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Gaslog data for Teresa
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
12/02/2013 306.9 3.796 400Szfv*10 (+1.4km); Fcs*2 (2) 4% 2-up Getting colder, freezing sometimes80.84
11/05/2013 292.54 3.495 382Commute trips, 10% 2-up Mild october; heavy rain on the last trip83.70
10/14/2013 287.7 3.426 391Getting colder; Budapest trip + commute, finally new regulator/rectifier Trying warm-up P&G83.97
09/22/2013 281.11 3.355 401Fót-Csobánka-FCs; Győr; Szfv*3.5 Colder mornings, some rain. Rectifier now tries to overcharge, no wall charger was required 37% 2-up83.78
09/08/2013 309.75 3.506 421Sárkeresztes-Szfv-Csobánka-3-24-Bogács; Szilvásvárad; Bogács-24-3-Fót (+0.22kWh)88.34
09/06/2013 301.8 3.627 434Commute trips; Jásd/Várpalota; Várpalota. Colder mornings, 27% 2-up 0.33 kWh to the battery83.20
08/19/2013 318.27 3.646 420Commute lengths, 11% 2-up Got some colder mornings (10C), once rain87.29
08/05/2013 333.37 3.881 412Kisvárda-VNamény; Vnamény-FCs; Fcs-Szfv; Dying battery, much less FAS; 6% 2-up85.89
07/30/2013 298.45 3.503 428Bicske-SK-Kisvárda: warmish, windy with some rain85.19
07/30/2013 343 3.823 424Szfv*4; Hegymagas (+4.0km); -Bicske; Hot and dry.89.72
07/24/2013 335.17 3.815 416Hot and dry weather; commuting and Csepel trips; 40% 2-up87.85
07/15/2013 314.17 3.735 413-Barátka; -Belényes-Szalonta-Csongrád-Kecskemét-Szfv84.11
07/14/2013 275.95 3.183 403Sarkad-Vársonkolyos; -Barátka; -Kolozsvár-Torda-Torockó-Huedin86.69
07/12/2013 223.2 2.486 424Szfv-FCs; -Bp-Kecskemét-Szarvas-Sarkad89.78
07/11/2013 212.01 2.37 411Veszprém-Ajkarendek; Somló; AR-Márkó-FCs; Szfv*3.589.45
07/05/2013 273.84 3.096 400Czech trip end; Szfvár; Csesznek/Veszprém88.44
06/30/2013 207.17 2.43 445Czech trip 3rd tank: -38 Mlada Boleslav-38-1-2-Pavlov-Lednice (tail wind)85.25
06/29/2013 290.55 3.527 433Czech trip 2nd tank: Lednice-Jedovnice; -Macocha; -19-Kutná Hora; -38-Provodín; -Sloup; -Pekelné Doly-Provodín82.37
06/27/2013 275.7 3.5 445Commuting with wind and rain, 10% 2-up; Czech trip 1st tank: FCs - Pezinska Baba SK - Lednice CZ (head wind)78.77
06/19/2013 336.29 3.767 412Badacsony day and 5 commute trips w/ extra in-city. Dry, mostly hot afternoons, even nights weren't cold. +~0.5dl cleaning additive not included in the used amount.89.27
06/11/2013 305.03 3.69 407Commute lengths and one in-city trip, 11% 2-up82.66
05/22/2013 284.15 3.447 394Back from the South; Tés 2-up trip; commuting 20% 2-up82.43
05/12/2013 132.6 1.561 40748-hour run: Tab-Pécsvárad-Orfű; Orfű-Pécs. Finally no rain.84.94
05/12/2013 272.04 3.358 41448-hour run: Nagycenk-Hévíz-Tihany-Bodajk; FCs-Sukoró-Tab. Little rain.81.01
05/11/2013 238.42 2.972 40948-hour run: Pásztó-Bánk-SK-Tata-Tinnye-Fertőrákos. Much rain.80.22
05/11/2013 302.42 3.553 40848-hour run: Poroszló-Vaja-Lillafüred-Pásztó85.11
05/10/2013 264.89 3.051 415Commute*1.5; Pilis-SK-Cserhát-Eger-Poroszló86.82
05/04/2013 314.54 3.891 395Budapest with traffic jams; Vérteskozma; commute*3.5 Warm weather, rainy in the end. Ran out of fuel challenging the 500+ km, filled close to the brim, so this is like the full capacity New, apparently larger diameter tires so changed to 2% distance correction.80.83
04/28/2013 305.53 3.714 403Budapest (104k maintenance) and commuting. Warm weather (over 20C on afternoons)82.26
04/14/2013 278.69 3.471 418Commute and Tata+Gárdony trips Spring is really here80.29
04/04/2013 281.61 3.64 429Some frost, some rain, some strong wind; Commute, errands, a Csákvár-Gánt-Mór 2-up trip; 34% 2-up77.36
03/04/2013 265.14 3.558 434Another winter tank, but without snow and strong wind; with some frost and rain, though. Commute lengths and some in-city. 12% 2-up74.51
02/08/2013 276.39 3.796 429Winter tank, with some frost and some nasty wind. Rode very rarely, thanks to the unusually snowy season. Mostly commute lengths.72.81
11/23/2012 258.62 3.556 400Mostly cold albeit not freezing (except one trip). Radiator cover used again. Commute length and some shorter in-city trips. 19% 2-up72.72
11/09/2012 277.44 3.569 39836% 2-up Getting colder, some rain, no frost yet77.73
10/24/2012 213.07 2.964 418East trip, tank 2 Cool day, seemed calm More P&G and more city (Nyíregyháza, Budapest+agglo) 100% 2-up71.88
10/24/2012 259.49 3.775 434Cool morning, nice afternoon, cool evening with wind. East trip to Pladány and Vnamény - with a 'Batta stop. 100% 2-up68.73
10/23/2012 292.54 3.698 431Commute and other shorter trips + Pázmánd Weather is getting colder, but no frost yet 19% 2-up79.10
10/04/2012 308.95 3.746 4225*commute; Csókakő/Mór; Budapest(Soroksár) Colder mornings (down to 6-7C), some rain82.47
09/21/2012 302.92 3.648 432Back from Bog?cs (Sz?cs?ny-SK-FCs) Commute and shorter trips83.03
09/09/2012 306.03 3.543 443Back from work once then Hyosung meet at Bog?cs. Mezők?vesd (partly city trip) SK, Cserh?t, M?tra86.37
09/05/2012 316.15 3.81 432Commute/shorter trips, to/in-city; one 100km+ trip in the V?rtes, little offroad82.97
08/22/2012 296.08 3.76 429Commute and Csepel 2-up Inspection, brake tests 26% 2-up Cooler, dry weather. I don't even know why this is so bad :-/78.74
08/03/2012 321.37 3.55 427Zakopane PL - Liptovsky Mikul?s - Tatransk? Lomnica; TL - Hont - Letk?s - Esztergom - Bodajk90.52
08/02/2012 316.34 3.71 386Commute+in-city; Tatransk? Lomnica SK; Zakopane PL; 12% 2-up85.26
07/29/2012 304.84 3.71 419290km Pilis trip and commute Some rain, not too much wind, warm weather 12% 2-up82.16
07/12/2012 310.44 3.654 408Back from ?rd; Ajkarendek + Bakonyb?l; Commute trips + in-city errands84.95
07/04/2012 140.31 1.841 398Entirely with bad clutch. 53% 2-up. Hot and dry weather, though. Did not make up for the loss of my main tool, the clutch.76.21
06/27/2012 308.76 4.04 4022-up trip with clutch problems, so I neglected pulse&glide... Switched to fill-to-fill method, so this tank is a bit messed up (combined part of the last one, that's why it's over 15l).76.42
06/27/2012 309.82 3.59 398Warm to hot weather, Bakony trip and 8* commute, beginning of an East trip Fuel level sensor error, so it's estimated (may be better, actually). 16% 2-up86.30
06/17/2012 286.08 3.413 420Commute trips, some in rainy weather -> no dirt road FAS, short route. 10% 2-up Last trip in hot weather (31C/88F), 85+10km83.82
06/04/2012 237.24 2.956 035% 2-up (53-51-M8-6-62-FCs) 5*commute length80.25
05/27/2012 270.36 3.743 02-up Nagyv?rad trip part 2 - to and inside and from halfway; Nasty wind there; better back (tail/side)72.23
05/25/2012 276.26 3.817 0Commute trips 1-up and 2-up; Rain, wading in water; 2-up towards Nagyv?rad, part one: nasty head/side wind.72.37
05/18/2012 252.53 3.078 0Long trip back through road 3 and Csob?nka; last ~50km in rain; Commute lengths; 6km in-city trips for a tire change82.04
05/14/2012 269.36 3.342 4344th 48-hour leg, and part of the way back home From Aggtelek with strong wind. In a big hurry. Back home on main roads.80.59
05/13/2012 293.72 3.511 4273rd 48-hour leg A warm day and cold morning. Rain, even some fog.83.65
05/12/2012 294.1 3.334 4452nd 48-hour tank. Grosswarasdorf-Sopron-V?rv?lgy-Pula-Bb?l-FCs; FCs-Velence-V?rteskozma-Tatab?nya88.21
05/11/2012 303.98 3.595 0First 48-hour tank. To, before start, and first leg until Austria.84.55
05/10/2012 311.37 3.828 02*Szfv; Bp-B?rzs?ny; FCs-Iregszemcse 40% 2-up, 30% city Nice warm weather, except one rainy day81.34
05/06/2012 274.77 3.2 0Second Austria trip and back from Fertőd. One commute length round trip.85.86
05/04/2012 300.31 3.6 05 commute lengths; Mor (31km round); Fertőd (Bakony crossing in rain); Austria short trip83.41
04/29/2012 283.97 3.46 0Gerecse trip, rain on the way back; Commute lengths Temps are up again, even to ~30C on two trips82.07
04/22/2012 301.24 3.7 0Most of a Budapest trip; Commute*6; Gerecse trip Much wind, some rain 12% 2-up81.41
04/15/2012 290.68 3.8 0BAD tank. Was worried about the dying drive belt, so accelerated way too gently and never hit 5th for a good while. Much wind, some pouring rain, some frost. 22% 2-up76.49
04/01/2012 258.55 3.24 0Tata (122km, 2T) and commute trips No frost, but pretty much wind79.79
03/22/2012 291.42 3.704 0Commute, season opening meet, Bakony trip. Spring is here, afternoons were 15-20C after 03.15. Freezing and near-freezing mornings. Dry roads. Quite windy sometimes.78.67
03/09/2012 229.54 3.138 0Back from Budapest (nice 10+C) and commute lengths (colder, down to -4C) 16% 2-up73.14
02/20/2012 241.96 3.244 0Here's the end of a 3-week bout of winter. Commute lengths and a 100km Budapest trip (MadoHomu figurines and to the workshop). FASed a lot on the latter, Bp is full of lights with bad timing.74.58
01/05/2012 265.26 3.64 0Somewhat warmer weather, rode mostly above zero. 13% 2-up Mostly commute lengths, one longer, one shorter72.87
12/24/2011 232.95 3.255 0Frosty mornings, still less P&G. Sometimes rain. Once snow. Commute lengths, one in-city trip.71.56
12/07/2011 251.41 3.535 0Still cold and foggy, just not as cold as before, mostly not freezing. Some light drizzle. Last 3-4 trips were on dry roads. Commute lengths and Santa ride.71.12
11/26/2011 262.59 3.508 0The coldest tank ever, almost constant frost, and even one fall over the ice... meet, commute, and in-city.74.85
11/08/2011 258.18 3.463 0End of the Eastern trip; commute length trips with a bit of in-city 45% 2-up Less P&G of course. More road 81. 2 foggy days.74.55
11/01/2011 218.66 3.072 0Eastern 2-up trip, therefore 100% 2-up. 'Just do the speed limit' mode most of the time. Started and ended pretty cold, nice&sunny in the afternoon.71.17
11/01/2011 292.85 3.791 0Commute, with some rain. Sometimes quite heavy. The beginning of an eastern 2-up trip 16% 2-up77.24
10/20/2011 250.23 3.189 0Commute, a 2-up Budapest trip, and back from Si?fok. Morning frosts, much wind.78.46
10/15/2011 289.31 3.543 0Commute length trips and a Si?fok one; 15% 2-up; Many windy days, colder temps; a bit of rain too81.65
10/07/2011 261.66 3.17 0Commute + errands + Csaszar trip w/ 6km offroad. Mornings are cool (like 12C) but afternoons are still over 20C. No rain, no strong wind.82.54
09/23/2011 300.93 3.469 0Commute/Budapest/Acsa; measuring my new commutes ;2 rainy days; in-city trips86.74
09/17/2011 314.48 3.786 0Week of moving Still nice weather, nights began to cool down; some night rides, some dirt roads83.06
09/05/2011 312.24 3.513 0Mostly commute-length trips Some city errands 10% 2-up Teresa went to 80k maint88.88
08/27/2011 300.87 3.558 090% 2-up Hot, dry weather. 12 trips.84.56
08/17/2011 244.82 3.072 0Eastern trip M5-31-33-Debrecen; -33-N?dudvar-Plad?ny; -4-Cegl?d Hot weather, many main roads. 100% 2-up79.69
08/16/2011 299.81 3.5 0Commute and house hunting. Some rain, colder mornings. Beginning of a 2-up East trip. 58% 2-up85.65
08/10/2011 299.75 3.624 0Commute and house hunting 69% 2-up, mostly windy weather, some rain too82.71
08/05/2011 260.85 3.183 0Ajkarendek (2-up, some rain, night run back, crosswind); commute*3; Bcsernye (2-up) 65% 2-up81.95
07/29/2011 312.12 3.727 0Both commute and longer trips 60% 2-up Some rain83.74
07/22/2011 247.06 2.959 0100% 2-up House hunting, villages, some dirt roads Bakony included, much FAS83.49
07/18/2011 318.58 3.828 060% 2-up 15 trips(?)83.22
07/10/2011 293.04 3.611 0Back from Bp(1) Szfv-Bodajk(2) Baja(2) - a HOT day; much 70-100 P&G; back at night 87% 2-up81.15
07/07/2011 288.81 3.442 0Starting w/ clutch problems A bit colder weather, wet roads for ~80km. 25% 2-up83.90
07/01/2011 266.07 3.183 0Mostly ~commute length trips. 42% 2-up.83.59
06/22/2011 277.01 3.529 0Mostly warm weather; 100% 2-up Watching houses: Fcsurg?; Alm?s; Bcsernye; Szfv-G?rdony78.49
06/19/2011 296.33 3.667 0Mostly commute-length trips (one longer, a few shorter). 55% 2-up. Heavy rain on the last trip.80.80
06/09/2011 298.82 3.619 0Mostly nice weather (sometimes windy, temp is 15-30C), commute-length trips (except 2 very short in-town ones, sorry :o) Like 27% 2-up.82.56
05/31/2011 304.47 3.899 0Kalocsa; Baja-Mecsek-66-61-63-811; Szfv Nice weather (mostly light wind, warm, but not hot), ~80% 2-up, so it's not bad at all78.08
05/29/2011 302.98 3.69 0Commute; 2-up 2*40km; Baja trip82.10
05/19/2011 285.4 3.44 0End of Bokor trip (through Bp agglomeration) Commute, 1*2-up commute; Velence/Szfv Nice weather82.96
05/07/2011 303.17 3.696 01*commute (slight frost); To a workshop with broken clutch; Csesznek; Acsa-Esztergom-SK-Bgyarmat-Bokor82.02
05/03/2011 233.88 2.993 0Back from Kapfenberg (rain, mostly main roads); 1 commute trip78.14
05/01/2011 303.85 3.815 0Budapest 2-up Kapfenberg-Leoben trip 1-up Flat rear tire in Kapfenberg...79.64
04/29/2011 260.79 3.418 0Budapest trip (1&2-up); commuting; inside Szfv Battery problems... !!1% distance correction from this point!! (Fed up with Teresa always measuring less distance than both Ciliegia and Google maps)76.29
04/23/2011 271.66 3.432 0Last segment of a 2-up trip; 70k maint; Commuting Nice weather again - mornings are still cold (2-12C), but afternoons exceeded 20C79.15
04/14/2011 202.13 3.035 02-up trip to the East and back. Got some heavy rain in the afternoon. And much crosswind of course.66.59
04/14/2011 294.41 3.778 0Errands and commute this week; windy weather and some rain First ~100km of a 2-up East trip77.92
04/04/2011 280.92 3.529 0Free week: Searching for a building site; Tatab?nya; Some 2-up included (like 150km)79.60
03/27/2011 275.64 3.503 0No frost at all, finally! A trip to and inside Budapest, another 140km 2-up with many stops in villages; 4 days of normal commuting78.68
03/22/2011 289.81 3.746 0Spring is coming, it's often over 10C and rarely under zero. Commutes (25km each), a Bcsernye visit (~120km round trip, counts as 2 I guess) and the beginning of a Budapest trip (Bp not reached with this tank).77.36
03/12/2011 259.92 3.397 0Szfvar commutes and a Budapest trip; mostly sub-zero temps. One spring ride: Bakony villages. 12-15C, dry roads.76.51
02/13/2011 248.98 3.284 0One nice afternoon (110km) Winter commute (often freezing temps -> LOW speed ~50-60km/h) One trip to Budapest, fuel light came out halfway.75.81
01/24/2011 270.42 3.714 0Winter commute + 2*2*20km 2-up. Rain and fog and frost, everything.72.81
01/11/2011 214.06 3.046 0Most of this tank was coming back from the East with broken rear drive belt sprocket. I was VERY careful with acceleration and prctically never exceeded 90km/h. Got her serviced, and brought back, through Budapest. 1-up commute rides, 2C, fog.70.27
11/20/2010 250.29 3.635 0At and back from the East, 2-up. Rear belt sprocket started to lose teeth... rode with an egg on the throttle... some rest for Teresa :-/68.85
11/19/2010 247.68 3.36 01-up back from the Balaton Some commute 2-up to the East, low fuel light @ Szolnok Pretty warm weather, some rain on the last trip73.71
11/14/2010 254.51 2.993 0Austria/Zala and back (national road 71) Very nice weather except a leg after sunset on route 8685.03
11/13/2010 304.91 3.791 02-up 2*30km + 1-up Budapest in rain Zala-Slovenia trip until Őriszentp?ter80.42
11/09/2010 270.3 3.532 0Commute and other relatively short trips in the vicinity. Temps are nice (often over 10C), but we got some rain. At least half 2-up.76.52
11/03/2010 272.47 3.767 0Yet another Eastern trip. I haven't seen a tank like this 2-up, packed for a long time. Weather was very nice, mostly 10C+ without rain or wind and filled with decent gas again (the station was out of 95 octane so she got a tankful of 98).72.33
11/01/2010 256.13 3.292 0Something's wrong with this gas... Anyway, mostly commute, some 2-up. No frost lately.77.80
10/26/2010 246.56 3.091 0A small 2-up+luggage leg (~20km). Back from the East well packed, 10+C, small showers. Commute*1.5, rain once.79.76
10/24/2010 169.95 2.449 0V?l-?rd-6-5-405-4-Plad?ny(2-up); -4-M35(2-up)69.39
10/23/2010 300.74 3.86 0Bicske-Acsa(2); Szfv*4(1*2-up - 40km frost); -V?l(2-up)77.91
10/14/2010 214.13 3.265 02nd tank of the usual 2-up East Hungary trip - freeway and heavy luggage on the way back Includes a short ride around Plad?ny on a cold morning65.58
10/13/2010 303.42 3.87 0A couple of commutes 1-up and the first ~130km of the usual 2-up East Hungary trip78.40
10/03/2010 288.13 3.812 02-up+luggage in the rain pulls the avg down, should be <3l/100km since last fill. +7 times commute, one of them is 2-up. Went in the town 2 times. Light rain one morning.75.58
09/26/2010 189.15 2.953 0M3-M35-HB* M35-M3 2-up all the way, rain on the way back. Worst tank this year :( There are no proper 'ridges' on the freeway, tried to follow fresh wheel tracks :-/64.05
09/24/2010 302.36 3.883 0Half 2-up and some rain. It's the best of the last rainy tanks. A Budapest round trip w/ our 'daughter', commutes and part of a 2-up East Hungary trip until ~M3/80km. Went through Csob?nka. Headwind.77.86
09/16/2010 237.92 3.112 02-up, back from Nagykőr?s; 2 commutes; 1-up, some rain; To Budapest to the 60000km service; Back from there, a bit of light 2-up.76.45
09/09/2010 238.3 3.215 02-up from Asz?d to HB Back 2-up with heavy luggage towards Kecskem?t Dry weather, temps ~22...15C74.12
09/07/2010 303.6 3.667 0Commutes in colder, rainy weather 1-up to Budapest then 2-up through Bp to ~Asz?d82.79
08/30/2010 222.2 3.054 02nd leg of the 2-up Eastern Hungary trip + 1 commute Weather turned much worse; cold, windy and rainy compared to the day before...72.75
08/26/2010 272.91 3.093 01-up commutes; mostly P&G, cool mornings 2-up trip to Plad?ny, 1st leg (Acsa-Szajol); hot afternoon88.23
08/23/2010 314.66 3.405 0Austria 3rd leg (up to Gaberl; B?rnbach; back home); ...Lovasber?ny92.41
08/21/2010 263.52 3.186 02nd leg of the Austria trip: P?pa-Fertőr?kos-Hohe Wand-Maria Lankowitz-Road 70 Real city rides: Graz, B?rnbach82.71
08/19/2010 323.61 3.564 0Some commute and the first leg of the Austria trip - crossing the Bakony.90.79
08/13/2010 230.78 2.983 0Back from HB - mostly freeway at night at slower speeds (and lower temp). Commute length trips too.77.36
08/10/2010 285.02 3.823 0More freeways and main roads 2-up; backroads and towns too. Route: M3-M35-HB; 4-M3-403-41 V?s?rosnam?ny; Plad?ny M35-4; HB 4-M35; M3574.55
08/09/2010 243.95 3.268 0Back from P?cs (2.5-up) V?l-7-M6-M0-M31-M3(2-up) Freeways always make it worse :-/74.64
08/07/2010 258.24 3.27 0Csepel and P?cs. Latter is a long trip "2.5-up" Got in heavy rain back from Csepel.78.97
08/03/2010 331.87 3.87 0Commutes and trips to and in nearby towns. 2.5-up test ride :D85.75
07/23/2010 323.73 3.58 0A long trip and 4 shorter ones (1-up and 2-up mixed). Hot and dry weather (cooler at night :D), with one short shower.90.42
07/20/2010 349.02 3.91 0"Long commute" to Ajkarendek, twice; normal commute once; one road trip to V?p (this tank covers the first 59km) One rainy and windy 80km, mostly very nice weather otherwise (2xC temperature, no wind)89.26
07/12/2010 320.69 3.62 0Tried how far I can get with ONLY the usual short 25-30km commute and alike trips. This is what I got with heavy P&G in warm weather (20C like mornings, 30+ afternoons)88.58
07/03/2010 228.91 2.695 0'The rest' of the Slovenian trip: has the best part with twisties at Bohinj, with P&G and FAS84.93
07/01/2010 192.75 2.594 0Slovenia2: motorways Filled before low fuel light74.30
07/01/2010 263.77 3.373 0Slovenia 1: motorways Filled before low fuel light78.20
06/29/2010 296.52 3.27 0A birthday party with bikers, to and through Budapest (and back at night), Verőce, Zirc. The Zirc trip was a rather slow one (nice twisty roads and practice with shiNIN), much P&G in 4th and much FAS.90.67
06/25/2010 257 3.37 0The way back, this time w/o headwind... 4-405-M5-M0-M7 (~100 on freeways and 4-lane or higher PSL main roads). Two more trips to practice w/ shiNIN and buy a new helmet - mostly nice twisty roads (120 and 50km) :)76.26
06/23/2010 215.12 3.23 0Mostly one freeway trip (2-up, w/ luggage) without tricks (100km/h usual), in awfully strong head/sidewind and a little of Budapest. Second, shorter trip contains some P&G at slower stage at roadworks, 10-15kms or so.66.60
06/21/2010 305.53 3.76 0Normal commute route + 2 trips to Csepel (2-up), w/ several kms of lane-splitting in 1st and 2nd P&G... It's always raining :-/81.25
06/14/2010 314.72 3.58 0Normal commute spiced up (prolonged) with practice with shiNIN. I used pretty much P&G again. Includes 50k maint (oil changed to Castrol 10W40)87.91
06/07/2010 297.89 3.595 0Commute and 2-bike rides (usually lower speeds, mostly in 3rd-4th gear) in the vicinity. A little 2x2 (a limit of 110) and dirt road as well. Pretty much P&G again, it comes naturally when going slower.82.86
06/01/2010 280.36 3.88 0A fast highway run tried to ruin this tank (~4l/100km over the first 9x km). M3, M35, a slow ride to Bogacs, then back (Pilis mountain roads included).72.25
05/28/2010 288.44 3.698 0A 140km trip to Csokako and Vargesztes, and another cross-country trip through the mountain roads of Pilis and the M0 and M3 highways. Mostly ~100km/h instead of 130 to save wear and gas...77.99
05/26/2010 252.15 3.32 01/3 E85 experiment. Runs bad... and the average would have been better with normal gas...75.94
05/22/2010 235.5 3.47 0Long trip with freeway 2-up, luggage - this time I really went up to the legal 130. We also got rain and the air was colder too. No wonder this tank is so bad, still I'm not happy with it at all... Had a P&G commute after it, but did not help enough.67.86
05/19/2010 239.352 3.4131 0Long distance ride with freeways, 2-up and luggage, used 110 and 130 stages and it still took almost 4 hours :-/ Shorter ones and the city of Debrecen in rain. Weather was colder (~10C) and still windy.70.12
05/17/2010 266.82 3.7 0Colder weather, sometimes strong side/headwind (both Yolanda and an unnamed storm got us), mostly 2-up, contains freeway @ up to 120-130 km/h. Trip back from Plad?ny, and a Budapest visit with getting a new belt...72.11
05/07/2010 265.885 3.598 0Totally mixed 2-up rides through 4/M35/35/backroads and city riding in Debrecen. Ranging from very short (<10km) to very long (>200km) trips. Much 90+, 110 and 130 where approppriate. Losing speed mostly by coasting.73.89
05/05/2010 148.073 1.85185 0A 'short tank' - 2-up back from Sakuracon; 1-up to work; 2-up to Budapest More FAS but next to no P&G79.95
04/24/2010 276.26 3.46 0A bit longer rides and drier weather. ~60km is typical beside a few 30km ones; 1-up and 2-up mixed.79.84
04/17/2010 275.52 3.64 0Mostly my usual commute with quite a few rainy days. I wonder if I can beat 3l/100km on this shorter commute w/o serious p&g...75.69
03/30/2010 251.22 3.29 0My new commute (2*25km), getting out of winter. Mostly 1-up, few 2-up Radiator cover is still on. Much fewer P&G than last year (just taking advantage of delicious downhills).76.35
03/20/2010 205.8 2.92 0Worst of the year, probably. Winter, sometimes under zero. Mostly 25-30km trips, some 2-up too.70.47
12/30/2009 251.22 3.52934 0Winter, usually 2-up rides, often wet road. Much less P&G, but possibly never exceeded 100km/h (80 is _much_ more typical). Mostly twisty roads and villages and some in-city. Professional plastic water cooler cover installed :)71.18
12/05/2009 255.446 3.24667 0Closer to freezepoint by the minute (hit zero once) - may need a larger piece of radiator cover, but I don't plan on riding under 0C. Struggling to keep her under 3l/100km...78.67
11/27/2009 284.464 3.54255 0 80.29
11/18/2009 270.359 3.24932 0 83.20
11/14/2009 238.3 2.94 0Normal commute + tire change. Weather is a bit warmer, 8C is typical.81.05
11/05/2009 283.159 3.71426 0Weather is colder again, 5C and under are typical temps. Had a 2*100km 2-up ride to Kisl?ng, with higher speeds (steady 110-120 on the freeway) and much less P&G. Another one with 30 in the city and up to 110 between Z?moly and Szfv.76.23
10/28/2009 284.46 3.31 0Somewhat warmer and pretty dry weather. ~100km 2-up, the rest is normal commute. 70-90/100 P&G with some 120-130 peaks. Back to the original route: I don't want to FAS with cold engine now, and it's shorter and steeper. I regularly use heated gloves now.85.93
10/21/2009 276.32 3.57 0Normal commute and ~3*70-80km 2-up trips. Weather became rainy and much colder, temps around 5C are normal. Several kms of lane splitting in 1st gear @ Budapest included.77.40
10/09/2009 329.265 3.72483 0This tank includes the 40k maint. 2* through Budapest, some practicing (1xkm), *miling while commuting. Had the first near freezing morning this year: 2C. Afternoons can still be over 20C.88.39
09/30/2009 156.83 1.585 0New, somewhat longer route to prolong first FAS - it's better in absolute terms, not just at the average. At least at dawn, without traffic. Less high-speed pulses (~120km/h max at that), mostly 70-90 or 70-100, took advantage of a few more highway FAS opportunities. Filled with carrera 100 (I don't think it matters much).98.94
09/28/2009 271.85 2.98 022km city practicing, 400+km freeway commuting. Took an unorthodox approach on P&G - no strict 70/90 (though the majority is 70/90), many pulses went over 100, a few even reached 130.91.22
09/21/2009 294.716 3.60859 0Guga-B?rzs?ny trip, much (40+%) Budapest 1-up and 2-up - practicing, visiting a party, very mixed environment: from empty city at night to stop&crawl and lane splitting... Pulse&Glide has become my natural driving style, I would have never thought...81.67
09/14/2009 322 3.8 0~70km practicing around town, trip to the largest viaduct of Hungary and a few villages with strange names :D FE is not totally exact, tripmeter reset itself at the middle of this tank (Google maps helped to recover the lost data) :-/84.73
09/10/2009 235 3.01 02 trips to V?c and the Bakony; 2 times through Budapest, including some stop&crawl; acting as an instructor in 30km/h zone, mostly in 1st/2nd gear.78.07
09/03/2009 279.24 3 0300km of commute *miling, then a tour on mountain roads of Pilis. I'm afraid I can't leave hypermiling at home anymore...93.07
08/31/2009 267.376 3.46065 02-up trip to Ajkarendek; some strong headwind, 30+km city ride to the mechanic because of clutch problems... need to work more on timing unknown lights...77.26
08/16/2009 327.4 3.66 0Basically all of the 526.9km (327.4 miles) was hypermiling. Cruising speed was usually ~45-50mph. Backroads and deserted superslabs are good and safe this way, but freeway with traffic is a bit of strain on the nerves... Contains one experiment with EOCing a 2km+ long downhill stage, can't be repeated too often, I think. More and more frequent P&G downhills.89.45
08/12/2009 306.52 3.6 0Most of it is a trip to Hegyestu"+Tihany. Techniques: all of the above, except that I was seldom hiding behind the windscreen. Many twisty roads, and a little bit of gravel road in a forest.85.14
08/09/2009 302.73 3.53 0Personal best so far. (Soft-)Neutral coasting seems real good... I'm curious how much it wears the clutch plates. On my last trip I totally cramped myself on this otherwise comfortable bike to reduce air drag, my neck and back are a bit stiff after one hour... maybe I've gone too far? Usual speed is around 80km/h now (~50mph), I can't get much slower in 5th gear. It mightily reduces room for target driving...85.75
08/03/2009 298.88 3.61 0Usual commuting + some light touring, <10% real city ride, little stop&crawl. Experimenting with neutral coasting, hill assisted pulse&glide. Feels a failure with both bikes, air drag slows them down very quickly at highway speeds. Gliding down on hills at city speeds in neutral feels very OK though. Contains some safe distance drafting too. Not THAT good if I'd like to break my personal record, I can go slower (and with less throttle) without drafting...82.79
07/20/2009 246.31 3.22 0 76.49
07/15/2009 217.23 3.02 0Normal commuting plus touring totally without mountains... includes some speeding too :-/71.93
07/07/2009 228.6 3.45 0Has ~60km practicing at most ~20mph, in 1st/2nd gear66.26
07/05/2009 240.53 3.46 02-up (pretty hectic) freeway ride in the pouring rain and a long, casual tour69.51
06/30/2009 198.84 2.61 0 76.18
06/22/2009 279.93 3.63 0 77.11
06/18/2009 285.52 3.44 0Driving really shamelessly :D82.99
06/17/2009 243.2 3.16 0No commuting this time, just a casual ride to Austria.76.96
06/10/2009 224.81 2.99 0 75.18
05/30/2009 279.55 3.52 0 79.41
05/15/2009 264.33 3.48 0 75.95
05/14/2009 239.48 3.18 0 75.30
05/10/2009 269.36 3.33 0I continued to hone my ecomiling skills (let Teresa slow down uphills), plus her fixed rear brake, somewhat overinflated tires (I got her back from the mechanic this way and had no problems so let them like this), replaced valve shims and spark plug started to show their effect... which one counts the most, I really don't know. First break of 80mpg line.80.88
05/04/2009 205.67 2.92 0Some faster 2-some ride on freeway then my usual commuting.70.43
05/01/2009 179.45 2.75 0First trip after the "30k service" - passenger and luggage, bad city traffic, mountain roads, dirt roads and obscenely bad pavement between villages forcing me to go really slow...65.25
04/20/2009 174.36 3.02 0Experiment: how much does she drink at 'freeway speeds' - once I even tried her top speed @ 109mph indicated...57.73
04/10/2009 210.83 2.85 0 73.97
03/15/2009 238.86 3.38 0Spring began, commuting and a tour with passenger, 70mph max on the looong ringroad70.66
02/28/2009 209.46 3.21 0 65.25
02/10/2009 218.72 3.26 0Still winter, but I could go on a longer ride too...67.09
12/31/2008 178.71 2.97 0Winter combined with some city rides was really bad for Teresa's fuel economy. Gas was the cheapest that time, though...60.17
11/15/2008 230.84 3.57 0 64.66
11/01/2008 293.41 4.45 0This was the 2nd time I dried up the tank: fuel level light died and winter hit, ruining my average...65.93
10/25/2008 217.11 2.85 0 76.17
10/20/2008 283.84 3.61 0I was happy to break the 3.0l/100km line!78.62
10/15/2008 251.34 3.45 0 72.85
10/13/2008 247.62 3.47 0Whole day ride with other bikers, they rode like crazy in my beginner eyes... sometimes I was afraid... yet the average is not that bad. Actually, next day I was riding alone with very calm 'tempomat hand' at 90km/h - that was the legal speed there, after all...71.36
10/10/2008 104.58 1.34 0Gradually I was getting used to Teresa...78.04
09/28/2008 242.21 3.15 0 76.89
09/20/2008 254.14 3.48 0 73.02
09/13/2008 240.72 3.35 0 71.85
09/05/2008 180 2.47 0The usual freeway ride [email protected] and some city traffic72.87
09/01/2008 173.18 2.59 0 66.86
08/28/2008 198.16 3.59 0...and still the effect of pattern breakage. Actually, the last stage's average was worse... but on the long run it'll give a correct average, I suppose...55.19
08/21/2008 376.3 5.06 0I had to combine a few entries, my log is a mess here (I ran out of fuel once and it broke the pattern...) But maybe the first time I dared to slow down to 50mph on a freeway - well, it's much easier at dawn ;)74.36
08/19/2008 26.1 0.705 0My first trip ever inside a big city - traffic jams whole day, Budapest at its worst on a very hot day... I was close to throwing up because of the exhaust gases...37.02
08/17/2008 207.66 3.13 0Mostly freeway @~60mph, for one time I tried how does it feel to ride @~85mph. It was scary for the first time :D66.34
08/13/2008 227.86 3.125 0My very first few trips - light touring, mostly off-city; highway and villages, freeway at ~60mph. Also the first entry here - I hope it will work out as intended...72.91

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