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Gaslog data for Danny the XplodR
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
01/18/2010 155 6.458 2.659From Baraga, MI to Marquette, MI back to Baraga, MI. I used the same exact fuel pump to fill up in Baraga both before and after Marquette. 54 to 55 mph, cruise control, no mods except tire pressure, HAI, and "Rear Diffuser". Looks like fixing my EGR valve did wonders!24.00
01/18/2010 211.4 17.076 2.659~90% City driving, with front hubs locked ~97% of the time, with a little 4-wheel drive around town ... over the past 3 weeks12.37
12/30/2009 192.7 9.572 2.699From Lansing, MI to Gaylord, MI ... 99% Highway driving.20.13
12/29/2009 261 16.741 2.499From Gaylord, MI to Lansing, MI ... 50% highway, 50% city, I think. I wasn't driving for gas mileage in the city.15.59
11/29/2009 292 13.117 2.459From Gaylord, MI to Baraga, MI ... no rest stops. drove at 60mph before 'BigMac' bridge, speed limit 70. Drove at 55mph once in the U.P., speed limit 55mph. There was a LOT of wind, rain, and snow (more snow than rain).22.26
11/29/2009 156.8 7.015 2.639From DeWitt, MI to Gaylord, MI. 99.9% at speeds above 55mph. Speed limit 70mph and 55mph in one spot, drove at 60mph in 70 zone, 55mph in 55 zone.22.35
11/29/2009 93.7 6.514 2.579All city driving in Lansing, MI(so, it's like 50% speeds under 40mph, 50% at speeds over 40mph, up to 70mph)14.38
11/22/2009 155.3 7.445 2.599From Gaylord, MI to DeWitt MI. Speed limit was 70mph, drove at 65mph. No rest-stops. ~99.9% Hwy20.85
11/22/2009 288 12.346 2.669From Baraga, MI to Gaylord, MI. ~99.8% Highway driving at 55mph, No rest-stops23.32
11/21/2009 62.9 4.053 2.50950% city, 50% hwy (55-60mph). This was the fill-up before my trip15.51
11/06/2009 145.5 6.672 2.55999% highway. 1/2 of trip it was very windy. Return trip was calm. From Baraga, MI to Marquette, MI and back to Baraga.21.80
11/06/2009 48.6 3.42 2.559half city, half highway. Highway was with 700+lbs (of people) in the car, and was very windy.14.21
10/05/2009 25.6 1.19459 2.48Highway from Hancock, MI to Calumet, MI. Less than two miles of city driving. Idled thru a BurgerKing drive-thru once in Calumet, and returned to Hancock w/o shutting Explorer off. Definitely a flat-road drive. quite hilly (smaller hills, mostly... but at least one long/steep hill). 55mph hwy speed.21.42

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