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Gaslog data for kadettski
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
04/11/2008 292.044 8.17612 1.404return trip from the ardenes + one week home work commute35.71
04/05/2008 203.188 5.42609 1.444trip to the ardenes... lots of highway with the trunk and backseat full of junk followed by dragging the car around the mountains in second gear... possible fill up error so the next tank might compensate for this one37.44
03/31/2008 196.353 5.70876 1.372rear flaps removed (fell off)34.39
03/21/2008 213.13 5.98878 1.353rear wheel flaps 98 ron 35.58
03/13/2008 290.18 8.22368 1.38495 ron octane as opposed to the usual 98 smooth hubcaps on, some eoc; rear wheel deflectors near the end of the tank lots of wind35.28
03/03/2008 277.753 7.94894 1.394
  • installed smooth hubcaps
  • filled up with 95 ron oct fuel this tank (usually 98) so well see how that affect the milage
02/21/2008 63.3799 1.47672 1.401early fillup due to yet another price increase :(
tank error might show a slightly optimistic figure, but it seems eoc, wheelfairings and carb tune up are paying off
02/19/2008 303.229 8.70447 1.401wheel deflectors still on
more carb finetuneing = long ideling time :(
colder exterior temps
quite some EOC
02/10/2008 295.773 8.51691 1.368carb adjustment new air deflectors installed (version 1, since replaced) good weather during the day, but cold starts in the morning34.72
01/31/2008 94.4484 2.93231 1.368vacuum hose came drove like crap and obviously used much more fuel. early fillup to see if the problems fixed32.20
01/24/2008 307.579 8.38482 1.368
  • quite some eoc
  • very small slot cut in grill block 10x5cm or so, to get slightly better engine cooling
  • kind exterior temp's for the time of the year
im planning to add airdam fairing to guide the undercar air over the enging rather than right onto it.
01/14/2008 315.657 8.60937 14.389

noticed the right front tire was down on pressure a bit... handiling was feeling a bit off... gave all the tires a bit more wind inside.

temps going up again... hurray for global warming :/.... winter grilblock is getting a bit to much, i might cut some slots in it... maybe start workiung of a remote adjust system.

01/03/2008 170.877 4.96643 1.402another price increase price will go up to 1,50? for a liter.... time to get my water injection started34.40
12/26/2007 300.122 9.43358 1.402had a broken battery halfway trough this tank + some real cold weather better luck next year31.81
12/14/2007 236.121 6.86055 1.365it's really cold now34.41
12/06/2007 292.666 8.18933 1.365just passed 100000km on the odometer... not bad for being 20 years on the road!
not to happy with the FE although it's not the worsed tank i've had lately... i blame the weather
11/27/2007 116.196 3.37084 1.387shortened flaps in front of wheels, full internal grillblock34.47
11/20/2007 287.695 8.29236 1.386experimented with new front wheel fairings... no impressive resurts... adjusted design but i don't think it does much
i get the feeling the car pulls to the right slightly... need to have the alignment checked bad milage, but consistent with period with a similar temperature.
11/07/2007 233.636 6.55675 1.39fuel prices goin gup yet again... two price increases on what should have been a single tank, but since i was halfway i filled up anyway. i need to get my aeromods on the road cause they're costing me money not being done.35.63
10/31/2007 110.604 2.91646 1.359partial internal card grillblock. working on an underbody fairing and wheel tabs early fillup due to insane price increase yet again... gas is gas, so even 11L slightly cheaper is some money saved37.92
10/28/2007 328.705 9.19847 1.359first real tank after accident repairs.... after the accident the tank was drained and some fuel transfered to another vehecle.. therefore i didn't have any reliable fe info on that tank. the car was returned to full stock configuration and the carb got tuned to reduce emissions for inspection. i'm curently working on a few extensive aerodynamic fairings and already have a preliminary grillblock installed.... hopefully the reinstallation of all these goodys will cure this horrible milage. however as the temperature has droped it's consistent with previous winder readings...35.73
09/20/2007 238.607 6.01256 1.299ususal drinving, with a partial grillblock and a air intake extention for 1/7 of this thank extention has been removed again. easlt fillup due to gas price increase39.68
09/13/2007 354.803 8.97128 1.299
  • a little eoc
  • colder weather
08/29/2007 347.346 8.71504 1.312
  • start button working near the end of the tank... a few short EOC's
  • a lot of leftover acetone in this tank... i think i can conclude it's not really working for me
  • still no new grillblock... though i hope to have something there again by the end of this tank
08/17/2007 193.868 5.10909 1.302i ran into a gassavers nightmare on this trip! a fuel leak!!! somehow a fuelline that i believe had been replaced less than 2 years ago developed a leak. i had been noticing a vague fuel smell for a couple of days, but couldn't find the leak. on top of that they gave me the wrong size replacement tube at the store so i'd have to go back to exchange it. this tank was an early fillup becauseprices increased the next day... seems like any savings made there where pretty much lost. anyway, on to a better REAL result37.94
08/07/2007 386.493 9.47321 1.348
  • no grillblock
  • over inflated tires
07/23/2007 370.337 9.33848 1.348finally had the steering aligned again so my driving got a bit more confident. the most notable mod i did was ad a plastic bit from a vacuum cleaner to the air intake so that it now draws air near a seem where i assume cold air gets in, sort of a CAI improvements? i don't know, not much from an FE perspective but it wasn't on from the beginning. right after a fitter id the car seemed a little less responsive to the throttle but overall i seem to require less throttle especially at high speed. also i seem to have to shift faster, so it could be i've got more power at low revs... all in all the car feels very eager these days... FE however is not going the wat i want it...i'll have to try some more things.... i plan to build a engine kill/restart switch soon, so that might open new prespectives.39.65
07/09/2007 377.794 9.63964 1.347

again a slight drop and painfully below my 40 mpg target :( ... the wheather hasn't been all that good, bit of rain, but i'm not sure that explains it. both my girlfriend and my dad drove the car this week.

after this fuel up i renewed breakpads and break fluid, and relubricated the wheel bearings as well... the left rear one was not much lubricated anymore and the bearing will be replaced soon. i will chech tire preassure soon and the stearing is due to be realigned as well... engine runs really well but perhaps a bit rich.

i'm not sure where to take it from now... i'd like to try more aeromods, but legally i can't take these to far, so nothing too extraordinary

06/29/2007 239.849 5.97557 1.356still haven't gotten the car to the garage for a full checkup
early fillup due to announced gass price increase.
06/22/2007 294.53 7.30964 1.34added a little acetone to cure engine noise it seems to be running a little rich, will give the car a complete tune up later no eoc front wheel deflectors still on40.29
06/13/2007 356.667 8.74409 1.34no more EOC just put the car out of gear sometimes and let it coaste while idling. installed some air deflectors in front of the front wheels halfway trough this tank40.78
06/03/2007 413.833 10.0148 1.379this was damn near the last log entrly for kadettski... last friday after losing all break power due to eoc and my foot slipping of the pedal on top of that, at a T section with someone slamming the breaks in front of me after some fancy stearing. kadettski jumped over a 3 foot conrete ditch and came to test in a field. appart from a bent front beam it miraculasly survived the stunt. i'll have to have the stearing checked becouse i think it's a little out of alighnenet but otherwise it runs fine. the bent beam has been staightened (as well as it would) so other than a tiny crack in the bumper nothing can be seen of the incident. thank god however i didn't hit any other cars people or solid objects for i wouldn't have gotten away so easily. finally when coming home from my last fill up when calculating my distance traveled it came to 666 km. i find that somewhat spooky.41.32
05/21/2007 146.644 3.31008 1.182
  • return trip from luxembourg+1 day home work round trip
  • second fill up in two days since fuel prices will go up yet again tomorrow (running my car on beer would be cheaper right now)
  • most of it highway driving
  • and since luxembourg is higher than belgium the whole trip was going slightly downhill (some pieces of highway allowed me to take the car out of gear and still maintain speed.... 75mph with only 4 gears get's a little noisy... especially uphill while overtaking ;) )
  • (possible error in results due to different fuel pumps and early fill up)
  • no acetone refill
05/20/2007 254.141 6.51184 1.331extenden weekend to luxemburg
  • 110miles to get there a lot of if highway
  • steadily climbing (i fueled up there so the results of the return trip might show up later... wich should be more downhill overall)
  • there was about 10cL of acetone in the tank before i left (tank is rated 42 L)

i'm surprised to see that dragging the car up hills doesn't have a bigger impact on FE
05/14/2007 349.211 8.89203 1.331
  • bad weather
  • lost a few turbulator cones
  • acetone
05/02/2007 131.109 3.38669 1.316extra turbulator cones, mud flap removal, good weather, no acetone refill (but still a lot in the tank.... 7cl added when full.) early fill up due to prices going up again tomorrow :[38.71
04/25/2007 337.405 8.70711 1.316added 3 cl of acetone to an almost full tank. engine ran a little smoother, better startup. temperature was quite high around 25 - 29?C added two extra turbulators near the end of the tank38.75
04/16/2007 98.1767 2.89797 1.309

very early fill up

tomorrow already high fuel prices will go up once more and i wonder if they'll over come down again so i'll get some less expensive fuel while i can.

my FE seems to be back at it's baseline. i haven't been able to do a lot eoc yet so i suppose the effects of it are still marginal. also since i use the tank fill up method early fill ups will give much more weight to fill up differences.

i was tempted not to enter this one, but who would i be cheating in the end.

i've also finally installed some front wheel fairings wich will need refining, and on first impression might NOT be working well, but we'll see

04/13/2007 267.19 6.86319 1.298

outside temperature is going up.

fuel magnet in place (apparently it's not hurting FE). accidently mixed 2L of 95 octane fuel to 39.29L of 98 (started filling up at the wrong pump).

wich should result in a 97.845 octane blend.... car ran fine, so i'm wondering if i can't mix in 95 more often as it's a bit cheaper althoug the difference of this blend is perhaps neglectable.

i also practiced faster accelleration quicer downshift and taking the car out of gear when EOffC was inappropriate

filled up at the same station as before again... a bit cheaper and apparently no big quality difference (like i thought before)

lastly two days ago part of my original route to work has been reopened after roadworks. concrete has been repaced with very smooth looking asphalt and speed has been decreased from 90km/h to 70km/h.

this saves me a considderable detour and allows for more constant driving during engine warmup

04/05/2007 315.035 8.65692 1.277

Inflated the front tires a little extra.

changed the oil
added a broken hard disk magnet over the fuel line, just for the fun of it
the weather is improving.

the sum of all this resulted in smoother opperation quicker warmup, and littel more power.

while filling up for the next week at a different station for the next trip i accidently stoped at teh wrong pump and got 2L of 95 in stead of 98... shouldn't make a big difference in the mix but it might impact my next result

03/26/2007 309.443 8.86297 1.253little worse than i expected, but this result probably compensates for the previous suspected partial fillup. also my tragectory is still plagues buy roadworks... this week i was faces with loads of obstacles making for a lot of stop and go. i've changed my route again so i hope the next tank will be a littel better. 34.91
03/15/2007 301.986 8.33727 1.279good weather. tank may have not filled up completely at the pump so FE might be a little worse but still good. engine on/off switch unit "under development" turbulators are still on, don't know if they do any good... i might relocate them...they dont seem to interfere with me getting better mileage so for now i'll leave them omn36.22
03/03/2007 312.55 8.76259 1.263installed turbulators. they may need relocationg againg as i can't feel any difference. further testing is needed did less EOC than last month but improved my bumpstart technique. before doing a bumpstart i floor the gas pedal, this preps the automatic choke. than i take my foot of the pedal and release the clutch. this has the advantage i can bumpstart when coasting to a stop while breaking. next i plan to add front wheel air deflectors.35.66
02/22/2007 318.142 8.58031 1.222lots of EOC. after a dissapointing last tank i fully intended to compensate for my loss. previously i only used EOC when i was almost home to see if my car wouldn't explode or something, but this tank i used it extensively wherever it was safly possible. i'm considdering making an engine on/of switch (stopping the engine with the kea also disabels my breaklights for a moment wich makes it next to impossible to safely shut of the engine when comming to a stop with traffic behind) next i plan to install engine on/of switch(es) and finally try to make some usable front wheel fairings.37.07
02/12/2007 288.938 9.06903 1.222painfull results :( might be caused by a combination of factors... the wheather hasn't been too good, and after feeling some stability problems i noticed my right front tire was down to 1.5kg pressure (normal pressure is around 2kg) now they're both up to 2.2kg and the car is definatly coasting better... hopefully that might offset these terrible results... wich are especially painfull now gass prises have gone up again :( maybe it's also time to have my Co checked and my carb adjusted. on to a better tank31.85
02/02/2007 298.88 8.84184 1.177a little more EOC33.80
01/23/2007 243.578 7.2409 1.199switched of engine at stoplights and tried some EOC techniques i considder making an engine on/off switch to fasilitate this 33.63
01/15/2007 244.82 7.21454 1.231another week's driving results... quite some driving off the regular home-work route... and some in bad weather. id expected my FE to be slightly worse because of some nervouse driving. but so far things look pretty much stable. i hope to get my CO tweaked soon (car's running just fine, but perhaps it could be better) other than that i plan to look for some aerotwin wipers and finally finish my bumper fairing i expect there's about 10L left in the tank from my previous fill up see if that makes a difference somehow....33.93
01/08/2007 292.044 8.75466 1.231first result of my 2007 gasslog. i'm hoping to see what effects the carburator repair had on my FE and to establish a baseline to measure possible gains agains. with 7.0 L/100km im a little bit above my annual average for last year, but it's the value i'd expect from this cold weather, a little lower actually. my aim is to keep it below 7L/100km . and preferably around 5L/100km wich would be quite an improvement and might be realistic without totally gutting the car. most of the distance was home/work traffic semi urban, not to many stops , but max speed is 90km/h for a short distance and most is traveled around 50 - 60 km/h. average speed must be somewhere around 44 km/h or so. most of distance is gentely sloping up/downward most of the distance is traveled alone, but this week there where a few trips with more people on board. fuel used is measured by filling up completely. i generally fuel up at the same pump. next steps are some modest aero mods from wich i don't expect much shocking and tuning the engine... although it runs pretty well as it is so i don't expect to much gains there.33.35

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