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Gaslog data for Old Reliable
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
08/12/2007 355.8 3.313 2.99Had warmer days and less wind for my trips this tank. Drove somewhat slower, especially on upgrade returns. SG tank avg. 35 MPH.107.3
07/01/2007 330.6 3.24 3.26I've been on strike since gas prices went over $3.50. Started my trips before 6 A.M. to avoid the winds that come by 7:30. Also lighter traffic. Still chilly mornings so I use my engine compartment insulation in the morning and remove for my return in the warmer afternoons. Alternator switched off all trips. Have left a battery at my shop to switch there instead of carrying a spare.102.0
05/20/2007 316.1 3.23 3.359GasMisers5 may need this short fill today. Had [email protected] miles but drove the last 41 miles in rain, last 7 of that in mud. Had alternator off. Disconnected knock sensor to allow more ignition timing.97.86
05/16/2007 755.6 8.499 3.359First tank with gear change. Have constantly used engine and trans heaters this tank. Morning temps have been 25-40 degrees. I keep plugging on aero tweaks.88.90
04/04/2007 541 7.34 2.699Only filled for FE team competition rules. Might have made it 900 miles otherwise. Been working hard on improving cold starts and first part of trips. Both front wheel skirts on now.73.70
02/19/2007 803 12.483 2.299Car has sat in the snow for a good part of the last 90 days. Finally got a few decent days last week, still snowy but dry highways. I have driven the last 170 miles with a spare two gallon can of gas in the trunk hoping to make 800 miles. Made it with the biggest fill I have ever had. I had done some work on a new partial front underpan extended furthur back to replace ragged cardboard that was falling apart. On the coasting tests done recently went farther than ever before. 64.32
11/21/2006 736 10.417 2.329Still changing my driving. Tried creeping, crawling, 50, 60, 70, 80+MPH, P&G, P&B, EOC, AUH, trying to find the tools that suit my car. Had (6) 100-117 MPG runs this tank. Most were in sub-freezing weather. One front fender skirt on now.70.65
11/17/2006 526 8.477 0New best tank MPG. Installed injector shut-off switch about a week ago. Works great. New 195 thermostat, new battery. I had a 103 MPG run and a 101 MPG run on this tank.62.05
11/11/2006 394 7.717 0Went 75 miles to Denver today to look for parts to add an injector shut-off to my ignition kill switch. Wanted one switch to do both jobs. Finally found what I needed after going to six places. It didn't help my FE any by running around in town half a day. Thanks to diamondlarry for the clues on injector shut-off. Damn, it's getting cold.51.05
11/09/2006 526 9.455 0Looking like winter here in Colorado. Discovered a very low rear tire today. Had to scrape away the snow to get it off for repair.55.63
11/04/2006 409 6.689 0My best ever tank. Have had summery weather again for a couple days. Got my ignition kill switch installed a few days ago. Thanks to MetroMPG for the help. What a difference.61.14
11/02/2006 530 10.181 0My biggest fill for a while but not best FE. I forgot to mention my wheel discs on my previous gas log entry. I got them the same day I got my Scangauge.52.05
10/30/2006 391 6.619 0Replaced cardboard with Home Depot plastic wall sheeting.59.07
10/24/2006 389 6.497 0My first tank with ScanGauge II. Made a new driver of me.59.87
10/22/2006 416 8.67 0New cardboard but snow and rain wet it up before use.47.98
10/12/2006 333 7.07 0Rainy and colder. My cardboard falling apart.47.10
10/06/2006 482 9.48 0Rain50.84
10/03/2006 442 8.66 0Some rain and wind51.03
09/27/2006 271 5.027 2.699First fill of 50+ mpg. First run with temporary cardboard fender skirts and front end cover. Filled at same pump used for previous fill. Filled till gas ran out filler neck.53.90

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