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Gaslog data for 90 Laser
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
12/14/2013 360 10 3.65Seasonal update- I've been mixing a gallon of E85 in the tank once in a while so the exact mileage and FE is uncertain. I've been averaging roughly 36 MPG lately, still hypermiling, driving at normal speeds, battery got weak so tend to leave the engine running while it's cold and I"m stopped. I suspect I have a leaky injector since the car starts roughly after it's been sitting for a few hours. Tire pressure has crept down to 35psi all around so today I raised it up to 44psi front, 42psi rear. Changed the oil with cheap 10W-30. Currently at 314k miles. Fender bender altered the aero on front left corner slightly, no real difference. Gas is cheaper around $3.65/gal. 36
09/11/2013 267.1 5.815 4.299Price going up. I ran the tank down a little farther than usual. Odd starting issue, hard to start when cold. 45.93
09/05/2013 267.3 7.005 4.099Added approx one gallon of E85 to the tank, otherwise mileage would've been better. 38.15
08/31/2013 240.1 6.073 3.999price is down, and it's a holiday. Patched the hole in the right rear tire. Both rear tires at 42psi for even tread wear. 39.53
08/26/2013 246.4 6.285 3.659Caught a break on gas prices. Right rear tire looses around 5 psi per day. 39.20
08/21/2013 241.5 6.021 3.949I found my right rear tire was down to 12psi! So that's why my mileage was dropping. There's a screw stuck in the tire, been there long enough that the head is nearly worn off, so I left it in. I'll check pressure every couple of days to see how quickly it deflates. 40.10
08/16/2013 232.1 6.013 3.959 38.59
08/12/2013 233.2 6.001 4.079I wonder if fuel mileage is actually dropping? Or maybe I'm getting used to driving faster everywhere? 38.86
08/07/2013 263.4 6.011 4.11Been driving a little faster lately, staying late at work. Cool weather. 43.81
07/30/2013 218.8 6.002 4.069same36.45
07/23/2013 233.9 6.037 4.099Been driving faster lately, around 65mph regularly. 38.74
07/19/2013 240.6 6.017 4.169mild weather, standard driving habits. 39.98
07/12/2013 245.2 6.012 4.139 40.78
07/05/2013 270.2 6.004 4.039Filled up a little early, might have been able to go another 10-15 miles before the low fuel warning light came on. Hot weather. 45.00
06/27/2013 256.8 6.032 4.139Had some fun with 100 octane, didn't get on the dyno since there were too many other cars that day, and it sounds like something is loose in the driveline. Filled up a little early. 42.57
06/21/2013 186.5 6.005 7.699Added 6 gallons of 100 octane gas. Filled up a little early. 31.05
06/18/2013 239.1 6 4.189Changed oil to 10-40. The car has a slight vibration while cruising and roughness at idle. Didn't find anything odd yet. Old cat was starting to clog so I made a new non-cat pipe, changed the angles and tucked the exhaust up higher. Removed old front tire fairings. 39.85
06/13/2013 248.1 6.5 4.159Overfilled a little, driving a little faster lately. Replaced rear heim joints on the panhard bar, the old joints were clunking.38.16
06/06/2013 243.6 6.002 4.099mild weather, new trans fluid is a little notchier and grinds once in a while. Noticed a rich spot at 75hz so I leaned it out 1%. 40.58
06/03/2013 769.7 20.016 4.1993 fillups added together. I took a trip up to Thunderhill raceway and back. Drove around 70mph on the way up and faster on the way back. Hot weather, car ran at 216*F most of the way. The car felt good around 70mph, did not feel as good going faster, maybe an imbalance harmonic, maybe too much timing, or not enough timing. Def felt off beat, but the car runs exactly the same the day after the trip. 38.45
05/23/2013 234.7 6 4.159Nailed the fillup! Unsettled weather, consistent driving habits. 39.11
05/23/2013 234.7 6 4.159Nailed the fillup! Unsettled weather, consistent driving habits. 39.11
05/19/2013 270.4 6.046 4.239Weather cooled down a little, low 60's in the morning. Still driving a little faster due to long hours. Changed trans fluid, old fluid had some brass in it and was a little thin. Now using Redline MTL, shifts are slightly notchy but it should protect better. 44.72
05/14/2013 241.1 6.683 4.199Overfilled a little. 36.07
05/09/2013 244.9 6.01 4.199Normal driving, weather cooled down to 60's 70's. 40.74
05/05/2013 235.7 6.013 4.079Normal driving, around 63-65mph on the freeway. Weather has been hot, 39.19
04/29/2013 229.7 6.013 4.159Driving around 65mph to make up a little time while staying late at work. 38.20
04/22/2013 385.4 9 4.119Added 3 gallons of E85 with this tank. Maintenence; 10w-30 oil, filter, coolant, water wetter, timing belt, pulleys, tensioner, water pump. 42.82
04/11/2013 196.3 6.004 4.199Been driving even faster lately, staying late at the shop. Filled up a little early, but the extra speed is def killing mpg. 32.69
04/03/2013 237 6.002 4.209warmer weather. Driving a little faster due to late hours. 39.48
03/27/2013 236.6 6.044 4.219 39.14
03/19/2013 265.3 6.04 4.139added 6 gallons this time, makes up for putting in 7 gallons last time. 43.92
03/12/2013 231.7 7.077 4.239Added an extra gallon since I didn't have exact change. Thermostat overshoots up to 225*F when warming up, typical temps while driving are 196 to 203. Installed a pair of rear Koni shocks, ride is smoother. 32.73
03/06/2013 237.4 6.042 4.299Driving a little faster sometimes. 39.29
02/28/2013 265.5 6.01 4.339Installed another used thermostat I had sitting in the closet. Now I remember why I took it out, it tends to spike up the temp and oscillate. It def warms up faster, tho. Weather has been warmer. 44.17
02/20/2013 243.9 7.077 4.239Added an extra gallon since I didn't have exact change. I noticed my thermostat is sticking, the coolant takes a very long time to warm up. 34.46
02/15/2013 220.6 6.019 4.189Warmer weather. I've been driving a little faster lately. Reduced EGR at cold ECT to help the engine warm up faster. Made small adjustments to deadtime, MAF comp at 19 and 25 Hz points. 36.65
02/08/2013 219.4 6.013 4.099Driving a little quicker, still keeping the engine on until the car is parked. 36.48
02/01/2013 231.7 6.001 4.139Warmer weather, no rain, driving faster around 65mph. 38.61
01/25/2013 195.8 6.025 3.779filled up a little early. Weather has been warmer, in the low 60's during the day, no frost in the morning. Battery is working better now that I keep the engine running until the car is parked. 32.49
01/21/2013 235.8 6.015 3.759normal driving, normal weather. 39.20
01/16/2013 211.2 6.008 3.779Cold weather, battery is getting weak. Installed a 3.3OHM resistor pack for the injectors to see if it improves low PW accuracy. 35.15
01/02/2013 401.3 9.025 3.699Ah finally the car feels good again! Over the holidays I got new ft. swaybar bushings, welded a crack in the front subframe brace and added reinforcement, filled the rear motor mount with caulking, stiffened the front subframe mount with rubber washers. Did an alignment and found some toe-in, re-set it to zero toe. I removed the front brake rotors and rotated them on the hub by 2 holes to see if there was any wobble in the rotors. I also rotated tires and found the front tires were down to 36 psi, so I upped it to 43psi. Now the front end has a little imbalance/vibration around 60mph but it tracks straight at all times! Does not torque steer on every little bump in the road anymore. Also turned over 300,000 miles on the original engine. 44.46
12/20/2012 211.4 7.36 3.659I wasn't paying attention and overfilled the tank. Very cold weather, driving a little faster sometimes. 28.72
12/16/2012 211.6 6.041 3.649Driving a little faster this week, using defrost more, unsettled weather. Lowered the car 4mm in back and 3mm up front. Battery seems to be getting old, so I'm keeping the engine running until the car is stopped and lights off. No more coasting the last 20 seconds with lights on before parking and shutting down. 35.02
12/07/2012 226.1 6.009 3.759Colder and rainy, used defrost a lot more and kept the engine running more during warmup for heat/defrost. 37.62
12/01/2012 194.1 6.03 3.799Nice price. Had a little E85 left in the tank. I've been commuting in my Talon this week, so just using the Laser for short trips to get lunch. 32.18
11/09/2012 317 7.936 3.959This is not an accurate fillup amount. I added approx 1.7 gallons of old e85 from my Talon, then added approx 2.2 gallons of E85, possibly mixed with gasoline. Been driving a little faster, around 65mph due to late hours. 39.94
11/04/2012 210.1 6.004 4.079Price is down again. Lowered ft tire pressure to 38 to reduce wandering in truck ruts. The front end is more stable than before, but certain grooves still tug at the wheel. Driving around 58-63mph.34.99
10/31/2012 227.9 5.501 4.279 41.42
10/26/2012 234.5 6.019 4.319regular driving, splitting up the commute route between the short, frantic route and the longer steady route. 38.95
10/23/2012 262.4 6.33 4.399Price is down! That was quick. I changed the engine oil, using 5W20. last oil change was nearly 8k miles ago. Two days of rain, some wind. Still taking the long, steady route to work. 41.45
10/18/2012 248.3 5.999 4.639Drained and refilled the trans fluid. Got tired of grinding gears with the old stuff, cooler weather just made the oil even thicker. Added one bottle Penzoil Syncromesh and 2 bottles MTL. It shifts much nicer again! Maybe the thinner oil will help with mpg a little, too. 41.39
10/11/2012 239.7 6 4.759the new route adds approx 4 miles to my daily commute, reasonably steady speeds, less pressure to go full throttle. Somehow it didn't show up on this tank. Maybe I filled up a little early?39.94
10/06/2012 246.5 5.999 4.919Damm the price went up a lot! So I'm going to start hypermiling more. Raised rear tire pressure by 3 psi and front tire pressure by 8psi so it's 45psi all around. Drafted a little this afternoon. Leaned out the SAFC 1-2%. 41.09
10/02/2012 242.3 6.437 4.339Dam, overfilled a little again. 37.64
09/25/2012 201 6.015 4.299finally catching up on the over/underfills. Got a new set of front control arm bushings installed. The old bushings fit loosely and let the front end wander. Also cut more siping grooves in the front tires, Hankook RS3's. Added 4 psi to the rear tires. Checked alignment, set slightly toe-in. The car tracks straight, doesn't wander on grooves, and is a little more compliant on bumps. 33.41
09/19/2012 249.5 5.001 4.299light fill to make up for last time. 49.89
09/13/2012 233.3 7.043 4.259Right front tire was still spinning too easily, and the car felt odd, like it would sometimes track straight and sometimes not. I adjusted the left rear coilover higher by one turn and everything is normal again! I guess the tires had worn unevenly and rotating them shifted the corner weighting. Overfilled by one gallon since I didn't have exact change. Slightly worse driving style since I was trying to sort out the handling. 33.12
09/07/2012 239.5 6.022 4.399balanced the front tires, still had a wobble from a slightly bent rim from last year, so I rotated tires front to back. The car is much smoother, but the front right tire spins a little easier. Checked alignment, was toed-in, adjusted back to zero. 39.77
08/30/2012 325 6.007 4.389Normal fillup, cashing in on last weeks overfill. 54.10
08/23/2012 256.2 8.531 4.299Added a little too much gas, wasn't paying attention! It'll average out. I've been driving for better FE since the price went up. 30.03
08/17/2012 246.4 6 4.339Prices rising fast! I've been driving a little better, still cruising at 58-62mph when traffic opens up. 41.06
08/09/2012 223.3 6.014 4.189hotter weather. 37.13
08/02/2012 295.7 7.5 3.899Added one gallon of E85 out of my Talon and 1/2 gallon of misc fuel out of a gas can from the shop. 39.42
07/18/2012 227.2 6.002 3.879Filled up a little early for convenience. 37.85
07/13/2012 224.6 6.003 3.859Still staying late at the shop, driving while temps are lower and driving a little faster. 37.41
07/09/2012 243.4 6.008 3.899Normal commuting, normal summer weather. 40.51
06/27/2012 235.3 6.004 3.999Driving a little faster lately, staying at work a little later and driving when it's cooler. 39.19
06/18/2012 240.2 6.08 4.099Price has dropped! 39.50
06/11/2012 230.6 5.897 4.239regular driving, warmer weather. 39.10
06/02/2012 233.3 6.053 4.359normal driving, normal weather. Dropped the trans to inspect the TOB, clutch and look for the sharp chirping noise. Found nothing. Trans fluid looked great. New fluid is a little thicker, shifts slower. Tightened swaybar link, greased poly bushing. Adjusted alignment back to zero toe. 38.54
05/27/2012 212.1 5.606 4.459 37.83
05/16/2012 263.4 5.606 4.459Light fillup, I just put in $25 worth. Warmer weather, cooperative side/tailwind on the way home, less WOT driving this time.46.98
05/09/2012 234.7 5.35 4.299early and short fillup. 43.86
05/02/2012 263.3 6.503 4.379Dyno'd the car, 272FWHP/ 286 FWTQ on a Mustang dyno. I just did 3 pulls with minor adjustments to the SAFC. 40.48
04/23/2012 258.9 7.063 4.359Warmer weather. I added a little extra gas to the tank, this time it's because I wasn't paying attention. I just dropped the plug gap down from .032 to .028 tonight. 36.65
04/13/2012 249.9 6.516 4.359A few days of rain with strong winds. 38.35
04/06/2012 229.6 6.505 4.359Found a cheaper price so I added a little more. Hitting boost a little more now that the tune is working good. Warmer weather. 35.29
04/01/2012 223.9 5.91 4.399Weather is getting warmer, standard commuting. 37.88
03/26/2012 259.9 6.501 4.559Converted the ecu to run on 2/3 scale maps, spent a day dialing it in. Somehow it runs better, smoother and stronger. Timing seems to be more advanced. 39.97
03/20/2012 226.2 5.871 4.579Dam the price keeps going up. Nothing special, a little rain, a little warmer. Commuting conservatively and pushing some boost for fun. 38.52
03/03/2012 270.1 6.758 4.439Trip to Fairfield and back. Did a little tuning since swapping out the stock maf for an evo8 maf. Tip in seems smoother, less stalling. Cruising around 58-63mph. AF ratios are slightly richer for now. 39.96
03/01/2012 323.1 10.14 4.69Added 3 gallons of E85 to help clean up emissions. Spent time tuning deadtime and maf comp tables to limit O2 excursions, so this tank is definitely lower than it should be. Read the plugs and found cyl #1 was richer, so I swapped the Denso 660 injectors back in. Changed the oil and filter again, using 5w-20. Passed smog check today! 31.86
02/24/2012 203.5 7.016 4.439Smog check time. Gas prices shooting up! Oil changed with 5/20, new plugs BPR6ES gapped at .033", new O2 sensor, swapped in stock injectors. Seafoam treatment; removed two rocker arms so all intake valves were closed and poured in a few ounces of Seafoam on top of each intake port, also poured a few ounces on top of each piston, let sit for a day, vacuum out the excess, cranked the engine with the plugs out to remove excess, driven for a day on old plugs, old O2, old oil until the residue was burned off. New ecu code to run cleaner. Engine is still stock with 289k miles- I hope it passes. 29.00
02/15/2012 254.2 5.638 4.079Light fillup since prices went up. Warmer weather, some rain. 45.08
02/07/2012 234.2 6.411 3.899Normal driving, hypermiling and 63mph average on the freeway. Quick acceleration merging onto 880. Playing with new ISC code, it still stalls if I coast before pushing down the clutch. Warmer weather. 36.53
02/01/2012 236.2 6.511 3.999Tweaking the ISC portion of the eprom. Reduces stalling with more ISC operation and longer dashpot which may hurt FE.36.27
01/23/2012 253.3 6.512 3.839Used 6.5 gal to be consistent. Weather was very cold for a few days. Changed work hours, now leaving 1/2 hour earlier when traffic is a little better, and going home when traffic is much worse. Found some code to control ISC, may help prevent stalling. Also leaned out maf comp table at 19Hz and 25Hz. Using some injector cleaner in this tank and last tank. 38.89
01/17/2012 201.5 6.546 3.819overfilled a little. should've been around 36mpg. updated the chip- leaned out at very low load, added timing in a few cells, will stay in lean burn mode a little longer. 30.78
01/08/2012 258.7 6.02 3.899Trip to Sacramento and back to race my car. did more drafting and also did some high speed cruising. 42.97
01/07/2012 409.3 11.518 3.799larger fillup. Put the car on the dyno, made 261hp/271tq, added 4.5 gallons during the tune. The hp line became erratic above 5k rpm, so I don't think it represents true HP. While driving the power seems to hold above 6k rpm. Then I took it to the track and ran a best time of 13.4 @113.4 with a 2.4 60' time. Track was cold, no prep, still spun a little in 3rd. Did a little more drafting, some high speed driving up to 75mph. 35.53
12/22/2011 211.7 5.506 3.699Maintaining better driving methods. Lower fillup due to ammount of fuel remaining in the tank. Got a new battery, #BAB22-12. 38.44
12/12/2011 277.6 6.686 3.739I ran the tank down a little farther than usual this time. I've been keeping the engine on until I park so I don't run the battery down, it's been low and the engine cranks slow first thing in the morning. 41.51
12/06/2011 253.5 5.999 3.859Prices going down. I'm hypermiling more lately, cruising speed is 58-63mph, keeping rpm down, less WOT but it's been cold and the battery is getting weak so I keep the engine running until I park. Loosened the adjuster rod on the brake pedal because it feels like the front brakes are dragging. It's hard to tell for sure since it's FWD and the front wheels normally have more drag. Pumped the tires back up to 40psi, they were down to 36. Morning traffic has gotten a little lighter since Thanksgiving. 42.25
11/23/2011 223.2 7.048 3.899I overfilled again! so this fillup makes the log look a little worse than it should. Driving around 60-65mph on the freeway. Morning commute has grown worse over the past year, many slow sections before the freeway, and all freeway sections are slow. No drafting, usually one wot blast per day. 31.66
11/14/2011 210.6 6.411 3.899Added a little extra gas this time, so the mpg might look slightly worse. Oil Change, used 5-30. 32.84
11/08/2011 199.6 6.011 3.919I missed a few fillups since I didn't know how much I added from when I converted my Porsche to E85. Weather is cooler around 55 at night and 65 day. I'm driving a little faster, around 65 on the freeway since I'm usually working late and want to get home faster. 33.20
09/01/2011 507.2 11.6 3.999I got 4.6 gallons of free gas at work, so I enjoyed the power in the car a little more. I also raised the boost slightly since I had turned it down at the beginning of summer. 43.72
08/19/2011 283.5 7.015 3.839price going down! Pushed the tank a little farther. Using WOT twice a day on average. Cruising @65mph. 40.41
08/15/2011 267.5 7.007 3.939Cruising around 65mph, wideband stays flatline lean as long as I hold steady throttle. Slightly more throttle drops the AF ratio into the mid 17's. 38.17
08/10/2011 266.1 7.012 3.939New commute is a few miles longer, more freeway miles, plus one redlight onramp that I usually floor it. 37.94
08/04/2011 263.5 7.02 3.959Drove better this time, less WOT. Richened startup ect areas a little due to a lean spot when driving after initial startup. 37.53
07/29/2011 248.6 6.007 3.959Hypermiling, less WOT, 65mph cruise speed. 41.38
07/23/2011 236.5 6.854 3.939overfilled just a little. Used the car for more short trips and did more WOT pulls while enjoying the power and quick turbo spoolup. Powerband is much nicer than the 951. Leaned out the SAFC again since it was running a little rich during cruise. Plugged in the radiator fans so I don't have to watch temps all the time. Fans seem to come on around 209*F, which is a little low for my preference. 34.50
07/01/2011 227.8 6.011 3.999Not driving the car much anymore, more short trips just to keep the battery charged and less hypermiling on the short trips. 37.89
05/23/2011 244.9 5.953 4.199Prices going down! I did a little more tuning at 2500rpm/65mph, leaned it out and verified that I added 2 degrees of timing at steady cruise load. Lowered tire pressure by a few psi, down to 42. Driving a little faster, around 63 mph. 41.13
05/17/2011 214.9 5.997 4.439Driving faster lately, using WOT more, enjoying the power. 35.83
05/12/2011 216 5.937 4.379Not driving as much since I got the Porsche 944 Turbo. Did some short trips to keep the battery charged, and some WOT pulls just for fun. 36.38
04/22/2011 286.1 5.999 4.359Normal driving, weather is getting warmer, no rain. Previous fillup left more fuel in the tank, so I covered more miles. 47.69
04/15/2011 232.7 6.373 4.379Overfilled the tank by 1/2 gallon, so this entry looks worse than it should. Reduced lean burn timer so it goes into lean burn mode quicker- it works fine, no drawbacks. Weather is getting warmer. Summer wind pattern is starting. 36.51
04/11/2011 259 5.899 4.339Finally got to use the extra fuel from adding 6 gallons each 'fillup' while not using it all. Leaned out lean burn AF ratios at all levels to compensate for the mid fuel trim. 43.90
04/05/2011 244.3 5.995 4.279Leaned out the SAFC 2% @ 2k+ 2500rpm with no change in engine behavior. I noticed the code I've been using still looks at fuel trim, and I set the trim points so I'm using mid trim 95% of the time. Mid trim hovers around 115%. 40.75
03/29/2011 256.2 6.491 4.159Overfilled the tank by 1/2 gallon. Trip to Stockton and back. Drafted a little more, drove well. 39.47
03/27/2011 260.9 6.004 4.299Pushed this tank a little, also had a little more left in the tank before this fillup. Took out 3% from the SAFC at low throttle @2k rpm. Returned idle, rolling fuelcut, dashpot, hot start to previous settings for better driveability. Rained all week, did more errands in town.43.45
03/23/2011 225.4 6.099 4.099Rainy all week, drove a little faster, was late one day. Reduced tire pressure by 4psi. 36.95
03/18/2011 251.6 6.012 4.159Still driving better, typically 53-58mph on freeway. Installed adjustable panhard bar, oiled RR wheel bearing. 41.84
03/12/2011 291.7 6.008 4.139I think I still had a little extra gas left in the tank when I filled up last time. I also pushed this tank farther than normal, so this entry will be higher than normal. I hypermiled more aggressively on this tank, drafted more, EOC more, lowered freeway cruising speed to around 53-58mph. EPROM altered for FE; lowered idle, lowered rolling fuel cut, decreased dashpot timer, and? raised tire pressure by 5psi to 48. 48.55
03/03/2011 361.4 10.014 4.039Gas is over $4 a gallon, time to get serious about FE again. Spun the car last week and bent R. front and R. rear suspension. Got 4 gallons of gas for free so I drove faster and enjoyed it. Added one degree of timing around 2500-3000 rpm and light load, now +2 over stock in that area. 36.08
02/09/2011 188.7 5.667 3.529did a little WOT tuning, blt shows the bov leaks at 28psi. 33.29
02/04/2011 237 6.065 3.559Lubed front brake pins, they were a little stiff. 39.07
01/28/2011 239.7 6.005 3.559Added one degree of timing at 2k to 3k rpm and load levels 3+4. Reduced EGR maps, back to stock. Started watching speed while coasting downhill to find trends. 39.91
01/20/2011 244.5 6.001 3.499Raised tire pressure by 4 psi,warmer weather, trying a new route to work.40.74
01/14/2011 205 6.002 3.539Minor tweaks to the MAF comp table, still trying to drive for better FE. 34.15
01/09/2011 204.4 5.748 3.479small tweaks to the ecu, reduced accell enrichment and decel enrichment. It still spikes rich between shifts. 35.56
01/03/2011 234.5 5.832 3.429Still trying to drive better. 55-60mph on freeway, coasting more/earlier/longer. Removed a bunch of fuel in the decel enrich table, since swapping the EVO maf it spikes very rich on every shift. Will try reducing accel enrichment next. 40.20
12/23/2010 268.6 5.832 3.429Trip to Fairfield and back. Still trying to drive better while maintaining 60-65mph. Tires @38/44psi. 46.05
12/21/2010 231 6.001 3.499I tried to drive better, some wind and rain. Still tweaking the tune to get the SAFC closer to zero, the new settings allow lean burn mode to work better. Adjusted global fuel for 696cc injectors, decreased scalar and added fuel via SAFC. Rolling idle in lean burn mode is around 15.5-15.9 afr. Maf readings are slightly erratic, possibly from turbulence or vibration, causing a variance in afr's up to .4 sometimes. 38.49
12/15/2010 217 6.013 3.499Installed AFPR and gauge, adjusted to 46psi base pressure, retuned chip for reduced fpr overrun and higher pressure. Removed 6 puck clutch disc and installed Exedy/DK disc- 11 ounces lighter. It drives, shifts and engages so much better! Installed Rota 16x7 wheels with new front tires, saves 18 pounds. 36.08
12/09/2010 233 6.001 3.479A few days of rain, driving a little faster-around60 to 65. Tires down to 44 front, 38 rear. 38.82
12/05/2010 491 13.555 3.329two partial fillups added together. Oil changed with 5-20. Weather has been very cold and rainy. Swapped out the 2G maf for an EVO maf, spent some time re-tuning and adjusting the maf comp table. Power is up, boost at 24-25psi with less pressure drop. 36.22
11/20/2010 268.5 6.001 3.479Trip to Travis AFB and back. Ran the tank very low, so this tank looks good, but next tank will be low. Still driving 65mph, rainy, windy, and colder, around 55-60*F.44.74
11/18/2010 247.8 6 3.399normal tank, averaging around 60-65mph. 41.30
11/13/2010 376.6 9.014 3.389Drove to Sacramento and raced the 1/4 mile. Did 4 passes, best was [email protected] Typical speed on this trip was 65mph with a few WOT blasts, which are extremely fun now that the car is tuned better. Car weighs 2570 with slicks on the front and 1/4 tank of gas. 41.77
11/10/2010 199.8 7.12 3.359Did some WOT tuning, maf calibration and fast driving this week. 28.06
11/05/2010 221.2 6 3.339Trying to break in the new clutch/flywheel/trans. It chatters pretty hard on engagement sometimes, so I'm slipping it at higher rpm. New fuel pump is quiet, I can only hear it when I listen for it. 36.86
11/01/2010 253.6 6.004 3.339Swapped in my rebuilt trans, aluminum flywheel, slightly used 2100 PP and sprung 6 puck. Flywheel is 2.5 pounds lighter. Swapped out the Denso150 fuel pump for a Walbro 255HP, may have lost a few ounces of gas. Raised front coilovers by 1.5 turns to compensate for spring sag. Set front alignment to zero. Front tires are worn mostly in the middle and inner edge, outer edge tread is thicker. Trans shifts very nicely, clutch needs some break-in. Replaced rear main seal. 42.23
10/25/2010 250.7 5.998 3.339Finalized tuning octane/traction control. The car nearly spins in 3rd gear- the wheel tugs side to side a little! Lean burn is slightly richer now, and it drives a little smoother. 41.79
10/20/2010 234.3 6.006 3.339Drove the final leg of my vacation, then a few days of typical commuting. I did a few WOT pulls to test my SAFC settings. Fixed a glitch in the octane/traction control code so the car has normal timing in 3/4/5th gear. 39.01
10/16/2010 1369.3 33.03 3.335Vacation trip to Pomona, Anza-Borrego, Big Bear. All distances and fillups added together. Includes 3 gallons of [email protected] 2.499/Gal. Many long trips, hot weather neccesitated extra fan use and cooldown time at idle. Less hypermiling, higher speeds, final leg of 5 freeway was typically around 3k rpm. Fine tuned lean burn around 2500 to 3k rpms to be around 16.5 to 17.5 AFR's. 41.45
10/05/2010 254.7 6.371 3.139Regular driving, 58 to 65 mph, very little drafting, commute traffic regularly slows. 39.97
09/28/2010 245 6.371 3.139Secured front under covers, 38.45
09/24/2010 228.2 6.002 3.179Drove fast one day, otherwise normal. 38.02
09/19/2010 255.4 6.02 3.229Found out the 175Hz point in the maf comp table was unusually high, which explains the extra richness I was seeing. 42.42
09/14/2010 218.1 6.01 3.179Adjusted the chip, added 24Us deadtime and increased maf hz at 150 to 275, then leaned out the SAFC at 1k, 2k, 2500 rpm lo throttle. The actual AF ratio is more consistent with the eprom settings. 36.28
09/07/2010 751.4 17.801 3.169This is 2 fillups added together. One was a complete fillup with 11.7 gal, the other is 6 gal. I found cheap gas on the way to Sacramento, so I topped off. This tank would've been better if I hadn't tested some new stutterbox/ antilag settings and made a vid of the results. 42.21
08/26/2010 255.1 6.006 3.339typical commute habits, 2 hot days. 42.47
08/21/2010 804 19.064 3.199Two fillups added together. I found gas for 3.19 so I filled up, then added that tank to the next 6 gallon 'fillup'. Trip to Sacramento, drove a little faster. 42.17
08/05/2010 250.7 6.015 3.339Drove good except for a few WOT pulls while testing traction control code. 41.67
07/25/2010 229.4 6.004 3.339Tried to drive good, but I got lost once and wasted a bunch of gas. 38.20
07/19/2010 645.7 14 3.3393 small fillups added together, I drained some gas out of my Talon and put it in the Laser so actual gallons might be inaccurate. 46.12
06/28/2010 552.1 16.99 3.259This may be inaccurate due to 3 fillups and adding approx 1.5 gallons of gas from my other car. Last week I removed the front fender flaps and used hot glue to attach the front wheel fairings- it looks a lot cleaner now. Retuned for 22psi of boost @11.0 AFR. 32.49
06/13/2010 232.5 6.142 3.259Weather got hot, so does the engine. Heater blockoff seems to help. Still going WOT once every couple days, cruising around 60mph on the freeway, still hypermiling, installed a new muffler which is quieter. 37.85
06/08/2010 1121.2 27.191 3.16Added up 3 partial fillups with one complete fillup. Trip to Kings Canyon and back. Added more timing to mid load and mid rpm range. Reduced maf scalar to 95% and adjusted timing to match. Power feels nice! Ft tires down to 48psi. Installed heater hose blockoff valve, engine seems to warmup quicker. Just added weatherstripping to seal gaps around headlights, side marker lights with bumper and hood. 41.23
05/23/2010 265.7 6.251 3.199Trip to Fairfield and back. Drove at 60-65 out, 65-75 back. I realized I haven't tuned 3k rpm range to be efficient while in cruise/lean burn, so mileage was worse at high speeds. 42.50
05/20/2010 275 6.251 3.199I drove for FE this tank, did some drafting too. 43.99
05/12/2010 218.4 6.174 3.239did a few wot pulls, typically driving around 60-65mph. adjusted the fuel map to lean out load rows 9-11, added high flow fuel filter and fuel line, swapped L axle which saved a few pounds and fixed low rpm vibration. Installed modified steel top hats on front struts and lowered the car another 1/8". 35.37
05/06/2010 247.3 6.174 3.239Driving faster sometimes, the car is quieter around 60-65mph. Installed front coilovers, saved 12 pounds, reduced travel by 1/2" so I can't lower it any farther yet. 40.05
04/30/2010 361.1 6.012 3.339only put in 6 gallons this time. Added a little injector cleaner. 60.06
04/19/2010 239.2 8.638 3.299Oops, I added too much gas this time. 27.69
04/13/2010 225.7 6.01 3.299One day of heavy rain and wind. 37.55
04/08/2010 264 6.015 3.299Driving faster and tuning WOT to run leaner with less timing. Added more timing at low rpm/light throttle. 43.89
04/01/2010 263.3 6.003 3.299added a degree of timing to other areas in low load and low rpm- it feels good! 43.86
03/25/2010 393.7 9 3.299I got 3 gallons of free gas, so I re-tuned and drove faster. I added timing in several areas at mid throttle and load level 11, while removing timing at load level 12. It feels noticeably better and smoother. 43.74
03/15/2010 196.4 6.657 3.259added more gas because it's tiring to buy gas every 4 or 5 days. Added 8 psi to all 4 tires yesterday. 29.50
03/09/2010 218.2 4.999 3.259 43.64
03/01/2010 188.5 5 3.179Installed rear coilovers with 175# spring. Lowered ride height by 1.5 cm. Comfort, handling and coastdown speeds remain unchanged. 37.7
02/24/2010 536.1 5.002 3.139Misleading! I'm just adding 5 gallons on each 'fillup' for a few tanks to see if it helps mileage- less weight, higher back end? 5 gallons puts the gauge slightly higher than 1/4 tank. Retuned the eprom with leaner AF ratios at light throttle, added timing during lean cruise. Saved 30 pounds with an aluminum radiator, removed oil cooler, removed PS bracket, lightweight battery, replaced exhaust manifold and turbine housing. 107.1
02/09/2010 489.4 13.525 3.519Passed smog, E85 burned up quick, some gas wasted on tuning and short trips. 36.18
01/27/2010 393.5 10.321 2.889I mixed 2.2 gallons of E85 with 8.1 gallons of 87 octane in hopes of reducing emissions. I guess I didn't top off the last tank since mpg is much lower on this fillup. I changed the chip to level the maf comp table while adjusting the maf screw back to stock. Found and adjusted hot start code to reduce excess leanness with hot starts. It rained for 7 days with some wind. Installed Iridium plugs at .035" gap. It seems to run smoother. Did more short trips and slow driving while logging and tuning maf comp settings. 38.12
01/16/2010 596.3 13.962 3.159Got 1.3 gallons of used gas added to this tank. Ammount is approximate. Drove fast for 3 days. otherwise normal. Swapped in a stock FPR, retuned, had to remove fuel at low throttle/rpm, add fuel at WOT. AF ratio more consistant now. 42.70
12/29/2009 512.1 12.582 3.099A couple days of fast driving, one long drive in the country roads while hypermiling. 40.70
12/17/2009 547.2 12.782 2.999Tried hypermiling a little more: using more P+G during warmup and keeping track of the off time. Added some tape to cover gaps in the bumper. 42.81
12/05/2009 546.4 13.14 2.939Car was hard to start, so I swapped batteries and it got worse, then the starter went bad and left me stranded. Drove 4 days with little EOC for fear of not starting. Trip to Sacramento. Did some fast driving and some drafting. 41.58
11/24/2009 568.1 13.301 3.159Oil changed with 5/20. Still driving the same. Added another 24 square inches of grill block. 42.71
11/10/2009 536.4 12.936 3.099Tried to drive better on this tank. Tires at 48psi. I drained a little oil from the trans, weather is cooler-mid 60's. Added 4 ounces of fuel injector cleaner on tonights fillup. 41.46
10/27/2009 552.5 13.126 3.199The first half of this tank went very quickly. Two days of rain. I added another 4 psi to all 4 tires at half tank and added 1/2 bottle of injector cleaner to the tank. I had forgotten that it tends to help this car. 42.09
10/12/2009 554.3 12.916 3.199I tried to drive better on this tank, still not drafting very much. With 1/2 a tank left I added 4 psi to all 4 tires, now at 44psi. Swapped 16psi rad cap for a 13psi cap when I saw a small leak at lower rad hose. Added grill block 8" strip. 42.91
10/01/2009 497 12.101 3.359Installed new sticky tires on the rear at 40psi, underdrive pulley and new belt saves 3.5 pounds. Coastdown seems slightly worse. ECT's run a little cooler without the AC condenser. 41.07
09/18/2009 540.5 12.88 3.359Did more WOT tuning, FPR solenoid spikes to 21ish psi settles to 19. Hypermiled the last 1/4 tank aggressively to get the mileage up. New knock sensor, all new vac hoses, one hose was off, retuned to reduce EGR at cooler ECT, new clutch pedal pivot, sound damping RTV under hood and hatch. Removed dead AC condenser. 41.96
09/04/2009 536.4 12.766 3.259Did a few WOT pulls for tuning. Compression check is 155-160. Overheated once on a hot day, re-coded the ecu to throw a CEL when ECT goes over 221*F. Otherwise I'm still hypermiling like usual. 42.01
08/21/2009 526.9 12.248 3.159I tried to hypermile more this tank. Very few drafting opporitunities on my route. Using WOT occasionally. 43.01
08/06/2009 541 12.366 3.199Skipped one tank since I got about 8 gallons of free 100 octane from work. Rebuilt rear GR2 shocks with 10W suspension oil and added 50psi. Rides nice and firm. 43.74
07/03/2009 511.3 11.46 3.159Started commuting via Dumbarton bridge, cuts off about 7 miles. Still going home via 880/237 to avoid bridge toll. Removed rear coilovers due to discomfort. Tried to hypermile hardcore on this tank. 44.61
06/17/2009 563.4 13.209 3.189Still hypermiling regularly, very little drafting. I've been going WOT more often. Drove in the hills for fun 2x. Installed new/used GR2 front struts, AGX rear shocks with 250# springs, and installed new main and rod bearings. Oil changed with 10/30. 42.65
06/02/2009 562.9 12.789 3.049Gas prices going up. My driving habits are normalizing for the new commute route. Still hypermiling, 60-65mph freeway speed. 44.01
05/19/2009 593.1 13.253 2.719Still hypermiling while sometimes driving faster. Removed another panel under the tranny to help with cooling- it's getting warmer. Lowered front tire pressure by 3psi for traction and comfort. 44.75
04/29/2009 541.1 12.37 2.399Took a trip to Fairfield, drove fast on the way out, hypermiled on the way back. Commuting around 55-65 mph. Doing more wot driving and enjoying it. 43.74
04/22/2009 578.6 12.456 2.459Trip to Sacramento, new commute route, 4 days of 100* temps! Oil change 10/30W, removed one panel under oil pan/ downpipe to reduce overheating. 46.45
04/15/2009 546.3 11.732 2.419Did a few more short trips on this tank, and one trip to Fairfield while taking the long way back. 46.56
04/01/2009 589.5 12.507 2.359Removed 3 strips of duct tape covering grill for better cooling since it's getting warmer. Drafted a little more. 47.13
03/21/2009 585.2 12.835 2.259Found hot start temp thresholds, lowered IAT threshold from 140*F to 120*F and richened 133*F IAT point to reduce hot start stumble, no stumbling yet. Battery died when I left the fan on all day, no hypermiling on that trip home. Recharged and swapped batteries. TPS wires on the fritz for a day or more? A/F ratio surged rapidly around 15-17:1. 45.59
03/10/2009 362.1 7.515 2.259Didn't pursue hypermiling aggressively this tank. Took a trip to Sacramento and drafted trucks most of the way @55mph. Summer wind pattern has returned. Airtemps in the 50's-60's48.18
03/06/2009 599 12.875 2.359Another good tank! Lots of rain, wind. Drove slower, drafted a little more. Low speed lean burn and hot start working well. 46.52
02/22/2009 590.8 12.739 2.399Raised lean burn speed threshold to 29mph, richened 50 and 75Hz points, using 5th gear as low as 30mph- all 3 have almost cured hot start hesitation. Warmer weather, 3 days of rain+wind, driving a little slower, trying to coast a little longer. 46.37
02/12/2009 543.7 12.416 2.479Adjusted ecu to reduce excess leanness during hot starts, it still sputters. 43.79
01/31/2009 586.5 13.083 2.299Lowered lean burn speed to 27mph. Occasionally get light bucking at light throttle/hot engine. Otherwise it works nicely. Warmer weather, mid 60's.44.82
01/18/2009 575.3 12.696 2.259warmer weather, 60's. This tank had fuel system cleaner in it. Repaired hatch seal works well, no more exhaust smell, and vents pull in fresh air without using the fan. IAT and ECT up. 45.31
01/08/2009 536 12.36 2.199Tried to drive better this week, some drafting, still cold. Just before filling up I added 2 panels under engine and trans, bent exhaust up 1/2". 43.36
12/31/2008 575.3 12.696 2.259Warmer weather,60's45.31
12/24/2008 534.2 12.725 2.059Cold and rainy this week. Testing some code to eliminate fuel trim effect on lean burn A/F ratio. Hopefully this is the worst entry for the winter. Cut back on hypermiling a little to gain heat and used the defroster several times. Rebuilt starter. 41.98
12/10/2008 588 13.569 2.029Car is still very nice to drive. Drafted a little more this week, sometimes driving 65-70mph, mostly still at 58. 43.33
12/01/2008 558.8 13.253 2.239Oil changed with 0-20w, swapped front diff, lubed TOB, removed broken CC, AC, PS. Car drives so much better now! Tires down to 40/45psi for comfort and traction in the wet. 42.16
11/19/2008 316.3 7.494 2.059cheap gas! Drove faster to and from Sacramento. 42.20
11/14/2008 506.7 11.175 2.599cheap gas! Hypermile habits still going strong. 45.34
11/05/2008 615.1 14.045 3.099Swapped fuel pumps, Walbro 255hp is out, Denso 150lph in. Pump cut out a few times. This tank was going well, maybe a 47mpg tank, then at 1/4 remaining the pump left me stranded. For the last 1/4 I didn't do ANY eoc, and drove around 60-65mph. 3 days of rain. 43.79
10/11/2008 578.2 12.583 3.859Cost of gas is finally below $4! Typical driving, around 55-58mph, very little drafting, cooler weather, mixed winds, regular traffic slowdowns. I'm going to try leaner settings next tank and see if it makes any difference. 45.95
10/02/2008 635.2 13.699 4.099Added some injector cleaner, tried to drive for better FE, sometimes drove around 58mph on the freeway. Slightly cooler weather. 46.36
09/19/2008 586.6 12.636 4.139Odd tank, it started out really bad, then got better. I drove a little faster, burned our the front diff with a smoking 1-2 burnout, now it's probably welded. Doing Some Maintenance: changed plugs: BPR7ES @ .037, added more grill block with 3 strips of duct tape, checked tire pressure and added 5psi to bring it back up to 52psi, checked alignment and reduced toe-out by 2mm. Cooler weather. 46.42
09/06/2008 588 12.338 4.179Drove my Talon for a week, Laser sat unused. Still driving around 58mph. Hot weather. 47.65
08/21/2008 600.1 13.152 4.359Drove a little faster this tank, didn't try to hypermile as hard. Found out that lean burn looks at fuel trims. Raised mid/hi trim switchpoint beyond lean burn threshold. Wideband shows good control of A/F ratio! 45.62
08/09/2008 663.3 14.072 4.499Weather is still cool. Took a trip to Sacramento, drove slow out, drove faster back. 47.13
08/02/2008 552 12.006 4.579Did a little more tuning at WOT, lean burn, and stoich cruise. Driving a little faster, around 55-58. Weather still cool, 65* mornings, 75* evenings. 45.97
07/21/2008 656.5 13.51 4.679TunerPro RT is working in the ecu. Added one degree of timing in a few areas at low load/2k rpm, removed timing at hi load/all rpm, leaned out lean burn at light throttle, quicker hi load knock decay rate, leaned out the safc hi throttle settings by 2% and added 2 lbs more boost. Added a few WOT pulls on top of my typical driving style, cooler weather- a few days of misty fog. New T-stat warms up at the same speed but runs a little cooler. Changed the trans fluid with Redline MTL, light fill. Loosened parking brake. 48.59
07/11/2008 638.7 13.425 4.759I relaxed a bit on this tank. Tried to tune in leaner closed loop settings with no effect. New OEM thermostat, upper rad hose, 16psi cap back on. 47.57
07/01/2008 702.9 13.233 4.799Best tank! Best FE by far! I took 2 trips strictly for FE style driving: the route was hilly and remote, so I used P&G around 35mph. The rest of the time I was commuting via 280 freeway after work each day. Covered headlight gaps/slots with clear tape, taped up CAI on front bumper which altered the airflow signal slightly, so I retuned the eprom by leaning out maf comp table, leaned O2 switchpoint another #$02, simplified lean burn table, changed fuel increase/decrease values, leaned accell enrich, leaned decel enrich. Re-gapped plugs to .037". 53.11
06/23/2008 618.9 12.66 4.739I'm not sure if I topped off the tank in the same way as usual, so this tank may be very slightly optimistic. Heat wave: 2 hot days and 2 very hot days. Still have the fan sensor unplugged. ECT peaked at 226 once while drafting in a tailwind with 98* airtemp. Removed 16psi radiator cap and re-installed 13psi cap. Upper rad hose is bulging.48.88
06/13/2008 645.9 13.171 4.779BEST TANK! BEST FE! MOST EXPENSIVE GAS YET! ack! Learning to eoc earlier, very little drafting due to slower speeds on the freeway, trucks are going too fast. Leaned out the SAFC 2% at 2k rpm and 1% at 2500rpm. Two days of warmer weather. Drove an extra 20 miles to get to 645 today. Engine doesn't seem to burn oil anymore. Unplugged theradiator temp sensor so the fans don't come on, have been closely watching ect on the logger. Temps only seem to rise when slowing/stopping, eoc helps lower temps. ECT remains the same during steady freeway cruising as with the sensor plugged in. More grill block? 49.03
06/01/2008 584.2 12.412 4.439New best FE! Just barely beat the old record by .04mpg. And I even topped off the tank. Still trying to drive around 50-58 max since these prices are still quickly rising. $55 to fill the tank this time. Checked front end alignment when the car was hot, found it to be toed out by 1/4". Adjusted inward by 1/8". Will try to check before/after, hot vs. cold to see if it changes much. 47.06
05/22/2008 568.4 12.179 4.259Doing Some Maintenance: oil change with 5/20w, new timing belt, 233k miles on the odo. Took out some timing at 750 and 1k rpm/ hi load to reduce vibration. Saw some metal in the bottom of the oil pan. Added #02H to coil dwell time(128Us). Trying to stay around 50-55mph. 46.67
05/11/2008 598.2 12.73 4.099nothing new. 46.99
04/30/2008 611.2 13.47 4.199Wierd tank- didn't start off so good, then it kept getting better. Trying to stay around 55mph on the freeway. 45.37
04/21/2008 545.2 13.262 4.039Raced my car at the track. Best time was [email protected] with a 2.5 60' time. Tires were down to 40psi. Had a full tank of 91 octane, filled up just before leaving for the track. Retuned at the track for 20psi of boost. The gas station where I filled up stops the pumps at $49 even, so I swiped my card again and topped off until gas spilled out, so this tank looks a little worse since I squeezed in an extra .2 to .4 gallon. Unusually cool weather. 41.10
04/16/2008 571.4 12.192 4.019Drove slower this tank since gas went over $4. Typically at 52mph. Warmer weather, summer wind pattern is starting. 46.86
04/05/2008 540.6 12.168 3.919First tank with AEM wideband, cool gage. Adjusted ecu to lean out startup in cold temps, richened at max ect temp, richened the high airflow portion of 'reduces coldstartenr at hi grev', tweaked the timing map, adjusted lean burn fuel map to be richer at idle, lowered idle threshold, greater difference between low flow A/F ratio and hiflo A/F ratio, lowered speed on/off to 45mph (nice), lowered O2 switchpoint to .42v but didn't seem to make a difference. 44.42
03/27/2008 538.8 12.356 3.919Had a chance to draft a little more. Installed a wideband O2 sensor, used it one day so far. I found I typically cruise around 17.5 A/F ratio. There's room for improvement in several areas! 43.60
03/14/2008 524.4 12.443 3.759Commuted two days on 280, took a long drive down the coast and through the mountains. No changes. 42.14
03/03/2008 600 13.14 3.729Finished re-installing the mods after passing smog check. It's nice to get my FE back up! I also duct taped a few holes in the radiator support area, taped over the intercooler vent slots in the R wheel well, mounted the bumper and cover about 1/4" lower, moved the wheel fairings back 1/2" and added vertical flaps at the back edge of the wheelfairing, and taped 3 strips of duct tape over the oil cooler. Replaced heater and TB coolant hoses. Using more WaterWetter and a 16psi radiator cap. A little more drafting this tank, took 280 once. Installed the mods with 3/4 tank left. 45.66
02/22/2008 547.8 13.075 3.599typical week of commuting. 41.89
02/11/2008 555.5 13.392 3.299Car is still partially de-modded for smog check. Drove about 50 miles while tuning with no hypermiler techniques. Warmer weather, no rain. 41.47
02/03/2008 524.4 13.094 3.419more stormy weather + wind, removed some mods in preparation for smog check, drove faster two days. New BPR6ES plugs gapped to .032" seems to reduce light throttle stumbling. 40.04
01/24/2008 557.3 12.963 3.399Added one degree of timing at 2k rpm and load level 3. The motor seems to like it. Still have a lugging sensation when accellerating from a coast. Installed AGX's, drove about 15 miles in the twisties testing them. More traffic on the roads, slowing the commute. A few days of colder and rainy weather. 42.99
01/13/2008 563.4 12.351 3.639Installed a used Eagle LS tire and alloy wheel on RR, weighs 4 pounds less than the old steel wheel/tire. It has a T speed rating, pumped up to 50psi. Front tires at 50psi now. Warmer weather, 3 days of rain, commuted via 280 all week. Smoothed a few areas on the car; 3 plugs where antenna, rear wiper, and rear washer nozzle used to be, adjusted fuel door, caulking at windsheild top. 45.61
01/05/2008 409.2 9.586 3.399Cheap gas! Stormy + windy weather this week. 42.68
12/30/2007 551.5 12.452 3.479With 3/4 tank left I removed the PS belt, removed radio antenna, increased front tire pressure to 50psi, changed the chip to reduce cold idle and lean out cold enrichment in several areas around 48*F, and drained a couple ounces of tranny fluid. Commuted via 280 3x this week, drafted a little more. Typical winter weather: a little light rain, some wind, temps around 40 to 55. 44.29
12/21/2007 539.7 12.408 3.379I drove carefully all week, one trip out and back along the 280 freeway, drafted more. Upped tire pressure a couple psi, went up to 40psi in the old tire that's on the steel wheel. I forgot to reset the tripmeter when I filled up today, so add ten miles to next weeks tank. Added a bottle of injector cleaner along with the fillup. 43.49
12/14/2007 515.1 12.789 3.479RR tire went flat again, commuted home on 15psi. Swapped on a steel wheel with old tire at 35psi. Two days of rain, very cold. 40.27
12/03/2007 595.5 13.596 3.719Normal week, did some drafting, using eoc in town whenever possible, commuted one day via 280, two days of colder weather, one day of warm weather. 43.79
11/24/2007 544.7 12.661 3.739Another typical week, still using eoc frequently during warmup. Yesterday I changed the oil with 5w-20, installed the drivers side splashguard in the front wheel well. Engine temps stayed around 203-206 on the drive home today. Found a few new pieces of code that control isc step at startup, startup isc reduction timer, and timer threshold referenced by ect. Reduced them all to keep engine speeds lower, especially when cold. Made a few other changes to timing and fuel to reduce knock around 2-4krpm and mid load, seems to work. 43.02
11/11/2007 575.6 13.115 3.659Gas prices up due to oil spill in Bay. One day of rain, slightly warmer weather for the season. Regular driving, been doing more eoc during warmup. swapped in a larger coolant overflow bottle in hopes of preventing coolant loss. 43.88
11/01/2007 533.7 12.173 3.519Fixed the flat RR tire and installed it, raised pressure by about 5 psi to 45 all around. Replaced RF strut, no more clunking, adjusted alignment back to zero toe. Idle position switch wasn't working too good, did some troubleshooting with a multimeter and found it wasn't grounded very well. Added another ground wire directly to TB. Seems to work correctly today. 43.84
10/24/2007 612.6 13.124 3.659Another typical week, leaner settings might be working better. Weather has been slightly warmer. 46.67
10/22/2007 595.3 15.22 3.429 Incomplete fillup - I was in a hurry and stopped for gas at the slowest pump in the world, what luck! Only took in 2.1 gallons, didn't reset trip meter. Lotta fast driving prepping for LeMons, pre-race jitters. Closed throttle position switch was on the fritz, fixed it by readjusting it. About half the tank was hypermiled. 39.11
10/16/2007 474.1 11.753 3.289Lower mpg this time due to a screw in the R. rear tire lowered pressure to 15psi, drove on it for at least one day like that. Replaced it with a heavy steel wheel with an old (made in 1999) tire on it, rated at 35psi max. Two new tires in the front, max pressure is 44, using 42. Circumference is only one inch more than the old, extremely worn tires. Two trips to Vacaville, drove faster, went through plenty of rush hour traffic. 40.33
10/13/2007 524.7 12.754 3.359Fast trip to Vacaville and back. Went through stopped traffic in downtown SF. One day of rain. Got lost in Hayward and drove fast. Otherwise, I drove normally. 41.14
10/07/2007 542.3 12.484 3.319Trip to Vacaville+back. Cooler weather this week. Lowered idle speed at low ECT, lowered cutoff threshold at low ECT, added one degree of timing at low load/48*ECT. Raised tire pressure by 5psi on all 4. Some misfiring at light throttle =time to change plugs? 43.43
10/01/2007 621.2 13.677 3.279Tried to draft more often this week. New underbody panels still holding up. Coasting down regular hills is definately a couple mph faster. Lost disclipline a few times and used too much gas. 45.41
09/22/2007 595.6 12.929 3.279Installed underbody panel between rear axle and rear bumper. Coasting down hill seems to be about 2mph faster. Hz count at steady cruise is lower, may be due to cooler weather. One day of rain, did a little more drafting than usual, seems easier to maintain speed. 3 commuting days with new underbody panels. 46.06
09/11/2007 505.9 10.871 2.949Drafted more often this week. LED running lights were installed two days ago. I'm starting to commute home in the dark now. Trip out to Vacaville. Long trips seem unusually good for FE. Maybe I'm wasting too much gas during warmup? 46.53
09/07/2007 517.6 11.577 3.159wow 44mpg! I didn't expect this tank to be so good. I drove faster coming home from Vacaville last week. Followed the same typical driving habits while commuting. Tweaked the ecu; leaned out lean burn at all airflow levels, lowered the O2 switchpoint by another .02v, lowered the temp threshold between closed loop/warmup mode and closed loop/fully warm. Added one degree of timing at 2500rpm/ load level 2. Fixed a leaky coolant overflow bottle. 44.70
08/29/2007 545.4 12.107 2.899Another good tank. Trip to Vacaville again, very hot weather this time. Commuted on 101 all week. No changes to driving, maybe I'm getting better at it? Still tuft testing. 45.04
08/22/2007 625 13.291 2.859New best tank and best FE! Drove carefully all week, commuted via 280 each day, added caulking to a few places on the underbody panels to reduce vibration and noise, added fairing to leading edge of rear suspension. Drove to Vacaville and a little beyond. Weather was warmer for the past 3-4 days. Started tuft testing. Only 13.2 gallons, I could've squeezed another 20 miles out of this tank easily. If I pushed it to 14.5 gallons used that would have been 681 miles! 47.02
08/15/2007 440 10.269 2.959One day of driving in a traffic jam in downtown SF on friday night. sucked. One trip out to Vacaville where I filled up on cheap gas. Two days of commuting via the 280 freeway to get FE back up. 42.84
08/09/2007 555.4 12.801 3.359Trip back from Vacaville-drove faster, maybe 65 to 70. ECU changed to lean out light throttle lean burn settings, added one degree of timing at 2k rpm/2nd load row, car seems to hold speed nicely at 110 to 120Hz of airflow. Reduced O2 switchpoint another .02V to .44. Commuted one day on the 280 freeway. New TPS went in yesterday, readings are solid. 43.38
07/31/2007 383.7 8.555 3.079Cheap gas! I went to Vacaville, gas is cheap out there. Did more drafting this week. VSS is working again, TPS on the fritz for the first few miles of each trip, made some small changes to the chip. 44.85
07/26/2007 519.4 12.051 3.439Reset toe from 3/8" in to zero. Car seems to coast better now. Fixed tps by moving plug, works much better. Speed sensor went out, no lean burn all week. Typical maf Hz with lean burn was 135-140, without lean burn 110-120. Changed chip to richen lean burn settings, leaned O2 switchpoint, reduced timing at low rpm/high load to reduce lugging. Seems to work. Using Ostrich, 512 chips don't load right. 43.10
07/15/2007 547.2 12.419 3.519TPS sensor got erratic one day. Commuted one day on 280, used eoc more, tried to drive more carefully. 44.06
07/07/2007 525.4 12.575 3.459Did some spirited driving, very little drafting, otherwise a typical commute week. 41.78
06/25/2007 577.6 13.001 3.559Another typical week, some drafting, speeds around 55-60, more traffic jams this week, summer wind pattern holding strong. 44.42
06/16/2007 585 13.367 3.559Standard commute route. Drove a little slower, 58mph vs. 62. Several days were very hot, typical summer wind pattern. oil changed this week. 43.76
06/07/2007 539.7 12.558 3.639I'm not sure how I still keep getting good mileage. Maybe it's because the Laser is overdue for an oilchange and new front tires? No changes this week. Same old commute. 42.97
05/28/2007 557.3 13.088 3.659Another good tank. Typical driving techniques with some EOC, some neutral coasting, a little drafting, speeds mostly around 60mph. No changes to ecu code, working fine. 42.58
05/19/2007 604.2 13.705 3.699Record tank! New multi stage lean burn in use. Took 280 home 3x this week. Very little drafting. Windy weather, mostly favorable. 44.08
05/07/2007 537.3 12.92 3.699Using multi-stage lean burn now that it can truely be lean. Commuted via 101 every day. Unsettled weather, some rain. 41.58
04/27/2007 558.7 12.857 3.639Trip to Santa Rosa, some drafting, two days with the new lean burn settings (lowered thresholds for 'use max of x or y') car stalls again when coasting. I did not expect to get such good mileage this time. 43.45
04/19/2007 577.6 14.743 3.559Raced at Infineon, best was [email protected], approx 20mph headwind. Added 2.5 gallons of 100 octane unleaded. Swapped front tires from the Talon, still didn't help, best 60' time was 2.40 Freeway driving was done at a slightly faster pace up to 70mph. 39.17
04/13/2007 576.1 13.508 3.579Drove more normal this week. Trip to Santa Rosa, trip to Infineon, didn't race. New flex section. Commuted on 101 every day. Still P+G'ing and eoc at the regular places. 42.64
04/07/2007 536.2 11.8 3.459New route is working nicely! Last weeks fillup was not a fluke. Now I'm taking the 280 freeway home so I can P+G the whole way. Uphill @55mph, eoc downhill, repeat. Found and corrected a few errors in the eprom, no more stalling, leaner during warmup. 45.44
03/26/2007 526.4 11.821 3.399This may not be a new best tank; I filled up at a new place which may have been tilted. Gas coughed out when I topped off, indicating some air inside. Watch next tank to see if the average drops back down. This week I drove the same as last week, tried to P+G as much as possible. Maybe I'm getting better at it. 44.53
03/21/2007 494.4 11.617 3.439Another best mpg! Using P+G almost all the time, pursuing draft opporitunities. Warm weather- 60's+70's. Long trip to Santa Rosa. 42.55
03/15/2007 520.2 12.426 3.419Getting more aggressive with p+g. temps up around 60's and 70's. new best mpg! 41.86
03/04/2007 509.7 12.289 3.159 did more drafting, warmer weather, cruising around 55-65mph. Did more P+G with 5 to 10 mph drop. not using 5th until 35mph or more, depending on load. 41.47
02/22/2007 508.6 13.129 3.019status quo. Part of this tank was used driving back from Sacramento. Used more pulse-n-glide while commuting. Need more practice. Front tires are wearing thin. 38.73
02/14/2007 679.2 17.461 2.853This is not a record tank! I just added 5 gallons to the tank without resetting the tripmeter. Then when I filled the tank I took the total mileage. Trip to Santa Rosa and Sacramento. Started pulse+gliding on hills. MPG logger in use. Leaned out lean burn an extra 2%. Car did not run well at the track-best of 14.1 @ 106mph, wierd vibration in 4th gear. Forgot to top off oil. 38.89
02/08/2007 474.7 13.286 2.899Anti-experiment. I drove more normal this week. I tried to lower the lean burn threshold to 45mph, but messed it up, so I spent one day without lean burn. Speeds mostly around 55 to 70 mph. Did not use SAFC to lean out during cruise. Engine power and response felt nice this way. First day with FELogger!35.72
01/29/2007 600.2 14.517 2.679600 miles! Fuel pump was squeeking/seizing, ack! Very little drafting, speeds mostly at 55 to 60 mph. 41.34
01/18/2007 514.6 13.471 2.859Very cold weather. Completed underbody panels at front corners and around gas tank. ACT flywheel went in yesterday, saved 6 pounds, has no vanes. There seems to be a dead spot in power vs. Fe around 63 mph. 38.20
01/05/2007 554.6 13.903 2.879trip to Santa Rosa, added front underbody panels and one right-rear panel at mile 400. still shifting to 5th earlier, doing more eoc. 39.89
12/30/2006 520.2 13.421 2.839lowered the temp between open/closed loop, leaned out startup enrichment, added front wheel fairings, shifting into 5th gear around 35mph. Holiday traffic, one day of rain, generally uncooperative weather. 38.76
12/18/2006 473.1 12.566 2.759Colder weather, very little drafting, ~20 mile backroads jaunt, and some WOT passing on the freeway. Still using good driving habits. 37.64
12/10/2006 451.7 11.642 2.659two days of rain, very little drafting. modded ecu with .46v o2 switchover. popup headlight mod working well. typically cruising the freeways around 55-65mph. 38.79
12/02/2006 506.4 13.058 2.659Did the chicklet mod to the popup headlights. More eprom tuning: closed loop O2 switchpoint lowered to .46, added some fuel back to the hot start choke, decreased dashpot to .3 Weather was clear and cold. 38.78
11/24/2006 473.2 12.537 2.2659More ecu changes; upped egr and dashpot. Lowered the following: idle, idle cutoff, cold start enrichment, O2 switchpoint, cold start timer, enrichment at hot start, and? Freeway driving averaged around 55 to 65 mph. 37.74
11/16/2006 512.5 13.324 2.639same old driving style; mostly slow, some 65mph, two long traffic jams. 38.46
11/11/2006 472.4 12.489 2.579some drafting, did more regular driving around 65mph. EOC is becoming a regular habit. 37.82
11/02/2006 401.7 11.619 2.499Raced at the track. Got in 5 runs, best was 13.7 @109.2 mph, no changes for track use-tires at 45psi, 1/4 tank of 91 octane. Also did some WOT tuning runs to prepare. New T-stat runs at 203-206F.34.57
10/23/2006 571.4 13.727 2.61941.62MPG! Drove slow and consistent, some drafting, some EOC, tires at 48F, 44R, sticking thermostat(slow warmup and 203 F cruise temps), modified 4 stage lean burn code. 41.62
10/13/2006 469 12.877 2.699was late a few days and drove 70~75. Added the new staged lean burn code to my chip and tested it. 36.42
10/04/2006 435 11.82 2.75tires pumped up to 48 ft, 44 rear, one day of rain. drove carefully36.80
06/29/2006 503.9 12.888 3.21939.09 miles per gallon from this tank of gas. I traveled 503.9 miles and it took 12.888 gallons to re-fill it. 39.09

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