really any tailwind either. 42.62
11/06/2009 369.6 14.47 2.5204141.7m25.54
08/15/2009 123.1 5.71 2.533772.1m. top-off crookston. replaced bad battery. bad engine/chassis ground strap was causing idle problems.21.55
08/04/2009 234 6.95 2.463649m. top-off before price jump. had flat tires, you name it. :(33.66
07/25/2009 89.4 4.05 2.463415m. car running poorly. battery dead. high idle. several problems :(22.07
07/07/2009 441.5 14.774 2.09E85 e.g.f. running poorly :(29.88
06/26/2009 232.4 6.429 1.86E85 top off. windom. 2884.1m36.14
06/26/2009 448.7 14.004 2.322651.7m. omaha having gas wars32.04
06/14/2009 308 10.21 1.95E85. 2203m. it has a racing idle problem.30.16
06/03/2009 360.5 12.007 2.491894.9m30.02
04/30/2009 163.1 4.752 1.951534.4m34.32
04/23/2009 500 14.839 26.701371.3m. Was nearly on E. Filled with E85 at 1.79/g. Reg was 2.0933.69
07/26/2008 232.3 6.993 3.65271.5m33.21
05/09/2008 403.1 13.5 3.5900039.2m29.85
04/07/2008 253.5 6.896 3.1199636.1m. pulse plugs have been in since 2/16 @ 99393.3M. ND fuel has ethanol in it- what percentage? finally getting above freezing temps~ 40 degrees. trans shifts much easier.36.76
02/13/2008 211 8.63 2.8999382.6M24.44
01/25/2008 110 3.152 2.2299171.6m. E85 top-off34.89
01/25/2008 464.2 13.05 2.7599061.6m35.57
01/08/2008 306.7 10.5 2.9998597.4m replaced exhaust29.20
01/03/2008 130.6 4.368 2.8898290.7m. too cold for E85 and car really ran badly. not surprised fe stinks. town driving too.29.89
12/23/2007 110 1.58 2.72yeah- short fill. had to try to turn last tank of 99% E85 into E75 or something so it would run better. it helped- instead of running good for 0-10 sec., it ran good up to 3 minutes before it forced another glide. still, with 40 mph almost perfect tailwind and intense p&g, this is good no matter how you slice it. prior to fill-up (at 98050.1m, 14.438 g E85 @ $2.23/g; $32.33) previous tank includes 2.004g short fill in D. Lakes. Filled with E85- Alex. 40 mph N-NW winds!!! from home (97875.6M) on out to destination (98202.6M) Ran like CRAP on E85 (near 0; too cold)- forced P&G Alex-Hutch. during the last two months the tank had to be siphoned, throwing miles and gallons numbers out. reset gaslog at 98050.1M fill.69.62
10/26/2007 345 11.48 2.09e85 197,756m30.05
10/08/2007 377.3 11.865 2.49e85. 197411.7M31.79
09/14/2007 483.4 14.88 2.69E85. regular non-fe driving for more than i've been doing- higher speeds. cold temps. 197034.4M32.48
08/31/2007 425 11.329 2.69Little P&G. Went back to E85- $2.69 vs. $3.19- heck yeah! 196551M37.51
08/18/2007 496 12.6 2.81some distinctly non-fe driving this time around. need to replace clutch. Hey Matt can you add a "odo" column so I don't have to dig for the miles value from my previous fill? Oh well I can stick that here in the notes too. 196,126M.39.36
07/30/2007 655.4 13.993 2.85filled with regular. hotter than freakin' blazes this past month. engine has been running well. towards the end of the tank, stopped P&G on the highway and reverted back to steady-state cruising although in town will still P&G between stop lights and signs.46.83
06/29/2007 466 11.77 2.96Filled with regular. Last tank of E85 must have been bad- car stalled, sputtered, and misfired very badly. I thought there was some sort of major mechanical malfunction but putting the regular in cleared it right up. Had to do some really un-FE driving to make it go; WOT, etc. Can't believe this tank's FE is as good as it is. Did lots of P&G.39.59
06/08/2007 517 13.12 2.69100% E85. Some P&G. Fuel gauge, which acted up on occasion last year, has been fine. Maybe ethanol isn't eating the sending unit? Even though it's warmer out, it still stumbles and it'll stall if I don't exercise caution when taking off from cold startup- mixture a skosh too lean. No big deal but it prevents "just taking off" (which hurts FE) and it is something to be mindful of.39.40
05/27/2007 209 7.037 2.89100% E85. Some highway P&G (learning what this car's preferences are) but then again, an off-road adventure that involved heavy throttle and spinning tires. Also 30 miles of city/rez where P&G was not a good option and top gear was never attained- this does not help. 29.70
05/18/2007 153 4.649 2.79100% E85. First 50 miles with "bad" coil; the rest with a jerry-rigged "good" one from a Pontiac 6000(?) Motor mounts appear O.K. but it still shudders more than it used to... why? Finally fixed corroded wire from tranny sensor for "upshift light"- now it doesn't tell me to upshift again when in 5th gear. Tried some P&G.32.91
05/11/2007 342 11.488 2.65100% E85. 29.77
03/23/2007 373 13.32 2.47E10. Having some mechanical difficulties grrrr. Misfire I thought I had licked... crept back. 4/6/07 new cap and rotor and now she's smooth as silk except I suspect bad motor mounts. Damned FE better go back up!28.00
03/02/2007 274 10.541 2.08E85 fill. Getting stuck does NOT help FE!25.99
02/10/2007 387 11.388 2.11Lots of below zero operation- yuk. 33.98
12/25/2006 35 1 0 35
12/02/2006 303 8.227 2.2regular tank top-off. OK this is the FE on E85- no penalty?! But I was driving more carefully than average.36.82
11/26/2006 480 13 1.75Topped off with E85- couldn't pass up that price! Had quite a bit of misbehaving- 100 mph and stuff. Cruising 52-54 mph starting from E85 fill. This is first tank with aeromods: rear skirts, 1/2 cowl panel, wipers, antenna, and passenger side mirror delete- car seems quieter.36.92
11/22/2006 466 14.668 2.1411/7/06 Cleaned TB and intake- really gooped up! Fast "test" drives not good for FE. ;) 11/12/06 replaced bad #3 plug wire, cap, and rotor with good used parts, and put in new sparkplugs (they had 30,000M). It has been missing lately; can't be good for FE. 11/12 tune-up cured it (turns out, not for long).31.76
10/20/2006 632 18.36 2.06Ran it out of gas! Was kind of expecting it, though, and had a gas can with about 1.8 gallons in the trunk. Combined the 1.8 gallons with a 2.003 gallon splash (didn't fill due to crappy high prices in that town) then the 14.56 gallon fill when I got home. That is the reason for the 632 mile distance and the 18.36 gallons even though the car has a 15.2 gallon tank. Didn't want to break out the smaller "fills" due to inaccuracy of small fills. Am bummed about the lousy FE. Ran 45/43 psi in the tires on this tank and the FE went DOWN. :mad:34.42
09/25/2006 538 14.172 2.1overfilled- spilled some :(37.96
08/04/2006 356 10 2.95from 9/12/06 on: 45 psi front, 43 psi rear in the tires35.6
07/24/2006 572 13.455 2.89 42.51
07/15/2006 550 15.33 2.89 35.87
07/05/2006 490 12.818 0Long trip cruising under 55 mph38.22

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