Gaslog data for 2009 Dodge Journey SE

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Gaslog data for 2009 Dodge Journey SE
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
08/26/2008 261.3 10.868 3.499Seems to be getting better.24.04
08/24/2008 322.5 14.47 2.99Getting a little better. I changed the oil at 1000miles. There was a lot of freeway driving on this tank. This gas mileage is pretty bad for a 4cyl. 22.28
08/20/2008 261.9 11.986 3.699Very Consistant21.85
08/10/2008 263.5 12.185 2.991st use of the 2.99 gas card lol. Still under 800 miles on the car but the mileage is getting better.21.62
07/30/2008 198 9.5 3.859This gas mileage sucks!!! Lot of short trips though about 2 miles round trip.20.84
07/20/2008 264 12.68 3.959New engine not broken in yet. I think it did ok.20.82

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