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Gaslog data for The Buick
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
06/28/2011 91.15 5.179 3.399Highway from Baraga to Houghton, MI, the rest is city driving.17.59
06/18/2011 307.35 9.18 3.469From Gaylord, MI to Baraga, MI. 70/71 mph for approximately 66 miles, the rest is driving 55/56mph. Car was visibly loaded down from "luggage" weight (rear end was sagging).33.48
06/18/2011 200.1 6.466 3.899~178 miles highway. The rest was city driving. Half of that was city driving with air conditioner on. At least 90% of the highway mileage was with air conditioner on. Car was visibly loaded down from "luggage" weight (rear end was sagging).30.94
06/14/2011 385.7 13.246 3.659Cedar Point trip ... DeWitt, MI to Ann Arbor, MI to Temperance, MI (picking people up) to Cedar Point, and the same coming back. AC was on nearly the entire trip down, which included several miles of in-city driving with AC on. Car was loaded down w/ people, was driving the speed limits (70 in Michigan, 65-70 in Ohio-following flow of traffic speeds)29.11
06/13/2011 195.85 9.008 3.699Lansing, MI to Marshall, MI back to Lansing, MI and to DeWitt, MI... a bunch if in-city driving with AC on as well as highway driving. Wasn't trying to conserve gas at all.21.74
06/08/2011 187.7 6.551 3.839From Gaylord, MI to Lansing, MI. All highway at ~70mph. AC was OFF for majority of this leg.28.65
06/08/2011 303 9.279 4.119From Baraga to Gaylord, MI. ~70mph for 66 miles, the rest was 55mph. AC was on. Fuel was "Ethanol Free". This marks the START of Fitch Fuel Catalyst testing - this gas mileage and those after are with the FFC installed.32.65
06/08/2011 216.4 11.729 3.629Mostly city, except for drive to Baraga to get gas (start of trip downstate)18.44
05/24/2011 158.5 8.112 3.689Mostly city, some 55mph highway.19.53
05/10/2011 194.1 11.347 3.979City, before Fitch F.C.17.10
08/02/2009 221.5 7.769 2.579From Pendleton, IN to Lansing, MI. This entire Road Trip, there were two people in the car, the trunk was packed completely full, and the back seat of the car was piled up to the top of the seats with stuff. So, I think that's why I got less than 30mpg most of the trip.28.51
08/02/2009 421.3 13.95 2.489From Columbia, MO to Pendleton, IN. Stopped in Lake St Louis, MO for two nights and didn't drive.30.20
07/31/2009 370.4 12.42 2.299From Russell, KS to Columbia, MO29.82
07/31/2009 200.9 7.085 2.489From Cheyenne Wells, CO to Russell, KS28.35
07/31/2009 283.85 7.468 2.799From Mosca, CO to Cheyenne Wells, CO (Highway/mountains)38.00
07/30/2009 357.85 12.8 2.89Driving from Loveland, CO to Mosca, CO (thru mountains on highway)27.95
07/26/2009 233.25 7.774 2.299Driving in/around Rockies in CO30.00
07/25/2009 264.65 9.138 2.649Driving in/around the Rockies in Colorado28.96
07/25/2009 214.05 8.488 2.469Driving in Colorado around Loveland...and thru the Rockies25.21
07/23/2009 292.05 10.475 2.769From Lusk, WY to Estes Park, CO27.88
07/22/2009 243.3 8.929 2.699From Hill City, SD to Lusk, WY (with some city/mountain driving)27.24
07/21/2009 309.5 12.456 2.359From Plankinton, SD to Hill City, SD (with city & mountain driving)24.84
07/20/2009 209.1 7.2 2.429From Fairmont, MN to Plankinton, SD29.04
07/20/2009 351 12.14 2.389From LeClaire, IA to Fairmont, MN28.91
07/20/2009 373.4 10.644 2.399From Lansing, MI to LeClaire, IA35.08

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