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Gaslog data for The Chrysler
Date Distance Fuel Used Cost of Fuel Notes MPG(US)
04/27/2007 86.2 3.226 3.792Geo is fixed today, so topped off tank in the Chrysler. SG claimed 31.4 mpg, 2.9 gallons used, and 22 mph average. Nearly 100% city driving using P&G. Won't be driving the Chrysler for a while.26.72
04/24/2007 174.8 5.166 3.91Beautiful room temperature/sunny weather. My dad drove the car a few short trips during this tank (he gets crappy FE in the high teens). I used P&G in the city and 50mph on the highway. SG reported 31.4mpg, 32 mph average, 5.7 gallons used. Amazing FE for this car! Landed the Chrysler 16th place on % above EPA list.33.83
01/12/2007 88.7 5.206 3.302All local driving. Car was parked in heated garage, but was driven in -40*F weather. 0.8 GPH at cold idle. Clearly cold weather impacts FE greatly. It will be a long while before I drive the Chrysler again.17.03
01/08/2007 168.6 5.461 3.336Filled tank to brim as usual for accurate FE reading. 95% highway driving going 45-50mph because of a blizzard. Very windy. No EOC because the car is automatic, but I did shift into 'N' when coasting.30.87

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